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The Best Fivem Server Hosting in 2023:
Zap Hosting Review

Looking for a server hosting for FiveM? With online options that are mostly illegal, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll end up getting a host with subpar performance, sudden server termination issues, and terrible support. Yikes!

Tons of seemingly good offers at cheap rates dominate the market, but Zap Hosting is the ONLY verified server host for FiveM. In this article, we review the features, customer perks, and all the reasons why Zap Hosting is our top choice for a FiveM server hosting.



Zap Hosting For FiveM Features


Zap Hosting is available in four continents and multiple countries. In Europe, you can find coverage in Germany, UK and Finland. Other than these countries, they are also available in Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the US.


The setup is so easy and straightforward that it only took us a few minutes. This means you and your fellow players will be online and running in no time at all after purchasing the service.

Control Panel

Zap Hosting offers a beautiful custom control panel from where you can manage all of your servers. This lessens confusion in managing your account and settings.


Although no mods will be featured on a newly installed FiveM, you can enlist the help of installation resources such as ESX. You can also choose to install resources from templates from servers such as txAdmin.

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Players will have the option and access to their database from the free FTP that will allow them to include add-ons and even modded cars.


Zap Hosting offers a money-back guarantee the same with the best 7 Days to Die server hosting for 14 days after purchase. You will need to get in touch with Zap Hosting via phone or email before this period ends. Once revocation of the contract has been approved, Zap Hosting will refund the amount paid to the original payment method.

Overall Performance for FiveM

FiveM gamers rejoice! Zap Hosting offers a seamless experience with smooth gameplay thanks to its efficient processors. Enjoy lag-free gaming not guaranteed by some other providers due to the robust Intel E5-2650v4 processors. This is one of the main reasons that make Zap the best FiveM server hosting in our books.

Customer Support

One of the best parts of utilizing Zap Hosting is the customer support. They offer a free 24/7 live chat so you can get assistance right away. The provider prides itself in offering nothing but helpful and friendly service, which our gaming experts can attest to. 

Pricing and Payment Options

While Zap Hosting seems to be on the higher end of the price range, remember that you are paying for the sole authorized FiveM server hosting service on the internet. And its performance is well worth the price.

payment options

Additionally, Zap Hosting offers many payment options for the customer’s convenience. You can even choose a prepaid option if it suits your needs.

The payment methods may vary from country to country, but Zap Hosting accepts BitCoin, PayPal, credit card, Zap Coins, and PaymentWall for the most part. 

The pricing will depend on the slots, memory boost, CPU [1] and other items you choose, but the Zap Hosting website has a very helpful calculator that will help you figure out the end price.

Just select your location, the number of slots, memory boost, access to DDOS manager overview and anything else you want on the slidable scale.

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Customer Reviews and Experience

Zap users and customers generally have very positive reviews of the hosting provider, verified not only by their experiences but also our test and technical opinion.

customer reviews

Smooth setup and reliable hosting are among the highlights of the reviews, as well as well-secured systems with Zap Hosting’s strong anti DDoS attacks. With such features, users are satisfied with the service that they get.

Zap Hosting support also received high marks from most users, citing their experiences of fast response, clear communications, and quick fixes of any trouble they encounter with the hosting.

Best FiveM Server Hosting: Zap Hosting

After a thorough review of the overall performance of Zap Hosting, it is clear that it takes the top spot among available hosting services online. Not only does it provide players with a seamless experience, but the setup is almost instant and comes with DDOS protection. 

The lightning-fast processing, free backups, online configuration editor and full FTP access will change your gameplay for the better. Most of all, with Zap Hosting, you’ll be getting a legally authorized and verified service that no other hosting provider can give.

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