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Gifting Guide: Discover the Best Gifts for Alex in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley allows players to build relationships with various marriage candidates, each with unique personalities and backgrounds. One such candidate is Alex, the athletic guy-next-door type.

Beneath his tough exterior, Alex reveals a vulnerable and kind-hearted nature, making him a compelling choice for players seeking a deeper connection. In this guide, we will explore the gifts that Alex loves, likes, dislikes, and hates, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your relationship with him.

Loved Gifts of Alex in Stardew Valley

Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner

Alex has a discerning palate and is fond of two exquisite dishes: Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner.

The Complete Breakfast is a hearty combination of 1x Fried Egg, 1x Hashbrowns, 1x Pancake, and 1x Milk. Meanwhile, the Salmon Dinner showcases the flavors of 1x Salmon, 1x Amaranth, and 1x Kale.

These carefully crafted meals exemplify the depth of Alex’s culinary preferences and can be a pathway to his heart.

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Obtaining the Recipes for Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner

Obtaining the recipes for Alex’s beloved dishes is crucial in impressing him. Fortunately, acquiring these recipes is within reach for dedicated players. The recipe for Complete Breakfast can be learned by watching the cooking show “Queen of Sauce” on Spring 21 in Year 2.

The recipe for Salmon Dinner can be obtained from Gus upon gaining a 3 Heart Friendship Level with him. Salmon Dinner and Complete Breakfast can be purchased as dishes from Krobus or at the Stardrop Saloon as part of their rotating stock.

Watch for these opportunities to unlock the secrets behind these delectable meals.

Universally Loved Gifts in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features Universally Loved Gifts that most characters enjoy. While these items can be challenging to obtain, they are worth considering for increasing friendship points. Universal loves include Magic Rock Candy, Prismatic Shards, Golden Pumpkins, Pearls, and Rabbit’s Foot.

However, focusing on Alex’s favorite dishes, such as Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner, may be more feasible.

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Gifting loved items on Alex's birthday for bonus friendship points

Birthdays hold special significance in Stardew Valley, and Alex’s birthday is no exception. On the memorable day of Summer 13, players have a unique opportunity to deepen their bond with him. 

Gifting loved items on Alex’s birthday shows your thoughtfulness and provides an 8x multiplier effect [1], accelerating the growth of your relationship. Consider presenting him with his favorite dishes, Complete Breakfast or Salmon Dinner, to make the occasion truly unforgettable.

Liked Gifts

In the game’s early stages, it’s easier to rely on liked gifts to boost your friendship with Alex. Fortunately, Alex appreciates All Universal Likes, making it convenient to find items he enjoys.

A notable gift option is Any Eggs, excluding Void Eggs, as most players construct a coop early on. This allows them to acquire eggs from their chickens and present them to Alex, earning his favor and strengthening their relationship.

Alex's Neutral, Disliked, and Hated Gifts

While gifting loved and Alex’s liked items is ideal, it’s crucial to be aware of gifts that fall into the neutral, disliked, and hated categories.

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Neutral Gifts

Neutral gifts do not impact Alex’s friendship level significantly, which include items like:

Disliked Gifts

Disliked gifts, on the other hand, decrease friendship points and should be avoided. These include items like:

Hated Gifts

Hated gifts significantly decrease Alex’s friendship level and should be avoided at all costs. These include items like:


Gifting is pivotal in strengthening relationships in Stardew Valley, and Alex is no exception. Players can cultivate a deeper bond with this charismatic character by understanding his gift preferences. From loved items like Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner to liked gifts such as Crocus and Sweet Pea, numerous options exist to please Alex.

However, avoiding disliked and hated gifts is important, which can harm your friendship. By applying the insights provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of gifting and foster a lasting connection with Alex in Stardew Valley.

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