Is CSGORoll Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

csgo roll web interface
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CSGORoll was initially released in 2016 but re-entered the skin gambling industry in 2020 with new features, graphics, and an improved selection of games. 

Skin gambling websites are more competitive now than ever, creating room for dubious activities on some sites, which raises questions about their security and reliability. Here is a comprehensive CSGORoll review based on our team’s experience.

CS GO Roll logo



What is CSGORoll: History and Reputation

The CSGORoll website started in 2016 but took a break because of Steam’s seven-day trade hold on CSGO skins. A few years later, in 2020, the gaming site returned much stronger with enhancements for its players.

As far as gambling sites are concerned, CSGO is a legit gambling site. Players may earn a substantial quantity of CSGO skins by participating in one or more of the games the site offers. The site has a great reputation with positive reviews on popular gaming chat rooms. 

The provably fair system is used for all the games offered by CSGORoll, which demonstrates that the games are fair for everyone. CSGORoll is not a new gambling site, and as such, you can find various online reviews online from its patrons. 

Is CSGORoll Legit?

CSGORoll is a gaming service for CSGO gamers that is 100% legal and entirely secure. CSGORoll gaming site has an excellent TrustPilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and over 1700. Based on our experience, registration on the site takes a few minutes and can be done with your Steam account.

csgo roll web interface

CSGORoll can’t manipulate their games without you or other players knowing it, and their games are entirely legitimate and reliable. The provably fair system guarantees this, ensuring that all game decisions are based on mathematical computations. 

In addition, CSGORoll is available in many countries worldwide, except for those residing in restricted countries. 

CSGORoll Features

To start off our CSGORoll review, here are the features that make the platform a go-to option when choosing a gaming site.

Games Featured

There aren’t many game modes to choose from on CSGORoll, but it has every mode that a typical player will want from a gambling website. Here is a list of games available:


This game appears to be a roulette wheel in CSGO betting, but it differs slightly from an online casino’s usual roulette game wheel. The numbers vary from one to fifteen. The color green represents the number zero, whereas the colors red and black represent one to seven and eight to fourteen, respectively.

Wins on black or red payout at least double your stake, while green returns 14 times what you wagered. Getting the green one right gets you 14x your initial deposit while getting the black or red one right gets you 2x your initial deposit.


In this game, the multiplier starts at one and rises until it malfunctions or stops altogether. At the end of the game, the winner will award the highest multiplier. Each game round ends with a “crash out,” and players are pitted against a growing multiplier.

csgo roll crash

The option of placing live bets is also accessible, as preset multipliers will stop at the amount you choose if the game fails before or within that period. With this fixed multiplier, you are free to place as many bets as you like.


The dice roll game available at CSGORoll is quite similar to that at a regular casino. Participants can determine the value of the dice that will roll. This number ranges from 1 to 94 inclusive. 

Your prize is yours if the two dice land on a number lower than the specified one. If the number is more remarkable, you lose your wager. Depending on your value, you can win more often than you put in.

Unboxing (Case Opening)

CSGORoll skin unboxing is a game where players have to open boxes containing the skins they want. CSGORoll has more than 100 open cases for you to open and win valuable skins. 

csgo roll case opening

A list of potential skins is revealed upon opening each case. By following the procedures, you have a chance of winning any of the skins which may be used or traded for more money, depending on your choice.

PVP Coinflip

You play against another person in a coinflip and hope for the best outcome in a coinflip. You begin the game by selecting a coin side and a wager amount on the CSGO site. 

Each player has a 50/50 chance of winning as the game grows. This game’s minimum bet is 0.50 coins.  Your money will be refunded minus a 5% service fee if the game goes your way.


Because of its fast-paced nature and straightforward rules, the Plinko game is an excellent fit for CSGO players’ preferences. It is an entertaining online amusement, and while participating in the game, you will have the ability to place as many bets as possible.

When a ball falls down an array of pegs and lands at the bottom, the amount you earn or lose is expressed in decimals, making it a game of Plinko. 

csgo roll plinko

In addition to the games listed above, the triple green jackpot game is also offered on CSGORoll and the jackpot value is determined by 0.66666% of the total number of bets. 

