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Stardew Valley Fair — Experience Fun and Rewards!

Step right up, farmers of Pelican Town! It’s that time of year again when the community comes together to celebrate the bounties of the fall season at the annual Stardew Valley Fair.

With exciting minigames, tempting prizes, and the chance to showcase your hard work, the fair promises a day filled with fun and rewards. So grab your fishing rod, prepare your slingshot, and dive into the festivities!

Stardew Valley Fair

The annual Stardew Valley Fair occurs every 16th of Fall at Pelican Town. You can enter the area between 9 AM and 3 PM to attend the event.

Mayor Lewis will send a letter in the mail a week before to prepare your entry to the Grange Display.

Stardew Valley Fair

Unlimited Grilled Delights

As you go to the town square, the tantalizing aroma of Gus’s Survival Burgers fills the air. At the grill near the Community Center, you can indulge in these delectable treats, courtesy of the mayor. The burgers provide energy and health bonuses and enhance your foraging skills.

Remember to grab one last bite before bidding the fair goodbye.


The fair features thrilling booths, from minigames to shops that offer a chance to earn Star Tokens, the event’s currency. So head over to the different booths and test your skills:

Fishing Minigame (Cost: 50g)

Try your luck in the fishing minigame. Catch various fish within a limited number of casts to earn Star Tokens. Each fish caught gives you 12 to 25 points, with perfect catches having bonus points.

You can play this fishing minigame if you can pay 50g per try. The faster you reel in the fish and the rarer the catch, the more tokens you’ll receive.

Slingshot Minigame (Cost: 50g)

playing slingshot stardew valley

Try your slingshot at a range of colorful targets. Each target offers a different number of Star Tokens, with red giving 1 point, blue giving 2 points, and purple giving 5 points.

You can play this minigame if you can pay 50g per try. Accuracy is critical, as your skill determines a point multiplier. Let your precision shine!

Smashing Stone (Cost: Free)

Test your strength at the Smashing Stone booth for free. Time your click perfectly as the energy bar reaches its peak to earn a Star Token. Prove your mighty timing and secure those tokens! The tries here are unlimited.

Token Seller

Running low on Star Tokens? Fear not! Visit the Token Seller booth to purchase an additional Star Token for 50g each.

It’s an expensive way to get Star Tokens than playing the minigames, but it’s a good option to have if you have the money to spend. Stock up and continue the fair’s festivities without interruption.

Fortune Teller Booth (Cost: 100g)

fortune teller stardew valley

Try the clairvoyant booth and consult the Fortuneteller. She will provide valuable information about your future in Stardew Valley for 100g based on your Friendship statuses with the villagers, especially your top two friends.

Gain an edge in interactions and deepen connections. This attraction can only be attended once.

Spinning Wheel

Feel lucky at the Spinning Wheel game booth. Wager your hard-earned Star Tokens on whether the spinning arrow will land on the orange or green half of the wheel.

The chances of winning on your bet here have a 75% probability on Green and 25% for Orange. It’s recommended not to bet all your Star Tokens here so you can have another go at this stall. See if fortune favors you!

Star Token Reward Stall

Once you’ve amassed many Star Tokens, it’s time to visit the Reward Stall near the entrance. You can exchange your tokens for exclusive items and upgrades. 

Stardew Valley’s Wheel Spin Generator

There’s something for everyone, from decorative house items and wearable accessories to collectible rare crows. So plan your purchases wisely and make the fair’s rewards truly shine!|


Price (Star Tokens)

Dried Sunflowers




Rarecrow #1




Light Green Rug


Random stock may also appear:


Price (Star Tokens)

Triple Shot Espresso


Pepper Poppers


Glowstone Ring




24x Mixed Seeds


Grange Display

The fair allows farmers to showcase their most prized possessions at the Grange Display. Speak with Mayor Lewis to enter up to nine items for judgment. Earn the admiration of the community and the chance to win generous amounts of Star Tokens.



Points required

First Place





0 (displaying Mayor Lewis’ shorts)

Second Place



Third Place



Fourth Place



Eight Categories

The fair recognizes eight categories for the Grange Display, where farmers can showcase their items for judgment. These categories are:


catching walleye in the river stardew valley

Display your finest catches from the rivers, lakes, and ocean. Impress the judges with your prized aquatic treasures, from common fish to rare specimens.


Show off your green thumb with a variety of homegrown vegetables. Whether juicy tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, or vibrant peppers, present the best of your harvest.


Highlight the sweetness of nature with an assortment of luscious fruits. From juicy Strawberries to tangy Cranberries, display the fruits of your labor and tempt the judges’ taste buds.

Flowers, Foraged Items, and Tree Saps

Proudly display items you’ve foraged and the fruits of labor on your trees and cultivated flowers.

Artisan Goods

Demonstrate your skill in transforming raw materials into exquisite artisan goods. Display high-quality Cheeses, Wines, Jams, Honey, or other handcrafted items that showcase your craftsmanship.


mineral exhibit stardew valley

Put your geologist hat on and exhibit precious minerals and gemstones. From sparkling Diamonds to shimmering Emeralds, present the shiniest treasures you’ve unearthed from deep within the earth.

Animal Products

Share the fruits of your animal husbandry by displaying top-quality animal products. Show off your best-quality Eggs, Milk, Wool, or any other valuable item derived from your livestock.


Impress the judges with your culinary prowess by showcasing your best-cooked dishes. From mouthwatering entrees to delectable desserts, let your cooking skills shine in this category.

To maximize your score, include a diverse selection of Gold-star or Iridium-quality items. Make sure to take note of your chosen items’ sell prices and quality, as they greatly affect the points you earn on your Grange Display.

Having the best practices and the Fair’s best items available will help you achieve top-quality items.


bringing vegetable stardew valley fair

Aside from the player, the other entries in this competition are Pierre’s vegetable display, Marnie’s Animal Produce display, and Willy’s Fish display. You can converse with them before and after the judging, which shows their feelings and anticipation for the event.

Once the judging has ended and Mayor Lewis announces the winner, you can collect the items you displayed. The items can be found at the Mayor’s Manor in the Lost and Found box if forgotten.

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Step into the bustling town square of Pelican Town on Fall 16, and immerse yourself in the magic of the Stardew Valley Fair. Engage in exciting minigames, earn Star Tokens, and explore the diverse offerings of the Reward Stall.

Don’t forget to participate in the Grange Display, showcasing your best items for a chance at impressive rewards [1]. With its vibrant atmosphere and opportunities for fun and success, the fair is a must-attend event for all farmers. So embrace the festivities and make lasting memories in the heart of Stardew Valley!

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