List of the Best Rust Servers

If you’re a fan of the popular post-apocalyptic survival game Rust, you’ve probably wondered which servers are worth playing.  Finding the best Rust server can be a challenge, as there are countless of options available. 

To make your search easier, our resident Rust players have put together this comprehensive guide to the best Rust servers! Here, we’ll cover the different types of Rust servers, the top-rated servers for each type, and some tips for choosing the right server for you.  Let’s get started!

What are the Best Rust Servers? 8 Options to Try

Here is a list of eight Rust servers that seem interesting for various reasons:

This 5x server from a popular Rust YouTuber should be a good compromise between the normal grind of Rust and the chaos of a 10x farm server. Just like the other multiplier server, all of the blueprints are available right away. rust servers

Rust Empires

Role-playing servers can be fun, but not everyone will like them. They can, however, be a great way to get away from the negative people you usually hang out with in Rust and join a more fun group.

This server in particular is a combination of RP with PVE and PVP elements. US Sandbox

Want to learn how to build a server? This might be the right match for you! Since the server won’t be wiped, it’s easy to make all kinds of cool designs here.

This server is for people who don’t like to wait. It has a 10x rate of farming, and all of your blueprints will be unlocked right away. There are also some other mods that make it more fun and easier to play.


Here is another server for learning how to fight. This one is very popular, and up to 400 people can play it at once. That’s really crazy, especially when you think about how everyone starts with guns and gear.

UKN.GG rust servers

Here’s another popular server where up to 450 people can play at the same time. This map is even smaller than the ones on the other servers, so anyone who builds a base on it will probably have a very cozy base situation.

CombatTag's PvP Server

This is not a normal server by any means. This server is set up to help you get better at PVP, with a full set of weapons, ammunition, armor, and medical supplies. Then, you’ll have to fight to the death with everyone else.

Facepunch 1

Here is another official server, but this one has a bigger map and more people. It also has a procedural map and a “wipe” every month. It will also be set up like any other official server.

How to Choose the Right Server for You?

When choosing a Rust server, it’s important to consider the type of server, the population size, and the play style. Various servers are better suited for different types of players, depending on their goals and preferences. 

If you’re a new player looking for a relaxed environment, a 5x server or role-playing server might be best. 

best rust servers

If you’re an experienced player who enjoys a challenge, a 10x farm server or CombatTag’s PvP server might be the best choice. It’s also important to consider the population size when choosing a server. 

If you’d prefer to play with fewer people, a smaller server would be best. However, if you’d like to play with more people, a larger server might be the right choice. 

Finally, it’s important to consider the playstyle of the server. Some servers are more focused on PVP [1], while others are more focused on building and surviving. Knowing what type of play you prefer can help you find the perfect server for you.


Finding the perfect Rust server can be a challenge, but it’s worth it. With the right server, you can have more fun, meet new people, and enjoy a better gaming experience. We hope this guide to the best Rust servers has helped you find the perfect fit for you!

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