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The Essential Guide to Stardew Valley’s Hay: Cultivating Success on Your Farm

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, places great importance on properly caring for and feeding your farm animals. Hay availability is central to this, a vital resource to sustain your livestock. 

In this guide, we will explore the various sources of Hay and provide strategies for efficiently obtaining and managing it. 

Harvesting Hay in Stardew Valley

Hay can be obtained from two primary sources: grass and wheat.

Obtaining Hay from Grass

Using a Scythe or Golden Scythe

Clearing grass tiles with these tools yields hay. Grass can be cleared with other tools but will not yield Hay.

Stardew Valley - hay farming

Harvesting Hay from Wheat

Using a Scythe or Golden Scythe

Clearing grass tiles with these tools yields hay. Grass can be cleared with other tools but will not yield Hay.

Stardew Valley - farming wheat

Obtaining Hay Through Other Methods

  1. Hay from cutting weeds with the Haymaker enchantment inside the farm: Weeds can occasionally yield hay when cut with a weapon with the Haymaker Enchantment. The percentage is 33%, and the Hay goes directly to the Silo.
  2. Hay from cutting weeds with the Haymaker enchantment outside the farm: Like the previous method, cutting weeds outside the farm can also result in acquiring Hay, but it is stored in the player’s inventory.
  3. Hay for purchase: You can get Hay by purchasing at Marnie’s Ranch for 50g each or at the Desert Trader, who trades 3 Hay for 1 Omni Geode at The Calico Desert.
Stardew Valley - purchasing hay

4. Hay as a gift from Marnie: Marnie, the local rancher, may occasionally send the player a generous gift of 30 hay through the mail.

Storage and Usage of Hay in Stardew Valley

Silo Capacity and Withdrawal Through Hoppers

In the gameplay of Stardew valley, Silos serve as storage for Hay, with each silo capable of holding up to 240 pieces. The Hoppers found in Coops, and Barns can dispense Hay according to the number of animals in the building.

Feeding animals with Hay

  1. Placing Hay on the feeding bench: Animals consume one unit of Hay daily when no fresh grass is available outside. Placing Hay on the feeding bench ensures they have access to food if the barn or coop does not have an automated feeding system yet.
  2. Role of Hoppers in facilitating Hay distribution: Hoppers allow the automated distribution of Hay from silos in Deluxe Barns and Coops to the feeding benches, ensuring animals are fed.
  3. Implications of running out of Hay during winter: With no grass available during winter, it is crucial to stockpile enough Hay or find alternative feeding methods to sustain your animals.
Stardew Valley - feeding animals with hay

Strategies for Obtaining Hay in Stardew Valley

Building a Silo as a Primary Method

Stardew Valley - bringing hay to the barn

Harvesting Grass or Wheat on the Farm


In Stardew Valley, hay availability is essential for your farm animals’ well-being. By understanding sources and implementing effective strategies, you can ensure a steady supply of hay to support your growing farm. 

Whether harvesting grass or growing wheat, a well-stocked store of hay will contribute to a successful gameplay [1].

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