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Monster Hunter Frontier Private Server

As most of us know, Monster Hunter Frontier servers shut down in 2019, making over a decade’s worth of content inaccessible to players all over the world.

But many have always hoped they could play the game through a private server. Is this possible? Is there any Monster Hunter Frontier private server available? If you also wonder the same, our gamers got some information for you! 

Are There Any Private Servers for Monster Hunter Frontier?

Yes, there are private servers for MH Frontier. Thanks to the ErupeServer team, it is now possible to run a private server. It allows players to launch and play the game in a limited capacity. 

However, many in-game features, many of which are still unknown, may break or become inaccessible. Additionally, if you’d like to set up your private server, some files are required to advance to G-Rank.

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Some of the requirements that you need to download may include: 

But despite this little chance, you might find it hard to find and access private servers, and setting up your own server is challenging.

Why Did Monster Hunter Frontier Shut Down?

In June 2019, it was announced that the Monster Hunter Frontier servers would shut down on December 19th of the same year. MH2’s engine has already reached its limit after many years of being active. 

Based on the Frontier Team, they couldn’t add more content or updates to the game without breaking or disrupting it.

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Therefore, after twelve years of pushing Monster Hunter Frontier’s old engine to its maximum limit, the game has ended and has to shut down completely. But despite what happened, many players are impressed with what the developers have accomplished while the game is active. 

Furthermore, based on reports during that time, one official reason for the shutdown is that Tencent’s [1] license with Capcom has already expired.  


Despite the official shutdown three years ago, players can still enjoy the Monster Hunter Frontier through private servers. 

However, all the features are limited, and there are certain requirements before you get to fully enjoy this game. Let’s just wish for the game to return so you can play it freely once again. 

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