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Stardew Valley Leo — Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events, and More

Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island update introduced a mysterious character named Leo. This enigmatic island inhabitant initially shies away from human interaction, choosing the company of parrots.

Players must unravel his secrets through gift-giving and exploration to uncover Leo’s backstory and forge a friendship. This comprehensive guide will delve into Leo’s preferred gifts, daily schedule, and heart events, allowing you to navigate through his captivating storyline.



Summer 26


Hut (Less than 6 Hearts Friendship Level)
Treehouse (More than 6 Hearts Friendship Level)

Lives in

Ginger Island




Linus, Vincent, Jas

Preferred Gifts

Leo has specific preferences when it comes to gifts. Here’s a breakdown of his likes and dislikes:

Stardew Valley Leo






Fostering a Relationship

To initiate a conversation with Leo, players must earn his trust by giving a Golden Walnut to the parrots on Ginger Island. Additional interactions and gift exchanges are possible once the initial contact is established. Here are some tips for fostering a relationship with Leo:

Unlocking Leo’s Loved Gifts

stardew leo love items

Trade 75x Mussels at the Island Trader to gain 1x Mango Sapling, which needs to be planted and grown into a Mango Tree to produce Mangoes.

Acquire Ostrich Egg Incubator from Professor Snail to produce Ostrich Eggs. Collect Duck Feathers by maintaining a good relationship with your ducks.

Reaching a 3-Hearts Friendship level with Leo will unlock the Poi recipe, which requires 4x Taro Root to make. Grow Taro Root using Taro Tubers from the Island Trader in exchange for 2x Bone Fragments.

Leo's Schedule

Understanding Leo’s schedule is crucial for interacting with him effectively. Here’s a breakdown of his routine:

Before achieving 6+ hearts with Leo

After achieving 6+ hearts with Leo

stardew valley leo 6 heart event

Heart Events

Heart events are pivotal moments in Leo’s storyline. Here are the heart events and their triggers:

Zero Hearts

Leo will not speak to players until they give a 10x Golden Walnut to the parrot outside his hut near the turtle. This action leads to a second cutscene where Leo approaches the player, revealing snippets of his backstory and his bond with the birds on Ginger Island.

Two Hearts

This event occurs after entering the Island West from around 6 AM to 6 PM on a sunny day.

Leo will greet the player on the Island West, expressing curiosity about life and if there are children in Pelican Town. Leo has a sense of not belonging anywhere as he’s not a parrot. Willy overhears and wonders if he can help Leo.

Three Hearts

Players receive the Poi recipe in the mail from Leo with a letter. The letter says:

“(Player’s Name),

Here’s a food from my home that me and my family enjoy. Hope you like it.

– Leo

P.S. Willy helped me write this.”

Four Hearts

stardew valley leo 4 heart event

This event plays after entering the Island North between 6 AM and 6 PM on a sunny day.

Leo contemplates the different life he could have led if things turned out differently and if he ended up on Ginger Island and asks players if he could be a normal kid again.

Six Hearts

This event plays after entering the Island South between 6 AM and 6 PM on a sunny day.

Linus asks Leo to move to Stardew Valley, with Willy supporting this idea as there are children there as well, and he can still pay a visit to Ginger Island. Leo agrees, intrigued by the idea of meeting other children and living life differently.

The parrots will build a treehouse for him beside Linus’ tent after deciding to move to Stardew Valley.

Seven Hearts

stardew valley leo like items

Players receive the Mango Sticky Rice recipe in the mail from Leo with a letter. The letter says:

“(Player’s Name),

Here’s a food from my home that me and my family enjoy. Hope you like it.

– Leo

P.S. Willy helped me write this.”

Nine Hearts

This event plays after entering the Mountain between 6 AM and 7 PM on a bright, sunny day.

A montage shows Leo’s adjustment to life in Stardew Valley. Leo shows how happy he is with his newfound friendship with his parrot but also indicates that he misses life on Ginger Island.


Likes and Dislikes

As mentioned in the article, Leo has particular gift preferences. He loves receiving Duck Feather, Mango, Ostrich Egg, and Poi. On the other hand, he dislikes receiving gifts like Beer, Holly, Hops, and Triple Shot Espresso.

Relationship Events

As you develop a friendship with Leo, you will unlock special events with cutscenes. These events offer opportunities to spend time with Leo and learn more about his backstory and personality. Be sure to interact with him regularly to trigger these heartwarming events.

stardew valley leo's reaction when receiving gifts

Festival Participation

Watch for Leo during various festivals and events. He may have special dialogue or activities related to the event, providing a chance to engage with him in a different setting and deepen your connection.

Multiplayer Interactions

If you play Stardew Valley in multiplayer mode, you can invite your friends to interact with Leo. They can develop relationships with him, triggering unique conversations and events like yours, further enriching your Stardew Valley’s gameplay [1] experience.

Remember, building a solid friendship with Leo takes time and effort. Engage in meaningful conversations, give him items he Loves, and participate in activities that align with his interests.

As your bond deepens, you’ll uncover more about his past, dreams, and aspirations, forming a lasting friendship in the enchanting world of Stardew Valley.


Utilizing this guide gives you the knowledge needed to befriend Leo in Stardew Valley. Explore the depths of his character, uncover his past, and embark on a heartwarming journey alongside this intriguing island dweller.

With careful gift choices, regular interaction, and timely attendance to heart events, you can forge a deep connection with Leo, adding another layer of depth and richness to your Stardew Valley experience.

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