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A Definitive Breakdown of Risk of Rain 2 Items List and Their Impact

Risk of Rain 2 is an exhilarating multiplayer roguelike game that throws players into a chaotic world filled with relentless enemies and challenging environments. 

In this article, we delve into the significance of items within the game, exploring their effects and how they shape gameplay strategies. 

Overview of Risk of Rain 2 Items

In the treacherous alien landscapes of Risk of Rain 2, survival is not solely determined by skill and firepower but also by the arsenal of powerful items at your disposal. These items hold the key to unleashing unimaginable potential and can tip the scales of victory in your favor. 

As you progress through the game, you’ll come across different items that can be found in chests, dropped from the Shrine of Chance, or opened Equipment Capsules. 

Thus, from enhancing your abilities to altering the fabric of the game, the diverse range of items in Risk of Rain 2 is a game-changer in every sense. These items provide various bonuses and effects, allowing you to customize your playstyle and become more formidable. 

Risk of Rain 2 - approaching target

There is a wide variety of items available in Risk of Rain 2. Each run presents an opportunity to discover and combine different items, creating synergies that greatly enhance your character’s capabilities. 

Experimentation and strategic decision-making with items are key to surviving the game’s challenging environments and powerful enemies.

Passive Items

Risk of Rain 2 - tougher times

Passive items in Risk of Rain 2 enhance your character’s capabilities and shape your gameplay experience. 

Each passive item offers unique advantages that greatly impact your performance, from increased critical strike chance and movement speed to enhanced survivability and damage output.

Tougher TimesTougher Times is a worn-out, battered shield emblem.When obtained, Tougher Times grants a chance to block incoming damage. This item enhances your survivability by reducing the overall damage you take, providing valuable protection in intense battles.
Lens-Maker’s GlassesLens-Maker’s Glasses are a pair of tinted spectacles.Upon acquiring Lens-Maker’s Glasses, it increases your critical strike chance. This item significantly enhances your damage output by allowing you to land critical hits more frequently, making it a valuable asset in any build.
Energy DrinkEnergy Drink is a can of energy beverage.When obtained, Energy Drink grants an increase in sprint speed. This item improves your mobility, allowing you to traverse the environment more swiftly and evade enemy attacks more easily.
Tri-Tip DaggerTri-Tip Dagger is a serrated blade with a distinctive triangular shape.Upon acquiring Tri-Tip Dagger, it grants a chance for your attacks to bleed enemies, dealing damage over time. This item adds consistent damage to your attacks, wearing down enemies and enabling you to take on tougher foes.
Paul’s Goat HoofGoat Hoof is a pair of hooves reminiscent of a mountain goat.When obtained, Goat Hoof increases your movement speed. This item enhances mobility and agility, enabling you to navigate the environment more efficiently and dodge enemy attacks.
Personal Shield GeneratorPersonal Shield Generator is a device emitting a protective force field.Upon acquiring the Personal Shield Generator, it grants a regenerating shield that absorbs damage before your health takes a hit. This item provides an additional layer of defense, increasing your overall survivability during combat.

Common Items

Common items are the most basic items in Risk of Rain 2, offering simple yet valuable bonuses to the player. These items range from increasing critical strike chance and a chance to stun enemies to increases in damage, movement speed, or health. 

While individually less impactful than higher-tier items, common items are essential for early-game survival and serve as a foundation for building a powerful character.

A. Tier 1 items

Tier 1 items are foundational pieces of a successful Risk of Rain 2 run. These readily available items offer diverse enhancements to the player’s abilities and attributes. Moreover, each tier 1 item contributes to the player’s power and survival.

Risk of Rain 2 - soldier's syringe
Soldier’s Syringeincreases attack speed
Tougher Timesprovides a chance to block incoming damage
Lens-Maker’s Glassesaugments critical hit chance
WarbannerThe Warbanner is a banner that emits an empowering aura. 

B. Tier 2 items

As players progress into their runs, they encounter tier 2 items, offering even more potent effects. These tier 2 items become pivotal in bolstering the player’s strength and adapting to their increasing challenges.

