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Which is the Best Rust Server Hosting in Australia? — Top, Cheap Options To Choose From (2023)

Have you experienced not being able to protect your base because your server has experienced sudden downtime? Server crash in the middle of the Rust gameplay is among the worst, so it is important to choose an excellent Rust server to play in. Our experts tested and reviewed top and cheap options for a Rust server hosting provider in Australia for you to choose from.

Reviews of the Top Rust Server Hosting in Australia

1. GameServer Kings


If you want a reliable and lag-free server host, our gaming professionals highly recommend GameServer Kings. The control panel is easy to use and is beginner and user-friendly because GameServer Kings value convenience. For any queries and problems encountered, they have 24/7 live chat support. They also assure you of a refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

Rust is the largest game they host so they guarantee expertise. With 24/7 run time, GameServer Kings guarantees that your server still works even if you close your computer. 



2. Nodecraft


Nodecraft has a unique control panel called NodePanel that lets you control, set up, and make configurations. They value the quality of your gaming experience by maintaining 12 customers per device to avoid the frustrating server crash that gamers may experience. With a 3.8 GHz processor, 64 GB ECC RAM, Enterprise Grade SSD, Enterprise-grade Hard Disk, and DDoS Protection, it guarantees a smooth and non-hassle hosting service. 

They also offer a streamlined application available on App Store and Google Play that effortlessly manages your Rust server even on your mobile phone. 



3. Shockbyte


Shockbyte has built a reputation in server hosting to thousands of gamers at a lower cost for years. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan and change the configuration instantly anytime. You can also customize your mod and install many plugins that provide tools that some host servers do not offer.

With powerful hardware Intel Xeon 4 GHz CPU, NVMe SSD, DDR4 ECC RAM, and 1Gb Network Port, it performs way better compared to other host servers. Additional features of this server include free subdomain, global servers, and automatic updates and backups. 



4. Host Havoc

Established in 2014, Host Havoc is a game server host that offers one of the best Rust server hosting in Australia. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, instant set up, as well as 24/7/365 support, Host Havoc assures a lag-free and secured game server. The server specification of NVMe SSD that is 7 times faster than the typical host server SSDs and its ultrafast 4.6 GHz processor guarantee a satisfactory gaming performance.

Aside from the DDoS Protection, a 2-step authentication via Google Authenticator is included for free which is why our experts commend the excellent security system of Host Havoc.  

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Rust Server Hosting in Australia Buyer's Guide

Control Panel

The control panel is where you first set up your Rust server. It lets you control your game configuration, server visibility, enable admin cheats and back-up, and install plugins. Most gaming host providers offer a user-friendly control panel for beginners since Rust could be a difficult game for new players. With an upgraded plan, highly customized control panels are available for purchase. 


A Rust server hosting’s main task is to minimize server crashes and secure DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service [1], disrupting any malicious attempts to your server. The hardware and the settings are also things to consider, as that may affect your gaming performance. As much as possible, invest in ultra processors and large memory.


Mod is created for users who want to customize the game according to their liking. Rust was released last 2013 but is now paving its way back to popularity with gamers preferring private servers. 

selecting rust server

Since some players can get bored fast, especially in Vanilla Rust, the host servers offer mods to make the survival game more exciting. The mod installation is also a thing to consider for our gaming team, so choose the one-click plugin install system for convenience. 

Customer Support

It is essential to choose good customer support for an excellent Rust server hosting. For good customer service, check if they are responsive enough to customer queries. Some Rust server hosts have a chatbot to resolve problems. Our professionals highly suggest live chat support which should be available 24/7 for faster answers. 

Price and Guarantee

It is important to remember that a cheap game host is not always the best option. Gamers usually invest in tried and tested server providers to avoid downtime and crashing. Most Rust servers guarantee a refund if ever you are unsatisfied with their services.


What is the best Rust server hosting?

The best Rust server hosting is the Game Server Kings because it offers a cheap yet exceptional gaming experience. With a dedicated research and development team, GameServer Kings shows great promise in running your server towards less technological configuration and more gameplay. It also offers multiple modifications that some server providers do not have. 

Our Top Pick For a Rust Server Hosting in Australia: GameServer Kings


The best Rust server hosting in Australia is the GameServer Kings. Rust is the biggest game that the GameServer Kings hosts, so they guarantee competence and good quality service at a very affordable price. This is also a reliable network for Rust server hosting that guarantees 24/7 uptime and lag-free game experience.

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