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17 Best Bridging Practice Servers in Minecraft (2024)

The Bridge is a popular Minecraft server game mode that pits Minecraft players against each other in a battle to score goals. In this mode, you have to protect your own goal from the other player.

While there are many bridging practice servers out there, some are better than others. So, allow our gamers to share the best Minecraft servers that are worth checking out!

What is in This Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a type of multiplayer server that is controlled and operated by a single player or group of people who play Minecraft. 

It’s known as a distinct type of game that allows players to create their own servers. Players have the option to host it or play other games with it. 

Cross-play servers are venues for players from both Minecraft Bedrock and Java to play together. In fact, some servers allow users to connect with local and Java players. To log in, the base players need to have the IP of the server they are using. 

Minecraft character

The feature of this server is that it allows players to connect using Geyser, a standalone proxy. The connection turns green to signal its availability. After this, you can click the “Join Server” button.

The US presently hosts the Minecraft Bridge Practice server with an excellent connection. It’s designed to improve bridge skills for beginner and divine players. The IP settings of the server are mainly used to deploy numerous Minecraft servers on a single computer. 

Each of the bridge servers incorporates its respective rules and features, and each team possesses its own economy.

Top 17 Minecraft Servers for Bridging Practice

1. ManaCube (IP Address: hub.manacube.net)

Minecraft Parkour servers are a fun and challenging way to improve your skills in Minecraft. With the help of the ManaCube server, you can learn how to upskill. Various parkour maps are also designed to help players of different skill levels improve their bridge techniques.

Minecraft ManaCube (hub.manacube.net)

2. Mineplex (IP Address: us.mineplex.com)

Despite the many game modes available in Mineplex, the Dragon Escape game mode is the best Minecraft parkour server because it features a unique blend of gameplay and features. This is a studio-made Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game that’s very impressive.

3. LemonCloud (IP Address: hub.lemoncloud.net)

Many players of Minecraft like to play with the various game modes that are regularly updated. One of these is Lemon Cloud, a popular faction PvP server for The Bridge. It offers prison, heist, and outland game modes.

Minecraft LemonCloud (hub.lemoncloud.net)

4. Purple Prison (IP Address: PurplePrison.net)

The Purple Prison server is regarded as the best Minecraft server. This PvP server has countless unique content, games, and other features that users can enjoy.

5. The Mining Dead (IP Address: join.miningdead.com)

The Mining Dead server is a must-play for anyone who is a fan of the Walking Dead series and is interested in experiencing the world of post-apocalyptic survival. This game server allows users to fight against the walking dead.

6. MineVille (IP Address: hub.mineville.org)

This great Minecraft server has many game types and features a lot of custom content. Some of these include my bucks and old trials. On top of all these unique features, you even have the option to get married.

Minecraft MineVille (hub.mineville.org)

7. UniverseMC (Server IP Address: og.universemc.us)

In UniverseMC, players can experience various types of gameplay, such as prison, Sky block, Bed wars, and Survival. 

Like Days, this type of action is built on a massive scale, and players must do anything in order to survive. This training can only be effective if the players are pitted against real opponents.

8. Herobrine (IP Address: Herobrine.org)

With the help of the well-built and free PVP Minecraft Pocket Edition server, players can level up their skills. This is an excellent way to try on the latest version of the game if you are passionate about gaming. This PvP Bridge practice server is one of the quickest and most reliable.

Minecraft Herobrine (Herobrine.org)

9. Bedwars (Server IP Address: bedwars.games)

BedWars is a multi-game and popular server that features various game modes. One of these is City Life, a fun and unique game and the more traditional “Battle Royale” type of game. 

Our resident gamers recommend this bridging practice server because it’s fun to play, and players are eager to participate.

10. PvP Land (IP Address: pvp.land)

The best practice server designed for the PvP game mode is PvP Land, where a massive number of players flock to this area to improve their skills. 

Minecraft PvP Land IP (pvp.land)

PvP Land also has a variety of bot fights and Bedwars, and these types of battles allow players to face off against a skilled and dangerous bot. 

Besides being an excellent server for practicing your Minecraft PvP experience, it also has various other activities such as Minecraft bridging.

11. Lunar Network (IP: lunar.gg)

The best way to experience competitive multiplayer is through the game client of the Lunar Network. Local Minecraft’s LAN server support is great for the instant-run games, but PaperSpigot, Bukkit, and Spigot [1] are better options for the bridge dedicated servers.

Minecraft Lunar Network IP (Lunar.gg)

12. Mineland (IP: fly.join-ml.com)

Mineland is an excellent server with various modes and missions that will keep players engaged. It also offers monthly top-down tournaments and special game modes.

13. PvPWars (IP: play.pvpwars.net)

In PvP matches, PvP players can enhance their skills against the world’s best Minecraft players. They can also test their survival and bridging abilities in various games like sky battles, wars, and UHC. On some PvP Minecraft servers, players can join the matchmaking system quickly after spawning. They can compete against other players to improve their fighting skills.

14. Hypixel (IP Address: mc.hypixel.net)

Hypixel’s salty setting and unique mini-games mechanics led it to be one of the best Minecraft servers. If you’re a player who doesn’t like the Call of Duty genre, then this is the PvP server for you. Aside from its multiple mini-games modes, it also has a unique and entertaining PvP atmosphere, making it the most popular server.

Minecraft Hypixel (mc.hypixel.net)

15. Happy-HG (IP Address: mc.happy-hg.com)

Happy-HG is one of the best parkour servers in Minecraft, which features various game types, including the popular game of parkour. 

It allows players to improve their bridge skills by providing parkour maps that help them complete various tasks. For instance, the server includes parkour maps designed to help players focus on specific areas of the games. 

16. Minr (Server IP Address: zero.minr.org)

Minr has been running as a bridge server for Minecraft and has constantly been updating and improving its collection of maps for players to enjoy. 

Minecraft Minr (zero.minr.org)

The goal of this Minecraft server is to make sure that its players have the best possible experience. Parkour maps are also available for everyone, including beginners.

17. JumpCraft (IP Address: play.jumpcraft.org)

One of the most popular servers for Minecraft parkour is Jumpcraft. It features over 300 courses that allow players to improve their skills. Its unique progression process is also one of the features that sets it apart from other practice servers.


How do you practice bridging in Hypixel?

To practice bridging in Hypixel, you need to go to Bedwars and click your solo Bedwars character. Click the practice button, then click bridging. 

How do I make a bridge server?

Making a bridge server can be done in various ways, depending on which works best for you. You can watch bridge practice tutorials on YouTube, uploaded by games and server experts. 

What is the 2nd most popular Minecraft server?

Mineplex, with the server IP address “us.mineplex.com,” is the second most popular server in Minecraft among players, next to Hypixel (IP address: hypixel.net).  

What is the best kind of server for Minecraft?

Public Minecraft servers are considered one of the best for players with a moderate level of bridge playing. Numerous bridge plugins can be used to enhance the server. All of these are very simple to use and can be joined easily.


There you have it, our top 18 bridging practice servers to hone your bridging techniques on Minecraft. You can now practice different strategies– including bypass practice, prebow practice, wing practice, and PvP. 

Besides, all the bridge servers included on this list welcomes everyone to join– whether you’re a pro or a starter in the Minecraft world. 

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