Which is the Best CS:GO Trading Site? — Our Top-Rated Picks For Legit Skins Trade (2022)

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CSGO) offers items you can trade and earn good money. While dealing with these items, you need to be careful so you don’t fall into the hands of scammers. That’s why our professionals provided this list of tried and tested CS:GO trading sites and how you can significantly earn from them.

List of the Best CS: GO Trading Sites

Steam Community Market





Official trading platform

Instant cash out, 8% commission rate

It offers many features, 5% commission rate

Well-designed site, 7% commission rate

Accepts Bitcoin, 8% commission rate

About Counter-Strike:Global Offensive aka CS:GO

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an expansion of the original Counter-Strike game. It’s a team-based first-person shooter game launched in 1999. It involves two teams competing in multiple rounds. Any team that wins the most rounds wins the match.

CS:GO offers many objective-based game modes featuring new characters, maps, and weapons. It introduces new game modes such as Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, and Arms Race. 


The game delivers updated versions of Counter-Strike maps such as Inferno, Nuke, Train, Dust, and more. Other exciting features include Competitive Skill Groups and online matchmaking.

How Do CS:GO Trading Sites Work?

CSGO trading sites work through a reputable bot system that safely transfers cosmetic CSGO skins. The site allows users to log in and see available skins from their inventory and from the CSGO trading site. Users receive Steam trade offers [1] from the site’s bot once the skin is chosen. It’s highly secure, and users can enjoy skins after verifying and confirming the bid.

CSGO Trading Bot Sites

Trading is conducted 24/7, with trades taking place at quick paces. That said, trading sites only allow trading offers listed by bots, and you can’t make an offer or bargain. The site will enable you to trade using more than one bot thanks to its multi-trading feature.

csgo skins on dmartket

Monitor the trade URL you received from the trade. You do not want to fall into the hands of scammers using fake bot IDs. Third-party bots are also closely monitored and can be banned by Valve.

CS:GO Skins

To acquire a skin, you must do the following:

  1. Play in official servers and online community and earn through random drops.
  2. “Uncrate” them from promotional containers and open weapon.
  3. Buy from other players on the Steam Market.
  4. Trade 10 skins for one of a higher rarity with a Trade Up Contract.

How You Can Earn From CS:GO Trading Sites

1. Skin Trading

A player can easily trade in-game items by selling to other traders. But this isn’t as easy as you think. You need to know when new skins are added, the real value of skins, and how to predict the Steam market before you go into skin trading.

2. Coaching

If you are good at playing CS:GO and can teach people what you know, you can earn money through coaching.

3. Streaming

Although this isn’t the simplest way to make money through CSGO, it can be pretty lucrative. If you’re passionate about CS:GO and have something to offer, you should go for it.

csgo live stream

4. Content Creation

If you’re creative and can captivate an audience, content creation around CS:GO can be an excellent way to earn money. You will also gain lots of followers, and there’s a chance of becoming a full-time career.

5. Professional CSGO Player:

You can also earn money through CSGO by becoming a professional player. It’s not easy to achieve as you will need to work very hard at the game.

(For the best gaming experience, we have listed excellent CS:GO server hosting here

A Guide In Choosing a CS:GO Trading Site

Years of Experience

Consider the site’s level of experience when deciding on the best CS:GO trading site for you. A site that has been around for many years is a safer choice than one established a few months ago


Site Users

Look out for sites with a large number of users. A reputable site should have plenty of users and successful trades.


Legitimate sites don’t offer excessively high commissions. So, be careful if the deal seems too good to be true. Most trusted sites provide around 5% commission.

Safety Tips and Reminders

Our team of experts would recommend not to accept friend requests from inventories, private profiles, infobox layers from OPSkin traders, or other similar stuff. They could be scammers and may rip you off in the long run. 


Are there any CSGO trading sites?

Yes, there are CSGO trading sites available, such as Steam Community Market, TradeIt.gg, DMarket, etc. Steam Community Market is the official CSGO skins trading platform. You can also trade other items from Valve games there.


A good CS:GO trading site should be well-designed, reliable, and have a large number of users. Our experts have shown you the best CS:GO trading sites available that are trustworthy and can keep you out of scammers. These sites can also help you earn more money on CS:GO. 

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