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Cracking the Large Eggs in Stardew Valley: Maximizing Your Farm’s Eggcellent Potential

In the charming world of Stardew Valley, Large Eggs hold a special significance for aspiring farmers. These oversized eggs add variety to your farm’s inventory and serve as essential ingredients in various recipes and as valuable gifts for villagers.

In this article, we will explore the different types of eggs available, focusing on Large Eggs, and delve into their importance and applications in the game.

Overview of Large Eggs in Stardew Valley

As their name suggests, large eggs are oversized versions of the traditional eggs found in Stardew Valley. They possess a distinct appearance and offer unique advantages over their smaller counterparts.

Obtaining large eggs requires maintaining a coop and raising chickens on your farm. These eggs are highly sought-after due to their exceptional quality and enhanced value. They come in either a white or brown color, depending on the chicken it is from.

Importance of Large Eggs and their Uses

Culinary Delights

Large eggs are an essential ingredient in a wide array of delectable recipes. From hearty breakfast staples like Pancakes and Omelets to mouthwatering desserts like Pink Cake and Cookies, Large Eggs add richness and flavor to culinary creations.

picking large egg stardew valley

As players progress in Stardew Valley, they unlock new recipes that make excellent use of Large Eggs, providing both sustenance and enjoyment.

Gift of Generosity

Villagers in Stardew Valley have unique preferences regarding gifts, and Large Eggs are highly appreciated by many. Presenting Large Eggs as gifts to villagers who appreciate it strengthens relationships and helps players gain favor and unlock rewarding interactions.

Sharing the bounty of your farm through Large Eggs fosters a sense of community and camaraderie.

Like: Alex, Demetrius, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Linus, Marnie, Pierre, Sam, Shane
Neutral: Caroline, Clint, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Harvey, Krobus, Leo, Lewis, Maru, Penny, Robin, Sandy, Willy
Dislike: Abigail, Dwarf, Haley, Jas, Pam, Vincent, Wizard
Hate: Sebastian

Crafting and Artisan Uses

Large Eggs serve as a valuable resource for artisan purposes. They are indispensable in producing Quality Mayonnaise, a popular artisanal product with high profitability.

stardew valley ostrich producing mayonnaise

Normal-sized eggs only create Mayonnaise, while Large Egg Mayonnaise (Quality Mayonnaise) sells higher. These oversized eggs are also required in the Animal Bundle in the Community Center Pantry.

Additionally, Large Eggs can be used to create a dyeable Cardigan with 1x Cloth at the Sewing Machine. These versatile uses transform Large Eggs into valuable commodities for players seeking to expand their crafting repertoire.


Selling Large Eggs can prove to be a great source of income, especially with higher quality ones.

Large Egg

Selling Price

Rancher (+20%)

Base Quality



Silver Quality



Gold Quality



Iridium Quality



When processed into artisan good Mayonnaise, it can also profit greatly compared to normal Mayonnaise.


Selling Price

Rancher (+20%)

Artisan (+40%)

Normal Quality Mayonnaise (from normal sized Eggs)




Gold Quality Mayonnaise (from Large Egg)




Obtaining Large Eggs

buying coop house stardew valley

To obtain Large Eggs, it is crucial to establish a coop and raise chickens on your farm. Building a coop provides a sheltered environment for your feathered friends, allowing them to lay eggs regularly. However, there are a few reasons why your chickens may not produce large eggs:

Neglecting to feed and pet your chickens [1] sufficiently can lead to decreased egg quality and friendship. The unhappiness of your chickens, indicated by their heart level, can affect egg quality, emphasizing the importance of nurturing their happiness.

Only happy, well-fed chickens can lay Large Eggs or high-quality eggs.

Tips for Getting Large Eggs in Stardew Valley

Maintaining strong friendships with your animals directly correlates with the quality of their produce, which applies to chickens and their eggs.

Increasing Animal Happiness and Friendship

Boosting animal happiness is paramount to ensuring a steady supply of large eggs. Following some simple tips can foster a harmonious relationship with your chickens. Regularly petting and feeding the animals daily increases their affection and contributes to their overall happiness.

boosting chicken stardew valley

Allowing them to roam outside to graze on grass can significantly improve their contentment. Moreover, maintaining a lush pasture and ensuring proper coop maintenance can also positively impact their happiness levels.

Be mindful of the impact of cold weather on animal happiness and take precautions to keep them comfortable during harsh seasons. Also, avoid trapping animals outside their homes at night to prevent potential hazards. For more tips, here’s a quick egg hunting guide in Stardew Valley. 


In Stardew Valley, Large Eggs are a coveted resource with diverse uses and benefits. Establishing a coop, tending to your chickens’ needs, and nurturing their happiness are crucial steps in obtaining a steady supply of high-quality eggs.

Whether you use them in cooking, gifting to villagers, or for various crafting purposes, Large Eggs play a vital role in enhancing your farm’s productivity and building relationships within the community. Remember, in the delightful world of Stardew Valley, fostering animal happiness and friendship is just as important as tending to your crops.

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