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Diablo 4 Early Access Players Express Concerns Over Missing Exclusive Ashava Mount Trophy

Amid bug reports and player inquiries, Blizzard Entertainment has responded to Diablo 4 early access players regarding the exclusive Ashava mount trophy, clarifying that it was only available during the May beta and cannot be obtained at this stage.

Adam Fletcher, the community lead for Diablo 4, addressed the concerns in a recent forum post, acknowledging that several players have reported missing the Ashava mount trophy despite successfully defeating the required boss.

Some of these reports appear to be coming from players who dominated the boss during the early access period rather than during the May server slam, which was the designated window for earning the trophy.

Fletcher further emphasized that defeating Ashava in any other beta phase, apart from the late-May server slam, does not grant players the trophy. 

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Additionally, the trophy is exclusive to Level 20 kills of Ashava, specifically during the May Server Slam, rendering earlier boss victories irrelevant to obtaining the reward. “This was a trophy exclusive to Level 20 kills of Ashava during the May Server Slam,” Fletcher reiterated.

Despite these clarifications, several players have claimed to have met all the reward requirements and yet did not receive the Ashava mount trophy. 

For example, one player expressed frustration on the Blizzard forums, stating, “I defeated Ashava in the server slam at level 20 but did not receive the trophy. I was even grouped with someone who received the trophy upon defeating Ashava.”

In response to Fletcher’s post, another user shared a similar experience of defeating Ashava during the server slam at level 20 but failing to receive the trophy. They speculated that the issue might be related to teleporting to the city before the boss spawns, suggesting a potential bug in the trophy allocation process.

Diablo IV completing quest

While it remains unclear whether the missing Ashava trophies result from a bug or other factors, Blizzard has been actively releasing patches since the early access launch of Diablo 4. 

These patches have addressed various issues, including making dungeons less challenging for certain players and implementing balance adjustments to different character classes. The upcoming Diablo 4 patch 1.0.2 is anticipated to bring further improvements and enhancements to the game.

As Diablo 4’s early access period continues, players eagerly await resolution for the Ashava mount trophy issue and anticipate a seamless gameplay experience [1] in the highly anticipated title.

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