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The Best Minecraft PvP Practice Servers (2023)

Want to be an excellent Minecraft player? Then you need to test and polish your skills to become the best Minecrafter.  

There’s no better place to start your upskill than Minecraft PvP practice servers. So, today, let’s check out the best PvP servers that our resident gamers and programmers personally picked to compete with other players and hone your skills. Let’s go!  

13 Best PvP Servers on Minecraft Today

1. PvP Land IP (pvp.land)

This is a dedicated World of PvP games, featuring an open world where players can take on each other while trying to get ranked on the charts. Before it gets overwhelming, the server supports seasonal updates and resets.

Minecraft PvP Land IP (pvp.land)

2. Extremecraft IP (ExtremeCraft.net)

As one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world, Extremecraft features thousands of players from all around the world. It’s also a great place to practice playing various game modes with friends worldwide. 

3. Purple Prison IP (purple.wtf)

This hybrid server allows players to practice and compete in real-time. To get the free kit, you must first press the “/kit” button and type “PvE” on the keyboard. Once you click the “Enter” button, you will get a PvP kit.

4. ViperMC IP (Play.ViperMC.net)

One of the most popular servers is the ViperMC, which has a variety of game modes. It is known for its intense gameplay. What we love about this server are the minigames you can play, such as Factions, Kit PvP, and other fun game modes. 

Minecraft ViperMC IP (Play.ViperMC.net)

5. Hypixel IP (HyPixel.net)

It’s a long-running Minecraft server featuring a huge community and an amazing game mode. It almost has everything you could wish for in an online Minecraft server; with great community support, you can join any time you like. This server is also regarded as one of the best Minecraft bridge practice servers.

6. Minemen Club IP (MMC.Club)

Minemen can be your go-to server if you need to settle a score with another player. It’s focused on multiplayer and has a ranking system that allows you to earn money when you reach certain levels. 

7. Lunar Network IP (Lunar.gg)

A server that is recognized for its distinctive gameplay and features is Lunar Network. It also comes with a Lunar game client that allows you to enhance your experience in the game’s multiplayer. In addition to this, you can participate in various tournaments against other players.

Minecraft Lunar Network IP (Lunar.gg)

8. VELTPVP IP (VeltPvP.com)

This server currently offers Active Staff, Crates, Kit Map, Practice, and HCF. Its uptime is 96.7%, with a player capacity of up to 8000. More players use this server as it allows them to compete using the best of their skills with other Minecraft players worldwide. 

9. PvPWars IP (Play.PvPWars.net)

In PvPWars, you can randomly select and equip all the necessary armor and iron tools to play. Also, you can participate in various games, such as Factions or Wars. This server supports both PvP and survival, allowing players to test their skills against each other.

10. MC Prison IP (PrisonFun.com)

Mc Prison is a great Prison server that takes all your suggestions and outputs them in the best possible way for Minecraft. It features various types of build, play, and PVP [1]. Also, it offers custom plugins, great donation perks, A to Z ranking, player shops, MineParties, and great community support.

Minecraft MC Prison IP (PrisonFun.com)

11. HavocMC IP (Play.HavocMC.net)

This is your go-to server if you want to become powerful and stronger. It allows you to fight your way through the top ranks via a series of duels. Also, if you want to win major tournaments, we recommend the HavocMC server. 

12. Ventureland RPG IP (MC.VentureLand.net)

Ventureland is a unique Minecraft server offering a large open-world map, a special crafting system, customizable mobs, and many more to help you practice your skills. It doesn’t need mods; you only need the IP to join. 

13. 2b2t IP (2b2t.org)

2b2t is known as one of the oldest servers in Minecraft, having been running for over 20 years. It also has one of the longest-running maps in the game, and its world has never been reset since it was created. It allows players to engage in combat throughout the game.  


Where can I practice 1.18 PvP?

You can practice 1.18 PvP via the MC Prison server. Although it supports older versions of the game, such as 1.7 and 1.16, it is the most common version on this server. This is because it gives players preferential treatment when playing with other players.

Which PvP practice servers on Minecraft have bots?

PvP Land is the PvP practice server on Minecraft that has bots. It is one of the best practice servers for players who want to improve their skills in competitive multiplayer online games. Also, it’s known for its Bedwars and bot fights.


There you have it, the best Minecraft PvP practice servers designed to provide various gameplay options and competitive matches to hone your skills. 

Some of these are straight-up battlefields, while others are more competitive. But, each of these servers gives you the chance to test your abilities!

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