When users play and win a jackpot, green shows up. The provably fair system is also used to ensure equal play. 

Deposit and Withdrawal

To answer whether or not is CSGORoll legit, our team examined how secure is their deposit and withdrawal and payment methods. 

CSGORoll customers have a variety of payment options available to them. They don’t use the ticket system, and there is a minimum deposit and sometimes a deposit bonus. Users can also avail themselves of a deposit bonus and promo codes. 

You can contact live chat support if you encounter issues during transactions. Below are the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Deposit Methods

csgo roll payment method

Withdrawal Methods


CSGORoll offers bonuses both for new and existing players. Regular users can avail CSGORoll promo code from time to time. You can also earn free skins by using a bonus code. 

Daily Free Cases

CSGORoll ‘s Daily Free Case system rewards its users who have been on the site for some time. Every 24 hours, those who spend time on the site playing games and leveling up will be given the option to avail of a CSGORoll promo code. 

As long as you’re at least level 10, the system will continue to give you cases for free until you reach level 100. At level 100, you’ll be able to earn up to 150 free coins in addition to daily free cases.

Advent Calendar

A bonus to its existing calendars for a month or longer is offered on the CSGORoll website on specific dates or at random. The players’ responsibility is to visit the website daily to see what bonuses they could be eligible for, as free bonuses are posted from time to time. 

csgo roll items

Visit the Advent calendar on the promotions page to receive a bonus code. CSGORoll requires that you participate in the activities specified to get the daily bonus.

Free Boxes

If you’re a new user on CSGORoll, you’ll get three free cases. Simply input the code [ owner’s code]  while signing up for the platform to get your hands on these cases. Using these skins, you may begin gambling on CSGORoll right away and not have to use your own money.


CSGO roll website is designed for both experienced and new users with cutting-edge navigation buttons. Our CSGORoll review and trial of the site were made easy with the dynamic animation and design. 

The color palette is entirely black, drawing the viewer’s attention to the visuals and motion elements. Their decision to merge the theme and color scheme also makes using the site easier. 

csgo roll web design

Everything on CSGORoll, from the live chat to the deposit and withdrawal options, is easily visible due to the prominent placement of all of the icons on the page. 

Every aspect of the site has been thoroughly developed to give you the best possible navigation experience on their website. 

The site is also SSL encrypted, evident by the small padlock symbol at the top left corner of the URL box. In accordance with CSGO gambling policy, users are also advised to play responsibly. 

Customer Support

The level of customer support provided by CSGORoll is reliable, which cannot be said for some CSGO gambling sites. Queries are accomplished through email, ticket, and live chat capabilities the platform provides. For live chat sessions, Central European Time (CET) is utilized. 

csgo roll customer support

To ensure that they may communicate any site problems or challenges they may face, players will have 12 hours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m to do so. 

There is a solution for everyone at CSGORoll, no matter their chosen communication. 

CSGORoll Review FAQ

Is it safe to deposit on CSGORoll?

Yes, it is safe to deposit on CSGORoll. During the period that it has been in operation, there have been no reports of fraudulent activities. 

Sometimes CSGORoll bonuses are also given to users on their first deposit depending on the deposit value. You can also be given a deposit bonus if available. 

Can you withdraw skins from CSGORoll?

Yes, you can withdraw from CSGORoll. You can use CSGO skins from P2P or stock to withdraw, or you may also buy skins use skins from third parties to withdraw if you want to. 

The daily limit for withdrawal in a single day is 1000 coins in place of your deposit amount in skins. On the other hand, you may request a rise in your withdrawal amount.

Review Conclusion: CSGORoll

After a thorough CSGORoll review by our gaming experts, we can say the platform is a legal place to wager on CSGO games.

CSGORoll has a popular game selection ruled by the provably fair system and there are a variety of ways for you to get free bonuses to play on the site. The gambling website has a great reputation, fast registration, and is available in many countries globally. 

CS GO Roll logo
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