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Do Ark Servers Wipe? Here’s What You Need to Know

A commonly raised question in the world of the Ark: Survival Evolved is whether or not servers wipe. As a survival game that has been around for many years, new players are often confused if the game’s servers wipe from time to time. 

To clarify your queries, we’re going to discuss if Ark servers do, in fact, wipe and what you can do to prepare for it!

Do Ark Servers Wipe?

Regular official servers do not get wiped. However, developers may choose to wipe servers due to a variety of reasons. These can range from performance issues to patching of any bugs or glitches, or when a new major update is released. 

When a server wipe is announced, it will usually be done during a scheduled maintenance period. During this time, players will be required to save all of their progress and transfer any items or characters off of the server. 

When the wipe is complete, all progress and character data will be deleted from the server and all players will have to start from scratch. 

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In the event of a server wipe, the developers [1] will usually post a notice detailing what is happening and when the wipe will take place. 

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for these notices as they will inform you of when the server will be wiped and how you can save your progress.


So, do Ark servers wipe? Yes, they can, but it is a rare occurrence and usually only happens when there’s an impending update or maintenance. 

With that in mind, it’s important to keep posted on notices from developers, to know when wipe will take place and how you can save your progress. 

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