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Which is the Best TeamSpeak Server Hosting in Australia? (2023)

Playing Teamspeak will require a lot of things, but hardly does any compare to the importance of a great server. With many options available, picking the best server hosting can be challenging as many tend to underpromise speed, uptime, support, and others. To ease your decision-making, our experts have some of the top options available below.

Reviews of the Top TeamSpeak Server Hosting in Australia

1. PingPerfect

PingPerfect is the first name on our list of the best TeamSpeak server hosting providers in Australia. This server host is especially great because it offers high maximum and low minimum slots. With PingPerfect, you can choose between dedicated servers and shared hosting. You can choose between three pricing tiers, and there’s even a free package that offers some standard features. 

As expected, PingPerfect offers a game panel that allows you to control the gaming experience. You will be able to access server start and stop settings, choose a dedicated RAM amount, monitor your status, and more.



2. HostHavoc

The next entry on our list of the best server offers is HostHavoc. Established in 2013, this service has come a long way. They began by offering private servers, and they’ve expanded since. Now, HostHavoc offers game servers, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and web hosting.  

HostHavoc offers 24/7 support with 99.9 percent uptime. Setup is instant, and you get incredibly fast processors. The ecosystem also relies more on SSD storage, which is much faster than HDD. 

Lastly, you get free DDoS protection and a money-back guarantee for all purchases.



3. Iceline

Last on our ranking of the top-performing TeamSpeak server hosts in Australia is Iceline. While it won’t exactly blow your mind with its features, this server host will do a great deal for you. 

Iceline provides a simple and quick setup process, as well as a professional support group that takes care of issues in good time. The server allows you to play hundreds of games, and you can run communications over the TeamSpeak software. Some customers have complained about its uptime, but Iceline definitely gets the job done. 

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TeamSpeak Server Hosting in Australia Buyer’s Guide

One of the first things our gaming experts had to consider is the server and its features. You should keep in mind that servers have different features that they offer to users. So, it goes without saying that you want a server that offers the same features that you want. Be sure to peruse through their offering to see what they offer and ensure that you get everything you need. Remember that quality costs money.

You also need to look into installation ease for the servers. Normally, servers should be easy to install and set up. While this wasn’t always the case, innovations in the field have made it much easier to get things done and install your server. Now, there are even servers that you can set up in a few clicks. 

All in all, the server you choose should be easy to install. Or, you should be able to speak to their customer care for more help.

Moving on, you should look into the server’s support system. Of course, no one wants any issues with their hosting service provider. But, if a problem arises, you want to be able to speak to someone. Support teams can also help you with tasks like installation, functionality, and settings. With their help, you will be able to work faster and more conveniently.

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Our Top Pick For TeamSpeak Server Hosting in Australia: PingPerfect

PingPerfect offers everything you will need to get your servers off the ground and running immediately, making it our pick for the best TeamSpeak server hosting in Australia. Based on our expert review, you get high maximum and low minimum slots, and you get a game panel that helps you to control the entire experience. As expected, security is top-notch. The provider is also affordable, and their support is impressive.  

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