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Void Items in Risk of Rain 2 And What They Do

Void Items are a unique type of item found in the game Risk of Rain 2. Unlike other items, Void Items do not have a tier or rarity and are instead one of a kind, offering powerful and unique effects that cannot be obtained from any other source. 

These items can be found in different stages and are generally obtained from a special chest or an enemy drop. They are usually quite powerful and can provide an advantage in the game. Some of the more powerful Void Items even provide passive abilities that can change the way you play the game. 

Furthermore, they are highly sought after, so they can be sold for a good amount of money. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, these Risk of Rain 2 Void Items are the perfect way to do it.

Void Cradle: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The Void Cradle is a chest shaped like a pod that contains a Void item and can be interacted with. Like the Shrines of Blood, activating the Void Cradle will deplete 50% of your health.

You can reduce the damage you take when you use a Void Cradle with items like Tougher Times and any shield-making items you have access to. Void Cradles can show up at any stage, and there is no set place to find them. Like Lunar Pods, your chances of finding a Void Cradle depend on chance.

Void enemy from afar

When it is used, it creates one to four Void Infestors. These creatures can jump onto other creatures and make them Voidtouched, which makes them hostile to the player. When an enemy is touched by the Void, they can cause Collapse, which does 400% damage per stack and lasts for three seconds. It’s important to get rid of the Void Infestors quickly so they don’t cause trouble.

Worst Void Items

The world of Risk of Rain 2 is full of exciting and powerful items, but as with any game there are also some that are less than desirable. The worst void items in Risk of Rain 2 are those that offer little to no benefit and can even be detrimental to your progress.

1. Tentabauble

Tentabauble is a ruptured variant of Chronobauble. It is thought to be stronger than the Uncommon Item version. Chronobauble always slows enemies by 60% for two seconds, but Tentabauble has a 5% chance to root enemies for one second, which makes it a better choice overall.

When using Death Mark, Chronobauble might be better, but Tentabauble’s chance to root enemies is much better than a slow that wears off. Also, Mithrix can be affected by Tentabauble’s rooting effect, which temporarily makes most of his abilities useless and gives a chance for free damage.

Tentabauble void item in risk of rain

2. Voidsent Flame

In Risk of Rain 2, Voidsent Flame is a corrupted form of Will-o’-the-wisp that deals 260% basic damage to targets with full health by forming a lava pillar. Compared to Will-o’-the-wisp, which delivers 350% more damage when an enemy dies, it is weaker. 

Nonetheless, Voidsent Flame is superior for group or single-target damage and can inflict greater damage on living targets. Even when utilizing the Forgive Me Please Equipment, which favors on-death effects like Will-o’-the-wisp, the Void version is still superior to the Uncommon version.

3. Needletick

Tri-Tip Dagger’s counterpart in Survivors of the Void is Needletick. Needletick has a 10% chance to start Collapse instead of the typical 10% chance to start a bleed damage-over-time effect. The new status effect collapse stacks over a three-second period and does 400% basic damage for each stack. 

Nonetheless, because of their greater base damage and scaling difficulty, collapse is more hazardous to monsters. The only way to boost Needletick’s damage output is to apply more Collapse to a target before it explodes.

Needletick is more effective against weaker enemies even if it provides greater damage in shorter bursts. When attacking bosses or enemies with higher armor levels, the bleed effect of the Tri-Tip Dagger is preferable.

Best Void Items

In this section, we will explore the best void items in Risk of Rain 2 and their usefulness in the game. We will discuss their effects, how to acquire them, and why they are so popular. We will also provide tips for using these items to gain an edge in the game.

1. Polylute

In Risk of Rain 2, Polylute is the corrupted variant of the instrument Ukulele, which deals significant harm to a single target. Polylute, in contrast to Ukulele, which spreads damage across numerous targets in a chain, focuses all of its negative effects on a single target at once. 

This gives it a significant advantage when used against bosses and other key targets. Similar to its forerunner, it possesses a proc coefficient of 0.2 and has the ability to trigger on-hit effects. Polylute may provide 20% less total damage than Ukulele on each chaining shot, but it stacks three potential lightning strikes each stack, whereas Ukulele only stacks two potential lightning strikes per stack.

This indicates that Polylute can inflict 360% damage to a single foe without the need to chain between multiple targets, whereas Ukulele can provide 400% damage to a group of foes at 2 stacks when used against them. 

