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How Much Does Stardew Valley Cost? Exploring the Price of the Beloved Farming Simulation Game

Stardew Valley has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its captivating farming simulation gameplay and charming visuals. If you’re wondering if this best-selling game is affordable or not, we’re going to share all its pricing detail in this guide.

We’ll also be shedding light on its availability, pricing model, and microtransactions.

Understanding the Pricing Model

Stardew Valley follows a straightforward pricing model, offering players a one-time cost to access the entire game. 

Unlike many modern titles, there are no intrusive microtransactions or paywalls, allowing players to immerse themselves in the experience without additional costs fully.

Pricing Across Different Platforms

Stardew Valley is available on various platforms, catering to different gaming preferences. Let’s explore how the game’s pricing varies across PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

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PC Pricing Details

PC gamers can enjoy Stardew Valley on platforms like Steam and GOG. The game typically carries an affordable price tag, and occasional discounts and sales make it even more enticing for those looking to dive into farming and community building.


On Steam and GOG, Stardew Valley is priced at $14.99, providing excellent value for its rich content and immersive gameplay. Additionally, during seasonal sales like the Steam Summer Sale or GOG’s promotions, players may find the game at even more attractive prices.

Console Pricing Details


For console enthusiasts, Stardew Valley is available on major platforms such as PlayStation [1] and Xbox. The pricing for these versions may differ from the PC version, and players may come across bundled editions or special promotions that enhance the value of their purchase.


Stardew Valley is priced at $14.99 on consoles, which is the same as the PC version. The console editions come with different features or conveniences, such as controller support, optimized controls, and the ability to play on a big screen, making it a worthwhile investment for console gamers.

Mobile Pricing Details

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Stardew Valley has also found its way onto mobile devices, specifically iOS and Android. Mobile pricing structures can vary, and it’s worth exploring any in-app purchases or price variations to decide on the best option for your gaming needs.


On both iOS and Android, Stardew Valley is priced at $4.99. The mobile version provides the convenience of playing on the go, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer gaming on their smartphones or tablets. 

While the mobile version offers the same core gameplay as other platforms, it’s important to note any potential in-app purchases or variations in price.

Special Editions & Collector's Stardew Valley Items

Stardew Valley has garnered a dedicated fan base, leading to the release of special editions and collector’s items. These editions often include material things or unique packaging. 

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While they may come with additional costs, they offer a delightful opportunity for avid fans to enhance their gaming experience or add to their collection.

Collector’s Edition$74-79

For passionate Stardew Valley fans, special editions and collector’s items provide extra enjoyment. The Collector’s Edition, priced at $64.99, offers exclusive physical objects such as a wooden lapel pin, a Junimo comic book, a Stardew Valley Collector’s Box, and more. 

Value for Money

One of the remarkable aspects of Stardew Valley is its exceptional value for money. The game offers extensive content, including a rich storyline, diverse activities, and a vibrant community. 

The immersive gameplay and long-term replayability make it a worthy investment for those seeking countless hours of enjoyment.

Sales and Discounts

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If you’re tight on budget, keep an eye out for Halloween, Autumn, Summer, and Winter sales on Steam. Players can score deals, with reduced pricing ranging from $8.99 to $12.99.

Final Thoughts

Stardew Valley presents an affordable option for gamers of all backgrounds, thanks to its one-time cost and absence of microtransactions. With availability on various platforms and various pricing options, players can choose the version that best suits their preferences. 

Whether you’re tending crops on PC, console, or mobile, Stardew Valley offers an immersive and rewarding experience that is well worth the investment. 

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