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Overwatch 2 Players Encounter Brigitte’s Flail Passing Through Heroes’ Hitboxes

Overwatch 2 players have recently come across a perplexing bug involving Brigitte’s signature ability, the Flail, which seems to penetrate certain parts of heroes’ hitboxes.

Brigitte, since her release in 2018, has been a highly controversial hero in the game. Initially, she was renowned for her overwhelming power, becoming one of the most dominant heroes in Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment took several months to balance her appropriately, leaving many players with lasting memories of her previous unbridled strength.

Her introduction also played a pivotal role in the creation of the infamous “GOATS” composition, a strategy consisting of three supports and three tanks that dominated high-level play for nearly a year. 

Currently, Brigitte is in a much more balanced state, often serving as a niche Support pick for specialists or when dealing with pesky flankers. Even a recent buff to her ultimate, which restored its stun effect, hasn’t dramatically altered her standing. She now resides comfortably within the middle tier of the meta.

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However, an alarming issue has surfaced, indicating that a crucial aspect of Brigitte’s kit may unfairly punish players due to peculiar interactions with hitboxes [1].

A Reddit user named TylerOfTrades shared a video showcasing Brigitte’s Flail effortlessly traversing the hitboxes of specific heroes, particularly those in transformed states.

The footage demonstrates the Rocket Flail seamlessly passing through Bastion’s turret form and the arms of Ramatra when they assume their Nemesis Form. Consequently, despite players visually connecting with the flail to boop these characters, the hits fail to register in those particular areas.

One user responding to the thread proposed a possible explanation, stating, “My guess is that Melee, similar to tf2, utilizes the bounding boxes and not the hitboxes.”

Overwatch 2 Brigitte guide

In many games, including Team Fortress 2 (TF2), bounding boxes are rectangular areas surrounding characters that determine collision detection, while hitboxes define the precise regions where attacks can make contact. It appears that Brigitte’s Rocket Flail, specifically, relies on these bounding boxes instead of adhering to the visual boundaries of the heroes.

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Ordinarily, this wouldn’t pose a problem since the hitbox and bounding box align closely. However, the issue arises when dealing with heroes that can transform, such as Bastion and Ramatra. Their varying forms seem to be at the core of this problem. In the grand scheme of things, this bug is unlikely to significantly impact players’ game outcomes. Nevertheless, the accumulation of missed flails can become an annoyance over time.

Players eagerly await news from Blizzard Entertainment regarding any plans to address and rectify this peculiar interaction. Until then, Overwatch 2 players must adapt their strategies to work around this quirk in Brigitte’s abilities.

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