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Fixed: Minecraft Server is in Setup Mode

Are you running a Minecraft server and suddenly seeing an error message saying “Server is in Setup Mode”? This may seem overwhelming to tackle, but luckily, it’s not too difficult to fix! 

To outline the steps to troubleshoot it, here’s a short guide from our Minecraft players:

Minecraft Server is in Setup Mode: How to Fix

This error usually happens when players attempt to run the Bungeecord setup, which enables “Bungeecord” mode in the spigot.yml file and install the “IPWhitelist” plugin. 

When these are done without a Bungeecord network running, players won’t be able to connect and will see “Server is in setup mode” message when joining. Follow the steps below to fix this problem:

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fix minecraft bungeecord server setup


If you encounter the “Server is in Setup Mode” error while running a Minecraft server [1], you only need to tweak a few configuration files. 

Once you’ve removed the IPWhitelist plugin and changed the bungeecord value in the spigot.yml file, you should be able to restart your server and join it again.

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