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Which is the Best 7 Days to Die Server Hosting in Australia? (2023)

7 Days to Die is a famous early-access survival game. Developed by The Fun Pimps, the game is available on just about every operating system available. However, enjoying your gameplay will require an effective server to help you out. Below, our experts listed the best server hostings in Australia. 

Reviews of the Top 7 Days to Die Server Hosting in Australia

1. GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is one of the most popular server hosting providers out there. So, it goes without saying that it ranks as our best 7 Days to Die server hosting in Australia. 

As one of the oldest server companies, GTX Gaming gives you just about everything you will need. Their servers are beyond impressive, and you can access over 10 games on each. As expected, you get different types of servers available. 

GTX Gaming offers several impressive features, including a free 24-hour free trial of its service. You get effective customer support, as well as easy configuration and seamless game switching. 



2. ServerBlend

ServerBlend is another top name when it comes to hosting the 7 Days to Die game. This server host has begun pulling its weight, providing incredible service at affordable rates and allowing users to enjoy seamless gameplay. 

One of the primary benefits of ServerBlend is that it offers a one-click installation for your server. You don’t have to stress over installation, and there’s also support to help you if you’re stuck. You get a minimum of 50 slots and a maximum of 300, all of which are priced fairly. Mod support is available, and they update automatically. 



3. PingPerfect

One of the many things that make PingPerfect great is that it supports a broad variety of games. So, it’s no surprise that it is one of the server hosting of the game in Australia too.

You get everything with PingPerfect: a solid performance base, free web hosting for game servers, stellar support for customers, and support for different types of servers. PingPerfect is one of the best hosting companies in the world, and they definitely show it here. 

Server performance is also great with PingPerfect. This server hosting provider gets just about everything right.



4. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers rounds out our list of the top 7D2D server providers. This hosting service is strong and reliable, and it offers the basics for you to enjoy your gameplay. 

With Citadel Servers, you get a healthy number of games and strong support. Payments are easy, with the host offering different payment methods [1] and several coupons and promotions. So, there are many avenues to save money. 

Moving on, Citadel Servers offers different types of gaming servers and effective support. You get everything you pay for and more.

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Buyer’s Guide for a 7 Days to Die Server
Hosting in Australia

Hosting companies need to offer effective customer support to their users. No one wants to have problems with their hosts, but you want to be able to call on someone if you need help at any particular point in time. So, customer support is an important factor to be considered for our team. 

You also need to consider the price. Everyone wants to save money and maximize their gains. So, you’re more than free to consider cost when selecting your mod and server. However, you should also keep in mind that nothing good comes free. If you want to make the best out of what you’ve got, you need to be ready to pay for it.  

Lastly, you should keep the server and mod maintenance methods in mind. If you’re running server mods, you will want to upgrade them from time to time. Some server hosts offer automatic maintenance, ensuring that you don’t have to waste any time or effort to get your mods up to date. But, some will require that you do the upgrade work on your own. 

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Our Top Pick For a 7 Days to Die Server Hosting in Australia: GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming comes out on top as the best 7 Days to Die server hosting in Australia for our gaming experts. These guys have been around for a long time, and they understand how servers work. They will also be able to help get you the right type of service at an affordable cost.

With GTX Gaming, you get worldwide support and seamless game switching. The platform also offers an intuitive control panel that lets you customize your experience.

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