Minecraft Realms Server Restart

The Minecraft Realms server restart has recently been one of the most requested topics from avid players of the game. Therefore, our team has put together this guide together to answer your top questions on the matter. 

How Often do Minecraft Realms Restart?

You do not need to worried whenever your realm restarts as it is a normal occurrence in the game. Sometimes the realm server will issue a restart overnight. 

Based on our experience, this is the most common time for a restart. The Minecraft Realm server will also save at least two times an hour.

However, if you have just played for 20-25 minutes before the server restart, there is every possibility that the progress you have made in the game within this duration will be lost. 

Minecraft character

The reason for this is that the Minecraft game saves twice every one hour and once in 30 minutes.

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How to Restart a Realm on Minecraft

Restarting a realm on Minecraft is also the same as resetting. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Open the Minecraft program from your PC [1].
  2. Click on Play.
  3. Hit the Edit button that’s beside your realm. 
  4. Click on Reset World.


How do you force reset a realm?

 You can force reset a realm using the reset button.

What does reset world mean in Realms?

The reset world in Realms means that it will reset your entire game and erase all the progress you have made so far in the game.


The Minecraft Realms server restart process is fairly straightforward. However, be informed that once you perform a realm restart, it automatically erases your data.

Also, a server-initiated restart happens overnight. The only implication is that your data before the scheduled reset may be lost.

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