Both of these items have a potential to deliver 720% total damage at four stacks, but Polylute improves with further stacks, making it the most powerful Void Item available in the game. Polylute is a useful ability that scales well and makes it simpler to deal with challenging foes. This is because group damage decreases as the game proceeds.

2. Weeping Fungus

Weeping Fungus is a unique Void Item in Risk of Rain 2 that offers percentage-based healing to survivors, which is a rare attribute among the game’s items. It functions as the corrupted variant of the Bustling Fungus and follows a similar stacking mechanism. However, there are a few key differences between the two items that make Weeping Fungus a valuable addition to any survivor’s toolkit.

One significant difference between the two items is that Weeping Fungus lacks the AOE heal and standing still requirement that Bustling Fungus has. Instead, it creates a healing area of effect after one second of standing still, which disappears upon moving. 

This makes Weeping Fungus a consistent and powerful healing tool that can be utilized while on the move, unlike Bustling Fungus, which requires survivors to stand still to receive its healing effect.

While Weeping Fungus may not heal as much as Bustling Fungus initially, it has the potential to provide even more healing with stacking. Each stack of Weeping Fungus adds a 2% health regeneration effect, scaling up to a maximum of 20% with ten stacks. The fact that it always scales by the full 2% health per stack is a unique feature that sets it apart from other healing items in the game.

Another advantage of Weeping Fungus is that it can be used in conjunction with other items that grant speed boosts, such as Energy Drink, Rose Buckler, Wax Quail, and Little Disciple. This allows survivors to quickly move around the map while still receiving the healing benefits of Weeping Fungus.

3. Plasma Shrimp

In Risk of Rain 2, the Plasma Shrimp is a type of Void Item that can be used in place of the AtG Missile Mk.1 Uncommon Item to obtain similar beneficial effects. It adds a missile to every shot or utility that has a Proc Coefficient, and each missile deals 40% of the damage done by the ability that activated it. 

Because the damage done by the missile is increased by an additional 40% for every additional stack of Plasma Shrimp, this weapon is an extremely useful addition to the armory of any survivor.

Yet, there is a cost associated with the utilization of plasma shrimp. In contrast to the AtG Missile Mk.1, which has a 10% chance to fire a missile that scales its base damage by 300% and has a 1.0 proc coefficient, the Plasma Shrimp always fires a missile that scales its damage by 40% and has a 0.2 proc coefficient, provided that the player is defending themselves with a shield. 

This means that players will need to have a shield in order to use the item. However, players that pick up Plasma Shrimp will also receive a shield that increases their maximum health by 10%.

It is important to keep in mind that activating Plasma Shrimp is simplified by the use of any equipment that grants maximum health or shielding. When utilizing this item, there are a few drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. 

For instance, it takes a player seven seconds for shield equipment such as the Personal Shield Generator to fully replenish the player’s entire shield. Because players will not be able to use One-Shot Protection during this time, they will be more susceptible to strikes from the other team.

Plasma shrimp features while gameplay

The Plasma Shrimp has such significant benefits that it is frequently advantageous to take it on a run despite the risks involved. This item provides a reliable source of additional damage that can be combined with the damage dealt by other items and skills to cause a significant amount of damage to foes. 

Plasma Shrimp is a fantastic pick for players who want to enhance their overall damage output as a result of its scaling damage as well as its ability to add additional damage to the effect of every shot or utility.

4. Pluripotent Larva

Like Dio’s Best Friend, Risk of Rain 2’s Void Item Pluripotent Larva restores health and vitality after death. Pluripotent Larva corrupts all uncorrupted goods, however, Dio’s Best Friend does not.

Pluripotent Larva, like Dio’s Best Friend, has downsides. Players may have their fantastic Boss items corrupted into the Newly Hatched Zoea, lose 100% critical strike chance from the Lost Seers Lens, get the Lysate Cell on a survivor who can’t use it, get the Benthic Bloom on a run where it’s not wanted, get the Voidsent Flame in a rare situation where it’s not needed, get Safer Spaces when only having a few stacks of Tougher Times, and so on.

Pluripotent Larve rare void item in risk of rain

Despite these problems, Pluripotent Larva is a powerful resurrection item with few disadvantages. Remember that even tainted items can be useful. Pluripotent Larva is essential for any survivor because of its powerful resurrection capabilities.

