Which is the Best Site to Get Free Rust Skins? + How to Earn Them

Contrary to common misconceptions, users can obtain free skins in Rust in ample ways. However, other players with no prior knowledge of the game often find it hard to know when or how to redeem free rewards. Let our resident Rust players shed light on this dilemma with this guide we especially curated for buying Rust skins without getting real money involved.

How to Earn Rust Skins at No Cost?

Earn Coins

One of the most typical ways to buy Rust game skins without breaking the bank is to sign in and play the game to get coins. Every Rust player can enjoy earned points whenever you watch videos, complete in-game missions, or participate in random surveys. 

There are many free coins available for you as long as you continue to play games. To maximize all that, our trade experts recommend visiting Rust third-party sites like IdleEmpire that come with several bonuses. 

Redeem Rust Skins

With those free Rust coins you diligently collected every day, you can buy Rust skins for the game. The process to obtain skins depends on the site you choose to withdraw from. Otherwise, you can receive it via Steam gift cards and go to the Steam community market to buy skins. 


Our trade experts recommend trying out skin sitting if you don’t have the patience to collect coins for free skins or your Steam wallet just can’t take it. 

Rust item from Steam - Knight Templar Kilt

This process allows users to create their own Rust game skins to utilize in the Rust servers. We’ll discuss the step-by-step procedure for creating and customizing skins for free in the below guide later on. 

You can get a free rust skin in the Steam market using Rust skin eBay gift cards. Besides the Steam marketplace, we suggest you check out other sites like the SkinBaron platform. They have high valued skin items, and you can purchase them via SkinBaron gift cards. 

If you play multiple games long enough, we’re guessing you already know about BitSkins as well. It’s also one of the sites where you can buy and sell Rust skin items. From your BitSkins account balance, you can use the site’s fund to buy skins free of charge.

How to Sell Rust Skins for Cash?

After obtaining free Rust skins, did you know that you can trade them for real money? However, you can only start to earn money through skin trades if you link your Steam account to third-party trading sites. 

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After you open Steam inventories to your chosen sites, you may proceed to sell skins on their platform. Put sites with SSL certificates [1] on top of your list as they’re the ones safest to trade at. 

How to Make Your Own Rust Skins

Step #1: Open Workshop button on Rust

From the site’s main menu, you’ll find a workshop option colored in blue. Once you click this, it will lead you to a new window.  

Step #2: Select "New"

From there, you’ll be able to view a section where anyone can cast a vote for items created on the workshop sites. Look at the top right of your screen and click the button to create new cosmetic skin. 

Step #3: Pick the Item You Want to Edit

You can customize most items in the game, so we suggest clicking edit to any item you prefer to accessorize. 

Step #4: Select Your Preferred Colors and Textures

Editing textures and colors are two crucial parts of designing skins. The right-clicking texture square option allows you to select the Disk Off settings instead. If you’re not satisfied with the result, there’s always a reset button to start over with the design again. Remember that most users in trading sites seek a unique skin to buy. 

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Are there a lot of free Rust skins available today?

Yes, there are a lot of free-of-charge Rust skin items available nowadays. Typically, a user will be given random cosmetic items or new Rust skins every 100th active game time. You can also source a new skin for free when you create one in the Steam workshop or using multiple gift cards.

Are Rust skins permanent?

The skins crafted in the Steam workshop aren’t always permanent per se. In fact, when you look at that section of the website, you’ll notice a warning message that says Rust isn’t responsible if a user accidentally breaks an item.


Although there are many ways to get free skins in the item shop, it’s still better to be wise on how to utilize these perks. While some will not bother to collect them as they’re not as gameplay significant as other items, we assure you that rare skins will make you stand out from other players.

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