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Stardew Valley Dinosaur Guide — How to Hatch and Profit from Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Eggs

In Stardew Valley, dinosaurs are coveted farm animals that can provide valuable resources. From hatching and raising dinosaurs to obtaining their precious eggs, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs in Stardew Valley.



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Dinosaur Egg

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Hatching Dinosaurs

To start your journey with dinosaurs, you’ll need a Big Coop. Once you have one, follow these steps to hatch your very own dinosaur:

Step 1: Acquiring a Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur Eggs can be obtained through various methods, including artifact spots, fishing treasure chests, the movie theater crane game, and finding prehistoric floors in Skull Cavern.

Step 2: Incubation

Place the Dinosaur Egg into an Incubator inside your Big Coop. The incubation process takes 18,000 minutes (11 days and 6 hours) or 9,000 minutes (5 days and 16 hours) in-game with the Coopmaster Profession.

Stardew Valley - dinosaur egg

Step 3: Caring for Your Dinosaur

Once hatched, your dinosaur will require food, water, and a clean environment. Ensure your Big Coop is well-maintained and always stocked with hay.

Step 4: Producing Dinosaur Egg

A mature, well-fed, happy dinosaur will lay a Dinosaur Egg every 7 days. These eggs can be used for various purposes, including hatching more dinosaurs and creating valuable Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs are precious items in Stardew Valley and have multiple uses. Here’s what you can do with Dinosaur Eggs:

Selling Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs can be sold for a profit. The selling price depends on the quality of the egg, with higher-quality eggs fetching higher prices. Be sure to check the friendship level of your dinosaur, as it affects the selling price.



Sell Price

Dinosaur Egg

Gigantic Dinosaur egg with the entire shell intact.

Base Quality: 350g

Silver Quality: 437g

Gold Quality: 525g

Iridium Quality: 700g

Dinosaur Mayonnaise

dinosaur mayonnaise stardew valley

By processing a Dinosaur Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine, you can create Dinosaur Mayonnaise. This premium product sells for a higher price than the egg itself.



Sell Price

Dinosaur Mayonnaise

A thick, creamy mayonnaise that smells grassy.

Base Quality: 800g

Rancher (+20%): 960g

Artisan (+40%): 1,120g


Selling a Dinosaur in Stardew Valley is possible, and the amount of gold you receive depends on the dinosaur’s heart of friendship. Here are the details:

To sell a coop or barn animal, follow these steps:

selling dinosaur mayonnaise stardew valley

By petting your dinosaur and checking the selling price in the friendship/mood interface, you can ensure you receive the maximum amount of gold when selling your valuable dinosaur.

Tips to Maximize Your Dinosaur Egg Production

To increase your chances of obtaining and profiting from dinosaur eggs, consider the following tips:

1. Fishing Enhancements

Use lures and bait with your fishing rod, such as the Magnet and Treasure Hunter, to increase the chance of finding treasure chests while fishing. Dinosaur Eggs can appear in these treasure chests.

2. Enchant Your Tools

Visit the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island to find the Forge. Enchant your fishing rod with the Preserving enchantment to conserve bait and tackle and the Master enchantment to gain an extra Fishing skill level.

3. Choose the Pirate Profession

Once you reach Level 10 in the Fishing skill and have chosen the Fisher profession at Level 5, selecting the Pirate profession adds a chance to find treasure chests while fishing.

Level 10 angler and pirate profession stardew valley

4. Acquire the Burglar's Ring

Defeat 500 Dust Sprites to earn the Burglar’s Ring from the Adventurer’s Guild. This ring significantly increases the chances of monsters dropping loot. This includes Pepper Rexes, dropping Dinosaur Eggs when defeated.

5. Improve Your Luck

Luck plays a role in finding treasure while fishing and affects various aspects of gameplay [1]. Increase your Luck by completing Secret Note #20, equipping the Lucky Ring, and consuming temporarily luck-boosting dishes like Lucky Lunch or Spicy Eel.


Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Eggs offer unique opportunities for profit and museum contributions in Stardew Valley. 

You can make the most of these rare and valuable resources by following the steps to hatch and care for dinosaurs and utilizing various techniques to acquire Dinosaur Eggs. Implement the tips to increase your chances of finding Dinosaur Eggs and enhance your farming experience in Stardew Valley.

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