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Unleashing the Power: Mastering the Risk of Rain 2 Commando Build

Risk of Rain 2 is an exhilarating multiplayer roguelike game that challenges players to survive hostile environments and hordes of enemies.

In this guide, we will delve into the world of  Commando, one of the game’s starting survivors. By understanding Commando’s abilities, recommended items, and effective gameplay strategies, you can maximize your chances of success.

Commando's Abilities

Commando possesses a well-rounded set of default abilities that form the backbone of their combat prowess. Understanding these abilities is key to effectively utilizing Commando’s potential.

1. Double Tap (Primary Ability)

It allows Commando to fire shots at enemies rapidly. This ability provides reliable and consistent damage output, making it a staple in Commando’s arsenal. Mastering the timing and accuracy of your shots can greatly enhance your effectiveness on the battlefield.

2. Phase Round (Secondary Ability)

It equips Commando with a piercing bullet that can pass through multiple enemies. This ability is particularly useful for clearing groups of enemies or damaging high-priority targets, allowing them to deal with damage efficiently while making it an essential tool in their kit.

Mastering the Definitive Risk of Rain 2 Commando Build

3. Tactical Dive (Utility Ability)

It grants Commando a swift evasive maneuver, allowing them to quickly dodge incoming attacks or reposition themselves in the heat of battle.

This ability not only aids in survivability but also offers strategic advantages by creating distance between  Commando and dangerous enemies or tight situations.

4. Suppressive Fire (Special Ability)

It is a devastating ability that unleashes a hail of bullets, dealing high damage to enemies within Commando’s line of sight. This ability is particularly effective against large groups of enemies or powerful foes, making it a formidable tool for crowd control and burst damage.

Alternate Abilities

In addition to their default abilities, Commando has access to alternate abilities that can drastically alter their playstyle. These alternate abilities can be unlocked and chosen as upgrades during the course of a run, offering unique advantages and play style variations.

1. Phase Blast

It replaces the Phase Round ability, transforming it into a radial explosion that damages and stuns nearby enemies. This ability is excellent for clearing clusters of foes and creating breathing room in intense situations.

phase blast risk of rain 2

Moreover, it trades single-target precision for area-of-effect crowd control, offering a different approach to combat.

2. Tactical Slide

It replaces the Tactical Dive ability, granting  Commando a quick dash that can pass through enemies. This ability enhances mobility, allowing Commando to swiftly traverse the battlefield while dealing damage to enemies in their path.

In addition, Tactical Slide excels at hit-and-run tactics and can be utilized for both offense and defense.

3. Frag Grenade

It replaces the Suppressive Fire ability, providing  Commando with a powerful explosive with substantial area-of-effect damage. This ability excels at taking down groups of enemies or dealing massive damage to single targets.

Commando's Reliance on Item Stacking for Power

To reach their full potential, Commando heavily relies on item stacking. By collecting Risk of Rain 2 items that enhance attack speed, critical hits, and damage, Commando can become a formidable force on the battlefield.

risk of rain 2 commando

Moreover, Commando’s kit synergizes particularly well with certain items, allowing for devastating combinations that can easily decimate foes.

Risk of Rain 2 Commando Guide

Playing as Commando requires understanding their gameplay [1] style and limitations. Commando is a well-rounded survivor, excelling in dealing consistent damage from a distance.

However, they lack the tackiness of some other survivors, making positioning and evasion crucial for survival. Acquiring items throughout the game is essential for enhancing Commando’s performance and surviving the increasing difficulty.

Unlocking Commando

Before embarking on your journey as Commando, you need to unlock this survivor. Unlocking  Commando is achieved by completing specific in-game achievements or milestones, which may vary depending on the platform you are playing on.

These challenges often involve defeating bosses, surviving for a specific time, or fulfilling certain criteria. Once you have unlocked Commando, you can explore its powerful abilities.

unlocking commando

Best Items for Commando



Leeching Seed

This item grants Commando life-steal capabilities, allowing them to heal with each successful hit.

Soldier’s Syringe

It increases attack speed, enabling Commando to unleash a flurry of bullets.