Sticky Bombchance to plant a bomb on the enemy
Mochaincreases attack speed
Backup Magazine grants a second charge for the secondary skill

Uncommon Items

Uncommon items in Risk of Rain 2 offer players valuable advantages and enhancements to their gameplay experience. 

Risk of Rain 2 - ATG missile

From increased damage against specific enemy types to improved sustainability, critical strikes, and supportive boosts, each uncommon item brings unique effects that can significantly impact your performance in the game. 

By strategically collecting and utilizing these items, players can maximize their effectiveness, overcome challenges, and increase their chances of success in the perilous alien world.

AtG Missile Mk. 1The AtG Missile Mk. 1 is a rocket launcher that fires homing missiles.Upon acquiring this item, it grants a chance for your attacks to release homing missiles that seek out enemies and deal damage. The AtG Missile Mk. 1 enhances your offensive capabilities by providing additional damage output and effectively targeting multiple foes.
Harvester’s ScytheThe Harvester’s Scythe is a mystical blade that drains enemies’ life force.When obtained, the Harvester’s Scythe heals you for a portion of the damage to enemies. This item improves your sustainability during battles, ensuring you can endure longer fights and recover health while dealing damage.
Old GuillotineThe Old Guillotine is a deadly executioner’s tool, capable of delivering swift and decisive strikes.Upon acquiring the Old Guillotine, it allows you to instakill Elite monsters under 13% health. This item proves invaluable when facing Elite monsters and other formidable foes, granting you an advantage in critical moments.
Predatory InstinctsPredatory Instincts is a hat made out of bearWhen obtained, Predatory Instincts increase your critical strike chance. This item encourages risk-taking and rewards players, enabling devastating critical hits and potentially turning the tide of battle.
Rose BucklerThe Rose Buckler is a defensive item that has withstood the test of time.Upon acquiring the Rose Buckler, it grants 30 armor
War HornThe War Horn is a powerful instrument that instills courage and inspires allies.Upon activating your equipment, the War Horn temporarily boosts your attack speed. This item provides a crucial advantage in combat scenarios, allowing for more rapid maneuvers and increased damage potential.

Legendary Items

Risk of Rain 2 - aegis

Legendary items are the most coveted and game-changing items in Risk of Rain 2. These rare treasures grant powerful and unique abilities that can drastically alter the flow of combat. 

For instance, the “Unstable Tesla Coil” periodically releases electric bolts, damaging nearby enemies. 

ROR 2’s Legendary items are often the key to unlocking a character’s full potential and can turn the tide in even the most challenging encounters.

AegisThe Aegis is a legendary shield imbued with immense defensive power.The Aegis grants a temporary barrier that absorbs some incoming damage when obtained. Furthermore, when you overheal, it grants a barrier providing a crucial survival boost during intense encounters.
Ceremonial DaggerThe Ceremonial Dagger is a sinister-looking blade with a blood-red hue.This item grants killing blows to release homing daggers that seek out and damage nearby enemies. This provides additional damage output and helps dispatch foes even when you’re focused on other targets.
H3AD-5T v2The H3AD-5T v2 is a spring-like mechanic.Upon obtaining this item, it increases the jumping height. Jumping with great height provides the opportunity to slam the ground, dealing damage.
Happiest MaskThe Happiest Mask is a haunting mask with an eerie grin.When acquired, it grants a chance for defeated enemies to spawn a ghostly ally that fights alongside you. These spirits provide additional damage output and can quickly turn the tide of battle by overwhelming your foes.
Shattering JusticeShattering Justice is a legendary hammer crackling with elemental energy.When acquired, Shattering Justice allows your attacks to weaken enemies, reducing their armor and resistance. This item greatly enhances your damage potential by allowing you to bypass enemy defenses and deal with more effective strikes.
The Soulbound CatalystThe Soulbound Catalyst is a mystical trinket that amplifies the cooldown of your abilities.This Legendary Item reduces equipment cooldown every time you kill a foe. It is a great choice for spamming your character’s equipment.
Unstable Tesla CoilThe Unstable Tesla Coil is a legendary device that emits powerful electrical discharges.Upon obtaining the Unstable Tesla Coil, it periodically releases electric arcs that damage nearby enemies. This item provides constant area-of-effect damage, making it an excellent choice for crowd control and dealing with groups of foes.
Rejuvenation RackThe Rejuvenation Rack is a set of mysterious twigs brimming with regenerative properties.When acquired, it instantly heals to 100%
Brilliant BehemothThe Brilliant Behemoth is a rocket launcher type of weapon.When obtained, the Brilliant Behemoth causes your attacks to explode on impact, dealing massive area-of-effect damage. This item is particularly effective against groups of enemies, providing exceptional crowd control and devastation.
N’kuhana’s OpinionN’kuhana’s Opinion is a legendary tome emanating dark energy.Upon acquiring N’kuhana’s Opinion, healing yourself grants the chance to launch a skull dealing damage after soul energy reaches 10% of the maximum health.
The Meat HookThe Meat Hook is a brutal weapon adorned with sharp hooks and chains.When activated, The Meat Hook allows you to fire homing hooks, pulling them towards you and dealing damage. This active item provides crowd control and enables you to reposition enemies or bring distant foes closer for a more focused attack.

