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A Guide to Winning the Best Fair Items in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fair is an annual event in the popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley. It takes place on the 16th of Fall, bringing together valley residents to showcase their agricultural achievements and compete for the title of the best items.

The Grange Display rewards the winner, so preparing and presenting the highest quality crops, animals, and other valuable items is crucial.

Winning Best Items

Here are some of the best items to consider displaying at the fair:

Midnight Carp (Iridium Quality)

Adding high-quality fish significantly increases your chances of winning the Grange Display. Midnight Carp, in its highest quality, can be caught during Fall to Winter in any weather, from 10 PM to 2 AM.

Pumpkin (Iridium Quality)

Grow high-quality crops using a combination of fertilizer and the best type of crops available; they make impressive displays and can earn you a high score at the fair. 

Beer (Iridium Quality)

Displaying high-quality artisan goods such as beer can be a good way to earn Star Tokens at the fair. Brew beer by placing Wheat in a Keg and increase its quality by aging it in a Cask.

Purple Mushroom (Iridium Quality)

If you have encountered rare foraged items like a Purple Mushroom, displaying them can attract attention and potentially increase your score. Ensure you pick up the best quality items by choosing the Botanist Profession at Level 10 through the Gatherer Skill Tree at Level 5.

Large Milk (Iridium Quality)

Showcasing high-quality animal products, such as large goat milk, eggs, or truffles, can help you earn a good score at the fair. Large milk with the best quality can be milked by keeping cows happy, feeding and petting them daily while giving them space to enjoy the outdoors during the day.

Stardew Valley - fall fair

These Animal Products, Artisan Goods, Fish, Foraging, Fruits, and Vegetables contain 8 points.

Maximizing Crop Quality

Use quality fertilizer for optimal growth

Utilize quality fertilizer to increase the chances of producing high-quality crops. 

Monitor crops

Regularly inspect your crops and consider installing sprinklers to automate watering and ensure consistent and efficient crop care. Act swiftly to prevent and treat any issues, as damaged crops will significantly lower their quality.

Harvest at the right time to maintain quality.

Timing is crucial when it comes to harvesting crops. Be mindful of each crop’s growth cycle and gather accordingly.

Stardew Valley - farming wheat

Raising High-Quality Animal Produce

Provide ample food and water for maximum productivity

Ensure your animals are well-fed, petted daily, and can graze on grass outside. Their diet and happiness directly affect the quality of their products, so pay attention to their nutritional needs.

Build appropriate animal housing and maintain cleanliness

Construct suitable animal housing that meets their specific requirements. Cleanliness is also crucial, as a clean and well-maintained environment reduces the likelihood of stress, resulting in happy animals with better product quality.

Use heaters to ensure animal comfort during all seasons

Purchase a heater and place it inside your animal’s housing to keep it warm and comfortable during the colder months. This will prevent their productivity from decreasing due to the harsh weather conditions.

Stardew Valley - barn

Gathering Rare and Valuable Items

Explore the mines for ores and gemstones.

Venture into the mines to collect ores and gemstones. These valuable resources can be used for crafting or sold for a profit. Some rare ores can even be used to upgrade tools, enhancing your farming efficiency.

Fish in different locations to catch valuable fish

Experiment with fishing in various locations, such as the ocean, rivers, and ponds. Each area offers different types of fish, including rare and valuable ones. Catching these fish can significantly boost your chances of winning at the fair.

Participate in community events and festivals for unique rewards

Engage in community events and festivals throughout the year. These special occasions often provide opportunities to earn amazing rewards [1] and items that can be showcased at the fair.

Complete quests and help villagers with rare item opportunities

Take on quests and assist villagers in Stardew Valley. Sometimes, these tasks can lead to rare item opportunities, such as unique equipment or special items that can be displayed at the fair. 

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis at Fair


To obtain the best items at the Stardew Valley Fair, prioritize high-quality crops, raise animals with care, gather rare and valuable items, and participate actively in the community. 

Additionally, strategic planning, organization, and attention to detail during the fair are crucial.

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