Backup Magazine

It provides an extra charge for  Commando’s abilities, allowing for more frequent use and sustained damage output.


It ignites enemies upon killing them, causing additional area-of-effect damage to nearby foes.

Wax Quail

It enhances mobility by granting a powerful jump after sprinting, helping  Commando evade danger and position themselves advantageously.

Playing as Commando: Gameplay Style and Limitations

Commando is a well-rounded survivor who deals consistent damage from a distance. Their gameplay style centers on their ability to fire shots and strategically position themselves on the battlefield rapidly.

However, it’s important to understand the limitations of playing as Commando to overcome challenges effectively. Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind:

1. Versatile Damage Dealer.

Commando’s strength lies in its ability to dish out damage consistently. Their primary ability, Double Tap, allows for rapid-fire shots, making them a reliable damage dealer.

However, Commando lacks some other survivors’ raw power and crowd control capabilities, requiring players to focus on accuracy and positioning to excel.

commando basic attack

2. Fragile Survivor.

While Commando has a versatile skill set, they are relatively fragile compared to other survivors. It’s crucial to prioritize mobility and evasive maneuvers to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Tactical Dive, Commando’s utility ability, becomes an invaluable tool for dodging attacks and repositioning yourself strategically.

3. Precision and Timing.

Commando’s abilities require precise aim and timing to maximize their effectiveness. Mastering the art of landing critical hits and chaining abilities together seamlessly is essential for dealing significant damage to enemies.

Practice your aim and familiarize yourself with the rhythm of Commando’s abilities to become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Importance of Item Acquisition

In Risk of Rain 2, acquiring items plays a pivotal role in the success of any survivor, and Commando is no exception.

item acquisition

Items enhance your overall combat capabilities and help compensate for  Commando’s limitations. Here’s why item acquisition is crucial for maximizing  Commando’s potential:

1. Augmenting Damage Output.

Items that increase attack speed, critical hit chance, and damage are essential for boosting Commando’s damage output. Soldier’s Syringe, for example, increases attack speed, enabling Commando to unleash a flurry of bullets.

Seek items that synergize well with Commando’s abilities and playstyle to amplify their effectiveness.

2. Survivability and Sustainability.

As a relatively fragile survivor, Commando benefits greatly from items that provide survivability and sustainability. Items like Leeching Seed grant life-steal capabilities, allowing Commando to heal with each successful hit.

Building a strong defensive foundation through item acquisition can greatly improve your survivability during intense encounters.

surviving in commando's mission

3. Synergistic Combinations.

Certain items synergize exceptionally well with  Commando’s abilities, allowing for devastating combinations. For example, Gasoline ignites enemies upon killing them, causing additional area-of-effect damage to nearby foes.

Wax Quail enhances mobility, granting a powerful jump after sprinting, aiding Commando’s evasive maneuvers. Experiment with different item combinations to discover potent synergies that cater to your preferred playstyle.

4. Scaling with Difficulty.

As the game progresses, the difficulty ramps up, and enemies become more challenging. Acquiring items becomes even more crucial to keep up with the escalating difficulty curve.

Prioritize collecting items as you progress through each stage, seizing opportunities to open chests, defeat bosses, and obliterate enemies to stack your arsenal.

Commando's Rotation

To maximize Commando’s effectiveness, it’s essential to establish an efficient rotation of abilities. Prioritize using Double Tap for consistent damage output, followed by Phase Round to pierce through enemies and clear clusters.

commando's rotation ability

Tactical Dive should be utilized strategically for evading incoming attacks and repositioning. Finally, Suppressive Fire can be employed during intense encounters to unleash a devastating stream of bullets.


Mastering Commando in Risk of Rain 2 opens the door to thrilling gameplay experiences. While Commando’s default abilities provide a solid foundation, experimenting with alternate abilities can lead to exciting playstyles.

Remember to stack items synergizing with Commando’s abilities to amplify their power. Once you’ve honed your skills as Commando, don’t hesitate to explore other survivors to diversify your gameplay and discover new strategies.

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