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Where to Find Hardwood in Stardew Valley — Unearthing Nature’s Treasure

In the delightful world of Stardew Valley, Hardwood plays a crucial role in expanding your farm, crafting essential items, and building relationships with villagers.

This article will delve into the various locations where you can find Hardwood and provide tips and strategies for efficient collection. Understanding the importance and uses of Hardwood will help you thrive in your farming journey.

What is Hardwood?

Hardwood is a valuable resource in Stardew Valley, known for its durability and versatility. Unlike regular wood, which can be obtained from chopping standard trees, Hardwood is obtained from unique sources and is essential for advanced crafting recipes and farm upgrades.

Hardwood possesses unique properties that make it highly sought after by farmers. Its durability makes it ideal for constructing sturdy buildings and crafting high-quality furniture.

Locations to Find Hardwood

The Secret Woods

accessing secret woods stardew valley

Mahogany Trees

Woodskip Fish Pond

Tools and Upgrades

Steel Axe

Unlocking the Steel Axe is crucial for efficient Hardwood gathering. It allows players to chop Hardwood Stumps or Large Logs in fewer chops, saving time and energy.

Players must upgrade their Copper Axe to obtain the Steel Axe. Visit Clint at the Blacksmith’s Shop and provide him with 5x Iron Bars and 5,000g. In around two days, the Steel Axe will be ready for pick-up.

Forest Farm Map

Forest Farm Map​ stardew valley

The Forest Farm type map provides a unique advantage for the Hardwood collection. This farm layout includes eight Large Stumps on its left side.

By choosing the Forest Farm layout at the beginning of the game, players can ensure a regular 16x Hardwood supply without relying solely on external sources.

Forester Profession

The Forester Profession grants a 25% increase in wood collected when chopping down trees.

This applies to trees, stumps, and logs. Choosing this profession is beneficial in gaining more Hardwood.

Lumberjack Profession

The Lumberjack Profession, obtained by reaching Level 10 in the Foraging skill and selecting the Forester profession, offers significant benefits for the Hardwood collection.

The Lumberjack profession increases the chance of Hardwood being obtained from chopping down any tree.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Hardwood as a Gift

cutting hardwood stardew valley

Robin, the carpenter in Stardew Valley, is fond of Hardwood as a Liked gift. By giving her Stardew Valley’s Hardwood, you can increase your friendship points and build stronger relationships with her.

The rest of the villagers Dislike Hardwood as a gift. Pay attention to their preferences and give Hardwood to those who appreciate it, like Robin. Giving the others Hardwood will be received negatively and may decrease your Friendship level with them.

Farming and Crafting Hardwood

Consider planting Mahogany seed on your farm to have a consistent source of hardwood. Once grown, Stardew Valley’s Mahogany trees can be chopped down to obtain Hardwood. Repeat the cycle of planting Mahogany seeds and grow them again for chopping.

Crafting recipes in Stardew Valley often require Hardwood. With a surplus of Hardwood, you can craft valuable items, such as Casks, Oil Makers, and a Stable.


In Stardew Valley, Hardwood is a prized resource that opens new possibilities for farm expansion, crafting, and building relationships.

By knowing where to find Hardwood and implementing efficient collection strategies, you can ensure a supply and make the most of this valuable material. Embrace the versatility and value of Hardwood, and watch as your farm thrives and flourishes in Stardew Valley!

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