Boss Items

Risk of Rain 2 - genesis loop

Boss items represent the spoils of victory after defeating formidable bosses in Risk of Rain 2. These unique items possess exceptional abilities and provide substantial power boosts.

For better understanding, we explored the description and effects of boss items in Risk of Rain 2, showcasing their advantages to players in their quest for survival.

Genesis LoopThe Genesis Loop is a legendary device that harnesses the power of resurrection.When acquired, the Genesis Loop procs when the wearer falls below 25% health, accompanied by a powerful explosion that damages nearby enemies. This item offers a second chance at survival, turning a dire situation into an opportunity for vengeance.
Little DiscipleThe Little Disciple is a legendary artifact resembling a floating drone.Upon obtaining the Little Disciple, it releases homing projectiles that seek out enemies and deal damage. These projectiles act as autonomous allies, aiding you in combat by increasing your overall damage output.
Titanic KnurlAn otherworldly stone represents the Titanic Knurl.Upon obtaining this item, it increases your maximum health, bolstering your overall survivability. This additional health pool provides a buffer against damage, giving you more room for error during challenging encounters.

Lunar Items

Risk of Rain 2 - brittle crown

Lunar items are mysterious and dangerous artifacts that grant powerful bonuses at a cost. These items offer unique effects, such as bypassing the cooldown on certain skills or gaining temporary invincibility. 

However, acquiring lunar items comes with a price, as they often have detrimental effects or require sacrifices, such as health or ability cooldown increases. Lunar items can be a double-edged sword, requiring careful consideration and strategic planning.

Brittle CrownA crown icon represents the Brittle Crown lunar item. When equipped, it increases the gold dropped by defeated enemies.However, there’s a catch. You lose some hard-earned gold upon taking damage, making it a risky but potentially lucrative choice.
CorpsebloomThe Corpsebloom lunar item appears as a flower-like icon. It is known for its twisted beauty.Corpsebloom enhances your healing effects when picked up, allowing you to recover more health from various sources. However, it comes at a price. Incoming healing is reduced by 50%, meaning you must be more cautious in battles to stay alive.
Gesture of the DrownedA nautilus shell symbolizes the Gesture of the Drowned.When acquired, it significantly reduces the cooldown of your equipment, allowing you to use it more frequently. This enables you to unleash powerful abilities more often, turning the tide of battle in your favor. However, it requires you to activate it whenever it is off cooldown immediately.
TranscendenceTranscendence is represented by an odd looking beetle.This lunar item converts all but one health point into shields, effectively granting you a significant shield buffer against lethal damage. However, natural health regeneration is disabled, requiring alternative methods to recover health.
Shaped GlassThe Shaped Glass lunar item takes the form of a shattered glass shard. It glimmers ominously.When obtained, Shaped Glass doubles your damage output, amplifying your offensive capabilities. However, this immense power comes at a cost: your maximum health is reduced to 50%, making you much more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Strides of HeresyStrides of Heresy are legendary boots that grant unparalleled mobility and survival capabilities.When acquired, Strides of Heresy replaces your utility skill with Shadowfade, allowing for quick repositioning and escape. 
Visions of HeresyVisions of Heresy are ethereal orbs surrounded by mystic energy.Upon acquiring Visions of Heresy, your primary skill is replaced with a new ability called “Hungering Gaze.” This ability allows you to fire homing shards that explode after a certain delay. This Void Item offers a unique playstyle, allowing for long-range attacks and a different approach to combat.

