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Auto Grabber in Stardew Valley — Revolutionizing Farm Efficiency

Stardew Valley is a charming and addictive farming simulation game allowing players to escape to the countryside and build successful farms. As players progress through the game, they quickly realize that efficiency is critical to maximizing their profits and productivity. 

One tool that can significantly enhance efficiency in farm management is the Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of using Auto-Grabber and provide a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of this invaluable tool.

What is the Auto-Grabber?

Overview of Auto-Grabber and its Benefits

The Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber is a device that automates the harvesting process for farm animals. It can be placed inside barns and coops, handling the tedious task of collecting animal products. 

Players can save valuable time using the Auto-Grabber and focus on other essential activities such as crop cultivation, mining, and building relationships with villagers. Efficiency is crucial in Stardew Valley, especially as players expand their farms and take on additional responsibilities. 

Automating farming tasks saves time and ensures players take advantage of valuable resources. Players can streamline their farm operations using the Auto-Grabber and maintain a consistent flow of animal products without manual labor.

Acquiring the Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber

Stardeew Valley - placing auto-grabber

Players can purchase the Auto-Grabber from Marnie’s Ranch once they reach Farming Level 10. This level of proficiency indicates that players have gained enough experience in farming to handle the advanced automation provided by the Auto-Grabber. 

Upon reaching Farming Level 10, Marnie will send a letter in the mail advertising this new farm equipment the next day. Players must visit Marnie’s Ranch, located south of the farm, to acquire the Auto-Grabber. Marnie sells the Auto-Grabber for the price of 25,000g each. 

Once purchased, players can place it in their barns and coops to automate their animal product collection. Auto-Grabbers may also be found in Treasure Rooms on the Skull Cavern floors.

Players can purchase multiple Auto-Grabbers if they have the funds to do so. However, it’s worth noting that Auto-Grabbers cannot be sold or deconstructed.

How Does the Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber Work?

Players must place the Auto-Grabber inside a barn or coop to use it. It requires a small space and can be placed anywhere within the building. The Auto-Grabber does not need to be powered or connected to any infrastructure, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Stardeew Valley - auto-grabber

Once placed, the Auto-Grabber will automatically collect items produced by farm animals each morning. It has a storage capacity of 36 items, functioning similarly to a chest. The Auto-Grabber will continue to collect items until its inventory [1] is full.

To retrieve the items collected by the Auto-Grabber, simply right-click on the device and see what was collected. The harvested items will be transferred to the player’s inventory. 

It’s important to regularly empty the Auto-Grabber to prevent it from becoming full and missing out on potential resources.

What items does the Auto-Grabber collect?

shed stardew valley

Not all animal produce is collected by the Auto-Grabber. Truffles, for example, are foraged items, thus, Auto-Grabbers will not automatically collect those. The following table provides a breakdown of the harvesting capabilities of the Auto-Grabber:

Farm Animal Harvested Items
Cow Milk
Goat Goat Milk
Chicken Eggs
Golden Chicken Golden Eggs
Void Chicken Void Eggs
Dinosaur Dinosaur Eggs
Duck Duck Eggs, Duck Feathers
Ostrich Ostrich Eggs
Rabbit Rabbit’s Foot, Wool
Sheep Wool

It’s important to note that using an Auto-Grabber means you gain no Friendship points by collecting animal produce, such as milking cows or shearing sheep. 

Regularly pet your animals to maintain or increase your Friendship level. If you want to automate this as well, you can use an Auto-Petter.

Tips for using the Auto-Grabber


Incorporating the Stardew Valley Auto-Grabber into farm management brings numerous benefits to players. It streamlines the process of collecting animal products, saving time and effort that can be redirected toward other activities in the game. 

However, balancing automation and manual interactions is essential to maintain strong relationships with farm animals and achieve higher-quality items. Evaluate your vision for your farm and what strategies can be employed to maximize efficiency in your gameplay. 

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