Is DMarket Legit and Safe? Review & Promo Code 2022

If you’re planning to sell or buy CS:GO skins, there are so many different platforms to choose, but is DMarket legit and safe? Gaming communities and popular websites have been raving about them, but how reliable is this site for trading transactions? In this post, our resident gamers will put it to the test to see if it’s as viable as most players make it up to be. 



Track Record and Legitimacy

Let’s kick off these DMarket reviews by evaluating how legitimate this platform is. As you may already know, online trading can be quite risky when there’s real money involved, so it’s best to check the company’s track record. 

With an astounding 2 million page views per month, our game traders took these consistent numbers as a positive sign of legitimacy. The website’s launch happened around March 2018, but being a newcomer didn’t hinder DMarket from receiving positive feedback from renowned game streamers left and right. 

DMarket Features

User Interface

During our tester’s first-hand experience, we could help but gush over the comprehensive and simplistic user interface of the DMarket website. WIth subtle font colors and black background, the overall design isn’t that straining to the eyes. 

It has a highly optimized system that immediately returns search results with little to no delay at all. 

Buying and Selling

Now, is DMarket legit? The best way to answer that question is to try buying and selling items on the platform itself, which our team definitely did for this review. At first glance, you can tell that the site features virtual products from different games like CS:GO, Team Fortress, and Dota 2. 

dmarket features

If you don’t know yet, DMarket has a partnership with Unity Technologies [1]. Because of this development, the site can connect to games made with Unity and make the entire trading process hassle-free. 

How to Buy and Sell Skins

How to Sell with Face2Face

If you’re keen on selling in the DMarket, we recommend trying out the new trading system in their platform called Face2Face. The procedure for this is the same as in other sites. You’ll need to provide your Steam trade keys and URLs. 

Once your inventory can be accessed from Steam, you can place selected skins in the sale section. Within the next 12 hours, you’ll receive a trade offer from DMarket, which you’ll need to accept to start trading in the Face2Face system.

How to Sell on DMarket

Another way of selling in DMarket is to get your items posted directly on the marketplace. The registration process is fairly similar, except you need to link your Steam account, email address, and trade URL to the site.  

sign in with steam account

Instead of putting it on sale, you can click on the item and select the sell option. You can determine the price, but our team advises you to go for its market value.  

How to Buy

Buyers have the same registration, which is through a Steam account. Once the correct trade URL is provided, you can go ahead and select the item you want to buy in the marketplace. Just click on the “Create Trade” and accept it from the Steam platform. 

Fees and Refund Policy

The platform needs to earn its keep, so it was no surprise when we found out that it has a 5% commission fee for every sold item in the marketplace. Depending on deposit and withdrawal methods, you’ll also have to pay a certain amount.

dmarket offers

Refunds aren’t considered in DMarket. That’s why our experts suggest double-checking your transactions before paying for them. 

Payment Methods

Depositing funds on the site had to be seamless to have a great trading experience. Delightfully for us, DMarket is supported by various money transfer methods like Bitcoin, G2A, UnionPay, Visa, Skrill, Paypal, and many more.

Customer Support

Although DMarket doesn’t include a live chat support feature, users can reach out to them via email at The best way to reach them for instant response is through social media. 

Promos and Bonuses

Unfortunately, it’s very rare for DMarket to provide bonuses and discounts. If you want to get one, we advise you to follow their Twitter account because that’s where they often do giveaways. 

Review Conclusion: DMarket

For a relatively new platform, DMarket surely proved its place as one of the industry’s most reliable game trading platforms. Given its vast community and secure system, our trade experts don’t doubt that this site will help players like you jumpstart your game trading ventures and get the most out of it. 

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