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Unlocking the Riches: A Guide to Stardew Valley’s Casino

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulator, offers a wealth of end-game content, including the hidden gem of the Calico Desert – the Casino. Unlocking this exciting location through the “Mysterious Mr. Qi” quest line opens up a gambling world and valuable prizes. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the Casino, maximize your winnings, and uncover the treasures that await.

Unlocking the Casino

To gain access to the Casino, you must complete the “Mysterious Mr. Qi” questline. This questline requires you to find secret notes scattered throughout Stardew Valley.

Find secret notes and fulfill their requirements.

These notes provide clues and tasks you must complete to progress in the “Mysterious Mr. Qi” questline. These notes can be found in various locations, such as digging spots, fishing treasure chests, or by befriending certain villagers.

Place a Battery Pack in the box found in the bus tunnel.

Once you have collected enough secret notes and discovered the box’s location in the bus tunnel, you must obtain a battery pack. A battery pack can be acquired by charging a lightning rod through thunderstorms or utilizing a solar panel.

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Stardew Valley - The Mysterious Qi battery pack quest

Deposit ten Beets in Mayor Lewis's Fridge.

After completing the previous step, you will receive a message informing you to deposit ten Beets in Mayor Lewis’s Fridge. Beets can be grown on your farm or purchased from the Oasis store in the Calico Desert. 

Place a Solar Essence in the mouth of the dragon in the desert.

Once you have deposited the beets in Stardew Valley, you will receive another message instructing you to place a Solar Essence in the mouth of the dragon bones in the Calico Desert.

Check your woodpile at home to complete the quest and receive the club card.

After completing the previous task, return to your farm and check your woodpile. You will find that the quest has been completed and will receive the club card as a reward. You can access the Casino with a club card and indulge in its thrilling games.

Stardew Valley - club card

Gambling Options and Prizes

Once inside the Casino, you’ll encounter two exciting games: Slots and Calico Jack, a thrilling variant of Blackjack. You’ll need to exchange your gold for Qi coins at 1,000g per 100 Qi coins. 

Table: Prizes Available at the Casino Store

Primal Motion Picture5,000 Qi Coins
Burnt Offering4,000 Qi Coins
Highway 89 Picture4,000 Qi Coins
Spires Picture3,000 Qi Coins
Top Hat8,000 Qi Coins
Alien Rarecrow10,000 Qi Coins
Hardwood Fence100 Qi Coins
Magnet Bait1,000 Qi Coins
Warp Totem: Farm500 Qi Coins
Modern Double Bed8,000 Qi Coins
Stardew Valley - casino

Additional Features and Tips

1. The shady NPC in the corner sells the Statue of Endless Fortune for a whopping 1,000,000 gold. When placed on your farm, this statue provides a daily gift, including valuable items such as bars and diamonds.

2. Maximizing your Qi coin to gold conversion is crucial. Consider the following tips:

Historical Changes and Updates


Stardew Valley’s enduring popularity stems from its rich gameplay and diverse activities like the Casino. The Calico Desert’s hidden gem offers players a thrilling gambling experience and the chance to obtain exclusive prizes. 

We encourage you to embark on the “Mysterious Mr. Qi” questline, explore the Casino, and immerse yourself in the excitement that awaits. 

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