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How to Play Sebille on Divinity: Original Sin 2

Sebille is a character in the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 who also is an Elf. If you are new to the game, or if you are struggling to make progress with her, we will share some tips on how to play Sebille. Let’s start!

How to Play Sebille?

Sebille is an excellent addition to any Divinity party, but she’s also a starting character. Sebille’s story is dark, riveting, and never dull, thanks to the torturous choices the player must make for her. 

Here are some helpful tips for making the most of this powerful protagonist.

Understand the Nature of the Mother Tree

Sebille’s quest comes to an end on the Nameless Isle. She must decide whether to submit to the Mother Tree or to destroy it in order to free elvenkind from its grasp. 

It’s one of the game’s most agonizing choices, and both have sinister consequences for Sebille and Rivellon’s future. The Mother Tree serves as the foundation of elven society, but it also seeks to dominate and control.

Understand the Nature of the Mother Tree

The destruction of the Mother Tree enrages several NPCs [1] and causes major upheaval among the elves. The entire Elven Temple will turn on Sebille and attack the party on sight. 

However, depending on how the player wants to direct Sebille’s character arc, submitting to the Mother Tree may feel wrong after she has gone through so much to be free of others’ control.

Keep Saheila Alive

Saheila, a young elf first encountered in Fort Joy, is essential to Sebille’s story — but she has several chances to die. Though it is possible to complete Sebille’s quest without Saheila, it is much easier and more satisfying if she is still alive. 

Saheila’s survival is most threatened by the quest “The Elven Seer,” because she can be caught in the crossfire during battle. So, keep an eye on her health during the battle with Roost Anlon, and make sure she survives. 

Furthermore, if the player includes Lohse in their party, Saheila could be in danger as early as Fort Joy. When she speaks with the elf, the demon within Lohse will emerge and try to kill her. To keep Saheila alive, players must attack Lohse until she escapes the clutches of the demon.

Keep Saheila Alive

Sneak Into the Abandoned Sawmill

Act 2 finds Sebille confronting Roost Anlon, the Lone Wolf who gave her to her former Master. He has taken refuge in a dilapidated sawmill surrounded by traps, while his cronies keep watching. While the player has the option of barging in and fighting the mercenaries, sneaking in is far more beneficial to Sebille’s story. 

If the party simply slaughters the Lone Wolves, Roost will attack the party as soon as the player discovers his hideout. In this scenario, Godwoken has no choice but to kill him, denying Sebille the opportunity to question him. 

Even with Spirit Vision, if Roost dies too soon, she won’t be able to get what she needs because Roost’s ghost isn’t very cooperative. Stealth is worthwhile in order for Sebille to speak with him.

Invest in Persuasion

Similarly, when Sebille’s sharp tongue and penchant for making enemies get her into trouble, she can usually talk herself out of it. 

A high persuasion skill is useful for players who prefer to have some say over who they fight and when. It is useful for any starting character, but it is especially useful when playing as Sebille. 

invest in Persuasion

She can use it to talk herself out of fights as easily as she can talk herself into them, calming those she has angered.

Break the Shackles

Sebille’s innate Source skill heals her of most negative status effects in two turns. This spell can remove Slowed, Crippled, Chilled, Shocked, Suffocating, Atrophy, Plague, Diseased, and Shackles of Pain. 

It can even be cast while Silenced to remove the effect. This skill effectively makes it impossible to disable Sebille. This is one of the reasons she’s such a formidable opponent — and such a potent DPS character. Spend a Source point to keep her moving and attacking at full power.

Choose Her Class Wisely

Sebille is a Rogue by default, a class with a wide range of useful and lethal abilities. She can, however, be equally useful in a variety of other classes. 

Flesh Sacrifice allows her to hit harder and more frequently, making her a fantastic DPS. Inquisitor or Shadowblade are excellent classes for her to use this ability.

sebille skill

Overall, Sebille is extremely versatile, especially since her Corpse Eater talent grants her free access to a variety of skills. Don’t be limited by her default class: she’s fantastic as a rogue, but she can also excel in a variety of other roles.

Use Racial Skills

Sebille’s ancestry provides numerous advantages. Sebille, like any other playable elf, comes with Corpse Eater, which allows her to gather information by consuming body parts. 

This method allows her to gain lore, access quests, and learn skills early on. Meanwhile, the skill Flesh Sacrifice grants Sebille one AP and a 10% damage boost at the cost of 6 Constitution points. 

It makes her a fighting machine, but it also makes her vulnerable, so keep a healer nearby if she uses this skill.

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