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7 Days to Die Console Commands — Complete List and Guide

7 Days to Die is becoming very popular these days, and users have been looking for cheats and codes alongside ways on how to use the commands. It can be difficult to play the games without knowing the commands. Here, we will look into the 7 Days to Die console commands, their syntaxes, descriptions, and how to access them to enhance your gaming experience. 

Console Command on 7 Days to Die

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These commands provide players access to game statistics, change settings, and control guest players when the game runs in multiplayer. Here are simple steps to access the command console:

  1. Tap on the keys Ö, Ø, F1, F2 , @,  or Ñ (see which works best). 
  2. Next, type the command you want.
  3. Click “Enter.”

List of All Commands

Below is a list of all the commands, for both single-player and multiplayer servers.

Command nameSyntaxDescription
giveselfgiveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)]Helps spawn items
buffbuff [buff id]Provides specified buff
debuffdebuff [buff id]Takes out buff
buffplayerbuffplayer [steam id player name entity id] [buff id]To add buff to the player you specify.
debuffplayerdebuffplayer [steam id player name entity id] [buff id]To remove buff from a player
switchviewswitchviewTo toggle first/third person mode
systeminfosysteminfoPrints the system info you are using to play the game
debugmenudebugmenuIt enables and disables in Debug Mode or can enable god mode with the g key (toggles debug menu).
exhaustedexhaustedMakes a character exhausted.
giveselfxpgiveselfxp [xp amount]Gives a specified value of XP.
creativemenucreativemenuThe creativemenu command toggles the Creative Menu.
spawnsupplycratespawnsupplycrateSpawns a Supply Crate
adminadmin [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id player name entity id] [permission level]To add or remove a player from admin. In the admin list, you require a specified permission level.
kickkick [steam id player name entity id] [“kick message”]Kicks the player, Steam ID player name entity ID from the server
kickallkickall [“kick message”]Kick all players from the server
whitelistwhitelist [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id player name entity id]Adds, removes, or list players on the whitelist
banban [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [steam id player name entity id] [duration + duration unit] [“message”]This console command allows you to ban/unban a player
killallkillallKills all zombies/entities.
teleportteleport [steam id player name entity id] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction]Teleports a character to a chosen location.
teleportplayerteleportplayer [steam id player name entity id] [steam id player name entity id] [x y z] [view direction]Teleports local player to a location.
showcloudsshowclouds [texture file name]To set cloud texture (artist command)
repairchunkdensityrepairchunkdensity [x z] [‘fix’]To check for mismatches within a chunk.
weatherweather [weather setting]Changes the world’s weather
weathersurvivalweathersurvival [‘on’ / ‘off’]Toggles game weather.
spawnentityspawnentity [player id] [entity id]Spawns an entity specified by its ID.
spawnwanderinghordespawnwanderinghordeSpawns a wandering horde of zombies.
givequestgivequest [quest id]Gives a quest or player ID.
removequestremovequest [quest id]Removes a quest ID
saysay [“message”]To message in chat
cpcp [‘add’ / ‘remove’ / ‘list’] [command] [0 – 1000]To list, remove, add, and change permission levels
listplayerslistplayersTo print all connected clients or players
versionversionTo print the version of the game you are running, along with loaded mods you have installed.
water limitwater limit [amount]To limit the water flow running at a time.
thirstythirstyTo make you thirsty.
spectrumspectrum [spectrum id]To set the lighting spectrum. This console command will set the game’s lighting spectrum) to the specified spectrum.
gettimegettimeTo tell the current game time
spawnscoutsspawnscouts [steam id player name entity id] [x y z]To spawn scouting zombies
listentslistentsTo list all entities in the game.
shutdownshutdownShuts the game down.
spawnairdropspawnairdropSpawn an air drop
staticmapstaticmapSwitch maps (static and dynamic mode)
listplayeridslistplayeridsLists all player IDs
setgamestatsetgamestat [game stat] [value]Sets specified game stat to the specified value
getgamestatgetgamestat [string]To print current game stats
setgameprefsetgamepref [game preference] [value]To set game preference
getgameprefgetgamepref [string]This prints all game preferences.
starvestarveTo make you starve
settempunitsettempunit [c / f]To change temperature unit
memclmemclTo produce the memory of aCLIENT.
memmemTo print memory of SERVER. It also calls the garbage collector to free up RAM.
traderareatraderareaTo print all game Trader Areas
exportitemiconsexportitemiconsTo export all item icons for 7DTD as PNGs.
lightslightsToggles light debug mode
shownexthordetimeshownexthordetimeShows wandering horde time.
pplistpplistPrints PersistentPlayer data.
clearclearClears text from the console.
listthreadslistthreadsLists all threads
spawnscreenspawnscreenSpawns screen effect
showalbedoshowalbedoToggles display of gBuffer albedo
settimesettime [‘day’ / ‘night’] [0-24000] [d hh mm]To set game time
helphelp [command]To print commands list
sounddebugsounddebugThis toggles SoundManager debug output
shownormalsshownormalsShownormals is to set normal maps. Use the same command to toggle display of gBuffer normal maps.
loggamestateloggamestate [header] [true / false]To log client or server information
chunkcachechunkcacheDisplays currently loaded chunks in the cache.
loglevelloglevel [log level] [true / false]Toggle log messages
saveworldsaveworldTo save your current world
showchunkdatashowchunkdataPrints the information about current chunk data in the currently running version, such as memory usage
aiddebugaiddebugThis toggles AIDirector debug output.
showspecularshowspecularTo toggle display of gBuffer specular values


How do you use console commands in 7 days to die?

To use the console commands in 7 Days to Die, launch the game as usual from any operating system [1] you’re playing from. 

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These 7 Days to Die console commands are available for a better gaming experience. For that sake, our team has listed all types of command, their specified skill, permission level and more. With them, you can fully master the permission level you have and the overall intricacies of the game.

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