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Leveling Up: A Guide to Stardew Valley House Upgrades

Stardew Valley offers players a charming and immersive farming experience, and one of the critical aspects of the game is the farmhouse. 

As your home base, the farmhouse is a central hub for your activities, storage, and personalization. In this guide, we will explore the importance of the farmhouse and delve into the various house upgrades and renovations available in Stardew Valley.

Standard Farmhouse Designs

The initial design of your farmhouse is influenced by the farm layout you choose. While the structure affects the surrounding environment, the furniture and aesthetics of the farmhouse can be obtained regardless of the farm type. 

It means that your choice of layout should only partially determine your decision when starting a new file.

Stardew Valley - log house

Different farm layouts in Stardew Valley offer unique benefits and challenges. Here is an overview of the standard farmhouse designs based on the four farm layouts:

Layout Design
Standard Traditional wooden farmhouse
Riverland Quaint cottage with dark brown wood finishes
Forest Rustic cabin surrounded by trees
Hilltop Medieval-like house made with stones and wood
Wilderness Farm Dark wooden farmhouse combat-centric design
Four Corners Farm Cozy light wood farmhouse
Beach Farm Beach-themed house with blue walls and accents

Each design has charm and can be personalized and upgraded to reflect your taste.

How to Upgrade Your House

To upgrade your farmhouse, you’ll need to visit Robin, the local carpenter, at her Carpenter Shop on the Mountain, north of town. Robin offers three main upgrades, each adding new rooms and functionality to your farmhouse. Let’s explore these upgrades in detail.

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' house

Upgrade 1: Kitchen & Bedroom

The first upgrade costs 10,000g and requires 450x Wood. It adds a kitchen, separates the bedroom into its space, and upgrades the bed to a double. The kitchen allows you to cook meals using various ingredients on your farm and the surrounding area. 

The separate bedroom offers more privacy and comfort for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, this upgrade unlocks marriage options, allowing you to pursue a romantic relationship with one of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the game.

Upgrade 2: Nursery

The second upgrade, priced at 50,000g and 150x Hardwood, expands the farmhouse further. It adds an empty room for customization and another room as a nursery, with a crib and two small single beds. This upgrade allows you to have children if you are married. 

The larger kitchen and bedroom offer more space for your growing family. The nursery serves as a sweet and cozy space for your children, providing them with locations to sleep and grow.

Upgrade 3: Basement

The final upgrade, costing 100,000g, introduces a basement to your farmhouse. The cellar is a storage area for aging certain artisan goods using Casks. Aging products like Wine and Cheese increase their quality, value, and selling price. 

Stardew Valley - Robin's house

With Robin initially providing 33 Casks, you can potentially fit nearly 200 casks in the basement, providing ample opportunity to enhance your profits and become a master artisan.

Each upgrade takes around three days to complete. Renovations options are available for free after the final farmhouse upgrade.

Spouse Rooms

When you marry one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in Stardew Valley or choose Krobus as your roommate, they will move into your farmhouse and add a room next to the bedroom. 

Each spouse’s room is themed according to their preferences, showcasing their unique personality and interests. 

The spouse rooms allow players to customize their farmhouse further and create a cozy and romantic space for their partner.

Stardew Valley - Emily sleeping

Here is a table listing the themed rooms for each spouse and Krobus:

SpouseThemed Room
AbigailAquatic and Playful
AlexSports and Fitness
ElliottNautical and Literary
EmilyCreative and Mystical
HaleyBeachy and Fashionable
HarveyAeronautical and Scientific
LeahArtistic and Natural
MaruTechnological and Modern
PennyCozy and Homey
SamMusical and Entertaining
SebastianDark and Alternative
ShaneCluttered and Messy
KrobusSubterranean and Mysterious


The farmhouse is a central aspect of Stardew Valley, serving as your home, storage, and personal space. Upgrading and renovating your farmhouse provides benefits and allows you to express your creativity and make the space your own. 

Whether you expand your family, personalize each room, or customize the exterior, the options for farmhouse upgrades in Stardew Valley are vast, providing players with an immersive and enjoyable gaming [1] experience. 

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