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How to Get to the Steam Server Browser

Steam is one of the most popular digital game platforms available for PC gamers. In addition to providing access to thousands of different games, did you know that Steam also provides a built-in server browser? 

This allows players to search for, connect to, and even host their own dedicated game servers. If you want to know how to access it, keep on reading this guide!

What is the Steam Server Browser?

The Steam Server Browser is a feature built into the Steam client that allows players to search for and connect to game servers hosted by other players. 

The browser allows users to filter servers by game type, language, player count, and ping. It also allows players to view server rules and join password-protected servers. 

Steam Server Browser

This is the best choice for games with a lot of competition, like Dota 2, or games with permanent servers that keep running even after players leave, like Team Fortress 2.

How to Get to the Steam Server Browser?


The Steam Server Browser is a great feature for finding and connecting to game servers that are hosted by other players. It allows users to conveniently filter lists of servers and view server rules and join password-protected servers. 

With the Steam Server Browser, gamers can easily find and join the perfect game server for their needs! 

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