Void Items

Risk of Rain 2 - lysate cell

Risk of Rain 2’s Void Items hold a special place among the many items available, providing unique and potent effects. Void Items are obtained through the Void Cradles.

From weakening enemies and providing healing support to enhancing combat prowess and altering your playstyle, these items introduce intriguing mechanics and opportunities for strategic decision-making.

Lysate CellLysate Cell is an ominous-looking fluid inside a vialLysate Cell provides an additional charge for your special skill. Additionally, it reduces special skill cooldown. Make sure to spam your special skill, as this Void Item will be off cooldown in no time!

Untiered Items

While most items are categorized into tiers based on their rarity and power, there are also a few special items referred to as “Untiered” items. These untiered items offer distinct features that greatly impact a player’s strategy and playstyle. 

That is if the concept and features of the items are released, as some of these items are not game-changing.

In addition, the untiered items in Risk of Rain 2 bring an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game. From the enigmatic Delicate Watch to the explosive Tonic Affliction, each untiered item presents an opportunity for unique gameplay experiences and unexpected outcomes. 

Risk of Rain 2 - Loader gameplay

While untiered items in Risk of Rain 2 may not be entirely useless, they are generally considered less desirable and impactful than other classified items. In the ever-unforgiving alien landscapes of Risk of Rain 2, the untiered items stand as a testament to the game’s dynamic and unpredictable nature.

Active Items

Active items in Risk of Rain 2 offer dynamic and powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. From devastating bursts of energy and lightning strikes to robotic allies and time-altering abilities, each active item brings a unique advantage to your arsenal. 

Moreover, active items in Risk of Rain 2 provide survivors with tools to shape the course of battle and overcome challenging encounters. 

From offensive items like the Preon Accumulator to defensive tools like the Jade Elephant and healing items like the Milky Chrysalis, each active item serves a unique purpose and contributes to the dynamic and strategic gameplay experience of Risk of Rain 2. 

Mastering the Definitive Risk of Rain 2 Commando Build

By strategically utilizing these items, players can unleash devastating attacks, provide crucial support, or create opportunities for success in the face of overwhelming odds. Thus, using active items is key to surviving the perilous alien world and emerging victorious in Risk of Rain 2.

Equipment Items

Risk of Rain 2 is an action-packed roguelike game where players face off against hordes of enemies in a hostile alien world. One of the key mechanics that adds depth and versatility to gameplay is the presence of equipment items. 

When used strategically, equipment items provide active abilities that can turn the tide of battle. These items range from teleporters and healing beacons to devastating offensive tools. 

While equipment items have cooldowns, they can be crucial in challenging situations and can be upgraded or swapped for other equipment to suit different playstyles. 

Risk of Rain 2 - preon accumulator

Thus, below are descriptions and effects of equipment items in Risk of Rain 2, highlighting the unique abilities they bring to the table.

