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List of the Best MapleStory Private Servers

MapleStory is one of the most popular MMORPGs to ever exist. It has been around for a decade and has remained a favorite title of many gamers. With its wide array of quests, classes, and customization options, it is no surprise that it continues to be a mainstay in the gaming world. 

But with the official game servers being highly populated, many gamers have opted to play on private servers. These are created offer a unique gaming experience that the official servers can not. 

Here, we’re going to share some of the best MapleStory private servers currently available today.

What Are the Best MapleStory Private Servers to Use?

1. Maple Legends

MapleStory Maple Legends

One of the oldest MapleStory Private Servers is Maple Legends. It was set up in August 2014. Eventually, its Open Beta version and its official version were released in 2015. 

Maple Legends has special features like no play-to-win, no vote-to-win, stable servers, and balancing skills. It’s basically the answer if you’ve been wishing you could go back in time and play MapleStory when it was at its best before the Big Bang. 

On this private server, you can also use an interface for pets, storage, gifting, rings, or Merchant Interfaces.

Maple Royale

MapleStory Maple Royale

This UK-created MapleStory Private Server lets you play the game the way it was meant to be played.  This server’s features are a lot like the ones in the original MapleStory. 

It also lets you choose from a wide range of NX items, hairstyles, and faces. The best thing about this server is that it is always current and has no bugs. Even if it has, there is always a way to fix it right away.

3. Castella

MapleStory Castella

Castella is a Canadian MapleStory Private Server whose main goal is to let all the players in the world talk to each other and form a big community. 

This server is a tweaked version of V83, and the PartyPlay mode is its main focus. It’s set up so that every team gets the party skill and can have fun playing. 

It lets you gain levels by fighting bosses and completing quests. Try the server out for yourself to see if this works for you.

4. Teeria Legends V62

MapleStory Teeria Legends V62

This MapleStory Private Server is one of a kind. You’ll find Party Quests that work, the ability to travel like in the original game, a 100% Cash Shop, and a lot more. 

This server is the best because it has the best protection against all types of hackers [1], thanks to their very own launcher. When you level up on this private server, your anti-KS and EXP rates will automatically go up.

5. StoryMS

MapleStory StoryMS

StoryMS hails from Canada. It is known as one of the MapleStory private servers with the best graphics. There are a lot of events and things updated every day and every week. 

During these events, you can fight bosses and win a lot of rare NX items. You don’t have to worry if you ever find a glitch or bug in the game. There are many StoryMs who can help you get through it.

6. Limina KMS V316

MapleStory Limina KMS V316

This is different from others because it runs on the KMS V316 Server and has new classes and pathfinders. The server’s only bad thing is that it only works in Korean. 

So, if you don’t know Korean, it will be a little hard for you at first. There aren’t many ETC and Map areas that are written in English so that players who don’t speak Korean can understand them better.

What is the Point of Joining These Best MapleStory Private Servers?

Joining a MapleStory private server can be an exciting way to enjoy the game without the intense competition of the official servers. 

Private servers allow players to customize their experience to suit their individual play styles, with a wide range of custom maps, monsters, and rewards. Players can also take advantage of unique events, such as Boss Rush, to gain special rewards and experience. 

Additionally, private servers often have lower latency and better stability than the official servers, making the game more enjoyable for everyone. Finally, private servers often have a more welcoming and friendly community, making it easier for new players to find their feet and make friends.


If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, look no further than the best MapleStory private servers. With a wide range of custom content, events, and rewards, these private servers offer a great way to enjoy the game and make new friends. 

If you’re looking for the classic MapleStory experience or something completely new, there is sure to be a private server that is perfect for you!

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