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Hatching Secrets: Discovering the Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, holds many secrets and surprises for players to uncover. One of the most intriguing items in the game is the Dinosaur Egg. 

Its enigmatic nature has sparked curiosity and questions among players, leaving them eager to explore its uses and benefits. In this article, we delve into the world of the Dinosaur Egg, shedding light on its origins, acquisition methods, and various applications in the game.

What Is a Dinosaur Egg?

The Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley is an artifact and animal product with unique properties. It is not to be confused with an actual dinosaur; instead, it is an ancient relic that has survived the test of time. 

The egg can be obtained through various means, but the most common method is raising dinosaurs in the Big or Deluxe Coop. Once acquired, the egg can be turned into Dinosaur Mayonnaise but serves no culinary purpose and cannot be used in recipes. 

Stardew Valley - dinosaur egg

However, it holds excellent potential through its incubation process in the Coop, leading to the hatching of a dinosaur. 

Finding the Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley

There are several ways to obtain the Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley. Here are the various methods:

1. Digging an Artifact Spot in the Mountains/Quarry

Explore the game’s expansive world and locate artifact spots in the Mountains or Quarry area. With some luck, you may unearth a Dinosaur Egg while digging up these spots.

2. Fishing Treasure Chests with Fishing Level 2

Improve your fishing skills and reach Fishing Level 2 to unlock access to treasure chests. Cast your line in bodies of water, and if fortune smiles upon you, you may reel in a treasure chest containing the coveted Dinosaur Egg.

3. Drop from Pepper Rex Enemies

Watch for the fearsome Pepper Rex enemies as you journey through the Skull Cavern. Defeating these formidable foes may result in the rewarding 10% chance drop of a Dinosaur Egg.

Stardew Valley - fighting dinosaur

4. Foraging on Prehistoric Floors in the Skull Cavern

Delve deeper into the Skull Cavern and explore the prehistoric floors. Scour the area for forageable items, and you might stumble upon a Dinosaur Egg amidst the ancient artifacts.

5. Winning in the Crane Game at the Movie Theater (after completing certain requirements)

Once you have fulfilled specific needs, you can test your luck at the Stardew Valley movie theater crane game. If your skills are on point, you might grasp the dinosaur egg behind some foliage as a prize.

6. Production by Fed Dinosaurs

By raising dinosaurs in the Big or Deluxe Coop and ensuring they are well-fed and cared for, there is a chance they will produce Dinosaur eggs weekly. Take care of your prehistoric friends, and they may reward you with this precious item.

Selling Prices

Stardew Valley - looking for dinosaur egg

The base selling price of a Dinosaur Egg is 350g. However, the selling price can vary depending on the egg’s quality. Like other items in the game, Dinosaur Eggs can be regular, silver, gold, or even iridium quality. 

Dinosaur Egg QualitySell Price

The higher the quality, the greater the selling price. Players can maximize their profits by aiming for the rarer and more valuable versions of the Dinosaur Egg.

Dinosaur Mayonnaise

Like Large Eggs and other eggs in the game, Dinosaur Egg can be turned into the Artisan Good, Mayonnaise. A Mayonnaise Machine can turn Dinosaur Egg into Dinosaur Mayonnaise after 3 in-game hours.

Dinosaur MayonnaiseSell Price
Stardew Valley - dinosaur egg


The Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley offers another use for the Dinosaur Egg. By placing the 1x Dinosaur Egg in the Sewing Machine with 1x Cloth, players can create a fashionable Dinosaur Hat. 

This unique headwear adds a touch of whimsy to the player’s appearance and can be a fun way to showcase their love for all things prehistoric.

Furthermore, the Dinosaur Egg can be used as a green dye in dye pots, expanding the customization options for players’ clothing and accessories.


Presenting a Dinosaur Egg as a gift to villagers elicits varied reactions. The Dwarf and Penny are particularly fond of receiving Dinosaur Eggs as a Liked gift and will express their gratitude accordingly. 

Stardew Valley - dinosaur egg artifact

However, it’s important to note that other villagers will react negatively to this unusual gift as they Dislike it. It’s advisable to consider each villager’s likes and dislikes before offering them the Stardew Valley’s Dinosaur Egg.


The Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley is a captivating item that fuels players’ curiosity and offers exciting possibilities. 

From its acquisition through various means to its Artisan Goods and tailoring applications, the Dinosaur Egg holds significant value and rewards [1] for dedicated players. 

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