Preon AccumulatorThe Preon Accumulator is a powerful energy weapon emitting a pulsating glow.Upon activation, the Preon Accumulator unleashes massive energy, damaging all nearby enemies significantly. This active item offers a devastating area-of-effect attack, making it ideal for clearing out groups of foes or delivering a finishing blow to a tough boss.
Gnarled WoodspriteThe Gnarled Woodsprite is a mystical, glowing creature resembling a floating plant.Once obtained, the Gnarled Woodsprite periodically releases healing wisps that restore a small amount of health to nearby allies. This Void Item is a constant source of healing, offering support and increasing survivability for you and your teammates.
Royal CapacitorThe Royal Capacitor is a regal-looking device crackling with electric energy.When activated, the Royal Capacitor summons a bolt of lightning that strikes a targeted enemy, dealing heavy damage. This active item allows for precise targeting, making it effective against single, high-priority targets.
The Back-upThe Backup device deploys 4 robotic allies to fight alongside you.Upon activation, The Backup calls in 4 drones to provide additional firepower and support. This active item summons AI-controlled allies that engage enemies, making it useful for increasing your damage output and diverting attention away from you.
The CrowdfunderThe Crowdfunder is a futuristic weapon that unleashes a continuous stream of bullets.When activated, The Crowdfunder consumes your gold as ammunition, allowing you to unleash a relentless barrage of bullets for a limited duration. This active item provides a powerful offensive option, especially when you have excess gold to spare.
The Jade ElephantThe Jade Elephant is a mystical artifact with a jade-like appearance.Upon activation, The Jade Elephant grants a temporary 500 armor buff. This active item provides a crucial defensive boost, allowing you to mitigate damage during intense encounters and escape dangerous situations.
Disposable Missile LauncherThe Disposable Missile Launcher is a portable weapon system that launches powerful missiles at enemies.It fires a barrage of homing missiles that significantly damage multiple foes when activated. It is an excellent choice for clearing out groups of enemies or dealing massive burst damage to tough opponents.
The Radar ScannerThe Radar Scanner is a technological device that enhances your situational awareness.Upon activation, it reveals the location of all interactable, including chests, shrines, and other hidden items, within a certain radius. The Radar Scanner is a valuable tool for efficient exploration and maximizing your chances of finding useful resources.
The Foreign FruitThe Foreign Fruit is a mysterious alien fruit with potent healing properties.When consumed, it instantly restores significant health, providing a crucial lifeline in dire situations. The Foreign Fruit is valuable for replenishing your health and extending your survival during challenging encounters.
The Milky ChrysalisThe Milky Chrysalis is a biotech device that grants wings.When activated, it provides wings for you to fly for a substantial amount of time; at the same time, it increases your movement speed. It is an excellent choice for escaping dangerous situations, buying time for healing, or setting up strategic maneuvers.

Lunar Equipment

Lunar Equipment serves as a tantalizing prize for those willing to embrace risk and sacrifice in their pursuit of power. While they require careful consideration and strategic planning, these equipment items can tip the scales in favor of intrepid survivors. 

With their distinct abilities and the potential to change the course of battle, Lunar Equipment invites players to venture into uncharted territories, testing their skills and adaptability in the face of formidable challenges.

Lunar Chimera skills in risk of rain

From equipment that grants massive damage for a short duration to temporary substantial healing over time or drastic reduction of your armor to those that inflict detrimental effects upon activation, Lunar Equipment introduces a thrilling element of uncertainty and high-stakes decision-making. 

Each piece of Lunar Equipment represents a trade-off, offering tremendous benefits at the cost of enduring potential drawbacks or limitations. Acquiring Lunar Equipment is no easy feat, often requiring survivors to fulfill specific conditions or overcome daunting trials. 

These lunar challenges test a player’s mettle and demand perseverance and ingenuity. However, the rewards are equally remarkable, as Lunar Equipment empowers survivors with unprecedented capabilities and opens up new avenues for creative strategies and playstyles.

Effigy of GriefThe Effigy of Grief is an ominous, stone-like statue emanating an aura of sorrow.Upon picking up the Effigy of Grief, all characters within a certain radius are afflicted with a debuff that reduces their movement speed and armor. This Lunar equipment provides crowd control and weakens enemies, making handling large groups or formidable foes easier.
Spinel TonicSpinel Tonic is a vial of shimmering liquid that enhances combat prowess.The Spinel Tonic temporarily boosts armor, attack speed, and damage when used. Additionally, it increases the potency of healing and health regeneration effects. This Void Item significantly augments your offensive capabilities and substantially increases survivability.


In Risk of Rain 2, items are vital in shaping players’ experiences, enhancing their abilities, and influencing their strategies. Thus, understanding the effects and synergies of these items is crucial for surviving the challenging world of Risk of Rain 2 and emerging victorious.

From the foundational common items to the risk and reward of lunar items, the game’s vast arsenal of equipment and boss items, to the pinnacle of power found in legendary items, each piece contributes to the dynamic and thrilling gameplay [1]. 

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