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War Memento in Stardew Valley — Unraveling its Mysteries and Secrets

Embark on an exciting quest in Stardew Valley on Ginger Island as you encounter the enigmatic Pirate’s Wife, Birdie.

This guide will delve into the intriguing story surrounding the “War Memento” and provide a step-by-step walkthrough to solve the quest. Uncover the secrets of this unique keepsake and unlock valuable rewards along the way.

War Memento

In the picturesque world of Stardew Valley, Ginger Island offers a wealth of new content and intriguing puzzles. One of these puzzles revolves around the Pirate’s Wife, known as Birdie, a resident of Ginger Island who arrived on the island with her pirate captain husband. 

Stardew Valley - the pirate's wife

Sadly, her husband set out on a voyage and never returned. The quest begins when Birdie requests your assistance in finding a keepsake belonging to her beloved husband. She presents you with an old photograph that washed up on shore, known as the War Memento.

Unlocking the Pirate's Wife Quest

To start the quest, you must first unlock the west side of Ginger Island. This can be achieved by collecting ten golden walnuts and offering them to the bird at the west entrance, which will wake the turtle blocking the path. 

Once you have access to the island’s west side, you can proceed to locate Birdie, who resides in a small hut at the far west shore.

Locating the Recipient of the War Memento

Birdie entrusts you with the War Memento and seeks your help finding her late husband’s keepsake to bring her peace. If it’s beyond Spring 1 Year 2 [1], you must travel to Pelican Town and seek out Kent, a veteran who has recently returned from the war. 

Stardew Valley - talking to the pirate's wife

Kent is married to Jodi and can usually be found near their home. Present the War Memento to Kent, and he will recognize the person in the photograph as an old friend from the war. Kent expresses his gratitude and rewards you with Gourmet Tomato Salt.

What Do I Do With the War Memento Stardew?

In Stardew Valley, the War Memento is an item given to you by Birdie, the Pirate’s Wife on Ginger Island. 

The quest involving the War Memento requires you to find someone who can provide insight into its significance and help you in your quest to find a keepsake belonging to Birdie’s husband. Here’s what you need to do with the War Memento:

1. Obtain the War Memento

Speak to Birdie outside her hut on Ginger Island. She will share her story and give you the War Memento, a faded photograph of a soldier.

Stardew Valley - giving Kent an old photograph

2. Find Kent

If it is later than Spring 1 Year 2, travel to Pelican Town and locate Kent, Jodi’s husband. Kent is a war veteran who has recently returned from the war.

3. Give the War Memento to Kent

Interact with Kent and present him with the War Memento. Kent will recognize the person in the photograph as an old friend from the war and express his gratitude for the photograph.

4. Receive Gourmet Tomato Salt

As a token of his appreciation, Kent will give you Gourmet Tomato Salt in return for the War Memento.

5. Use Gourmet Tomato Salt

Take the Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus, the owner of the Stardrop Saloon in Pelican Town, or potentially the bar on Ginger Island’s resort. Hand over the Gourmet Tomato Salt to Gus.

Stardew Valley - giving Gus gourmet tomato salt

6. Obtain the Stardew Valley Rose

In exchange for the Gourmet Tomato Salt, Gus will reward you with the Stardew Valley Rose, a beautiful and valuable item.

The War Memento is an essential step in the quest chain and must be given to Kent to progress further. Beyond this, it is not used in other crafting or gameplay mechanics. 

The quest continues in similar trades with different people, resulting in the Stardew Valley Rose, Advanced TV Remote, Arctic Shard, Wriggling Worm, and the Pirate’s Locket. 

Each step builds upon the previous one, leading to the resolution of the quest line and the rewarding conclusion with Birdie on Ginger Island.


Upon completing the “Pirate’s Wife” quest, Birdie will reward you with the recipe for Fairy Dust and five golden walnuts.

Stardew Valley - the pirate's wife asking what reward she can give

Fairy Dust is useful for speeding up machinery at your farm, resulting in getting your products immediately, such as casks, immediately aging your product to a better quality upon sprinkling the dust. It’s crafted with 1x Diamond and 1x Fairy Rose.


Return triumphantly to Ginger Island on a non-rainy day and seek out Birdie at her hut. Present her with the long-lost Pirate’s Locket, unlocking a heartwarming cutscene. Birdie confirms that the locket belonged to her husband, expressing deep gratitude for finding the precious keepsake. 

As a reward, Birdie shares a recipe and gifts you five golden walnuts and Fairy Dust for your trouble. By solving the “War Memento” subquest, you have experienced an engaging tale, obtained valuable rewards, and played a significant role in bringing peace to Birdie’s heart.

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