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How to Check Steam Server Status

Knowing the Steam server status is important for gamers who are looking to enjoy their favorite multiplayer games without interruption. 

It is also helpful to know the status of Steam servers before downloading a game to avoid any potential problems during the process. So in this guide, we’ll cover the different ways how to check it.

How to Check the Steam's Server Status?

A way to check the server status is through SteamDB. It is the central hub of Steam’s community, providing constant status updates. 

The hub provides specific status information, such as the number of online users and the current performance of the site’s various sections, among other options. 

However, SteamDB is an unofficial service. Although it is the most popular site that monitors Steam’s performance for users and observers around the world, it is not the only one.

SteamDB for monitoring of updates on Steam

Another site worth visiting is Down Detector [1]. It has become a reliable source for gamers to determine whether the issue is on your end or Steam’s.

Although the majority of Steam’s issues stem from Valve rather than individual users, you cannot do much other than check in periodically to see if traffic slows down or when the servers return online. You can also restart Steam to see if that resolves the issue.


Knowing the Steam’s server status is important for gamers when playing their favorite games. Doing this helps avoid any potential issues when downloading games or playing multiplayer games. 

There are a few different ways to check the Steam server status, but the best are through SteamDB and Down Detector.

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