Pluripotent Larva is valued because of its powerful regeneration, despite its downsides. It may be worth corrupting things to revive and battle.

5. Benthic Bloom

Benthic Bloom is a special corrupted item in Risk of Rain 2 that, once per round, raises the rarity of three randomly selected stacks of goods from common to uncommon and from uncommon to legendary. In secret realms, you can trigger this at will, and it won’t use up any boss, lunar, or void items in the process. To gain potent legendary artifacts, Benthic Bloom is an invaluable item.

6. Encrusted Key

Risk of Rain 2 players covet the Encrusted Key because it unlocks powerful Void Items. The corrupted Rusted Key, the Encrusted Key, rewards players more. Instead of a Huge Chest, players can choose one of three Void Items from an Encrusted cache as they level up.

Encrusted Key features

The Encrusted Key’s main benefit is picking useful Void Items. Weeping Fungi can restore some health, Plasma Shrimps can launch deadly missiles, and Polylutes can inflict immense harm on a single victim.

As many Void Items are powerful, being able to choose which ones to use is an advantage. Void Items boost damage and resilience. Unfortunately, these drops are rare and hard to get. The Encrusted Key is sought after since it is the only method to obtain such potent things.

Encrusted Keys have downsides. Gamers must use it in the next step, and the Void Items they want may not be in the Encrusted cache. The Encrusted Key is rare, thus gamers won’t see it often.

7. Lost Seer's Lenses

Lost Seer’s Lenses is Risk of Rain 2’s Lens-Glasses Maker’s corrupted version. Teleporter bosses, Mithrix, and Voidlings cannot be one-shot. Lens-Glasses Maker’s isn’t the only critical chance item, but most Survivors use it successfully. Harvester’s Scythe, Predatory Instincts, and Shatterspleen give a 5% crit chance. High-speed or multi-hit survivors are more likely to trigger the instant kill effect.

Lost Seer's lenses on risk of rain

You can stack more than 10 Lost Seer’s Glasses because they scale less. It’s a choice between crit chance and immediate kills. Survival and build/run status also factor significantly. Lost Seer’s Glasses should only be avoided when fighting Mithrix, a boss. A crit chance beats a never-proc item.

8. Newly Hatched Zoea

In the set of Risk of Rain 2 Void Items, the Newly Hatched Zoea is a Boss Item. As you stack this item, you’ll be able to call forth a random Void buddy from your stack with a decreasing cooldown and corrupt any Yellow Items in your inventory. The maximum number of active pals is increased by one after every stack.

As long as you carry the Newly Hatched Zoea, you’ll have a chance to summon Void companions like the Void Jailer, Void Reaver, and Void Devastator. The Void Devastator is less likely to occur, whereas the Void Jailer and Reaver have a higher probability of emerging.

How many other Boss Items you have will determine if you should grab this one. Keep your Shattered Spleen, Planula, and Molten Perforator in your build at all times. A Recently Hatched Zoea may be a better choice than Titanic Knurl or Queen’s Gland, depending on the specifics of your run.

Newly hatched zoea features while on gameplay

9. Singularity Band

Singularity Band is the tainted counterpart of Runald’s and Kjaro’s Bands, causing a black hole that attracts opponents within 15 meters and collapses on them for 100% base damage. It improves crowd control by letting you stack or concentrate your damage in a concentrated area, but it is only activated when an attack deals 400% damage or more. 

Singularity Band is fantastic if you have a lot of AOE damage or take advantage of clustered enemies, but if you lack damage it is best to stick with the uncorrupted varieties.

10. Lysate Cell

The Lysate Cell, a Void Item from Risk of Rain 2, can be used in favor of a Fuel Cell to gain additional charges of your Special Skill, and it also reduces the cooldown of that Skill by 33 percent. 

On Acrid, REX, and Huntress, it shines, but on Captain or Void Fiend, it falls flat. 

With Lysate Cell, however, Risk of Rain 2’s Engineer is able to equip a third, much more potent turret, which is a major boon to his power level. As the Engineer can only deploy three turrets at a time, that’s as far as the system’s scalability goes.


Choosing and effectively using Void Items in Risk of Rain 2 is a great way to boost your character’s power and increase your chances of success. When selecting Void Items, it’s important to look at the stats they provide and consider how they will work with your particular character and gameplay [1].

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