Which is the Best Place to Buy WoW Gold? (2022)

When playing World of Warcraft, everyone knows that having enough WoW Gold is a factor to consider for an elevated in-game experience. However, finding reliable and legit sites for safe purchases can be challenging, especially for new players. Lucky for you, our expert traders are here to help you explore and choose the most reputable sites to buy WoW Gold.

Why Buy WoW Classic Gold?

Like any other game, World of Warcraft has its own currency called WoW Classic Gold. If you want to buy weapons, materials, and other items necessary to get the gameplay in the phase you want, you’ll be needing lots of these golds. 

With a rare and powerful item on-hand, rest assured that you’ll quickly gain a huge advantage against other players in the game. 

Completing certain in-game tasks and fighting enemies will earn you WoW Golds, so our resident gamers suggest doing it whenever you can if you can’t afford to buy. However, it’s important to note that doing this method will take time.

Manually collecting gold depends on the crafting profession you selected. If you picked Herbalism, then most of your missions will involve picking plants. On the other hand, Alchemy is for mixing herbs, and Blacksmithing creates weapons and armors.

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World of Warcraft allows their players to buy gold on their site and Blizzard, but we’ll recommend other reliable platforms in the guide below for cheaper gold finds.

How to Buy WoW Gold

There are many places to buy WoW gold besides the official sites like Loothunt and IGVault. Before our team gets into details, we’d like to note that the purchase steps may slightly differ depending on the platform you chose. 

First, you’ll be asked to select a server and faction. Server options include whether you’re playing from US or EU regions, and factions will let you choose between Horde or Alliance. 

Once you decide on the total amount of gold you want to buy and the seller, we advise you to sort orders according to delivery duration, stock level, and price for double-checking. You may not know it, but most platforms offer various delivery methods. 

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Depending on your preference, you can ask the seller to mail the gold via the in-game mailbox or through Auction House, where the items were put on auction. 

How to Choose a Reputable Site to Buy WoW Gold

Customer Experience and Community

Admit it or not, customer reviews are part of the consideration each of us looks at when planning to buy anything. In fact, 88% of online consumers trust feedback from other customers [1]

InGameDelivery and iGVault, founded in 2010 and 2006 respectively, are among the best places to buy WoW gold for their extensive industry experiences. The same community reputation applies for Mmorpggold, with a whopping 50,000 registered players under its belt and more than a million transactions. 

Payment Methods

During our first-hand experience, we didn’t experience so much hassle during the payment process. Delightfully for other users and us, these platforms allow fund deposits through partners like Paypal and Skrill. Because of this, you can buy items or gold in your preferred monetary currency. 

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Delivery Time and Method

Generally, these popular platforms get your gold orders delivered as fast as 15 minutes per transaction. While sites like iGVault say that their delivery time varies around 24 hours, it’s typically faster than that. 

Besides the game mail and Auction House delivery method our team explained earlier, it’s also possible for the users to get their ordered gold delivered straight to the guild bank.

Safety Tips

There’s no denying that the demand for WoW gold has skyrocketed over the years. However, don’t forget to check the delivery time of your orders. It also helps to check the warranty period of the items following the guarantee policies of the site. Besides that, having 24/7 customer support like what iGVault has can greatly ease your experience and make it relatively safe.


Can I get banned for buying gold WoW?

You can get banned for buying WoW gold if you’re caught buying on third-party platforms other than their site or Blizzard. However, you can consider many safe trading options, like the auction house and game mailing. Platforms that offer these also include guarantees to keep your account safe. 

Is buying WoW gold safe?

Yes, buying WoW gold is safe. Besides the numerous positive feedback from first-hand users, most of these platforms run with a highly secured website to protect your data. On top of that, they offer refunds and warranty periods to keep their customers at ease during the transactions.


As game currency will always be a crucial part of any gameplay, finding the best places to buy WoW gold is an idea worth trying. And while many sites are appearing to entice you, our resident gamers advise you to research thoroughly before pursuing any trade within their platform.

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