Which is the Best CS GO Gambling Site? (2022) (Legit Picks Only)

Choosing any of the top CSGO gambling sites can be a tough call, given the numerous options out there. The best sites must be secure and reliable, with great bonuses and customer support. Our team of experts tested and reviewed several gambling sites to give you these top-rated options. 

List of the Top CS:GO Gambling Sites

Trading SiteDescription 
CS:GO EmpireWell structured payment system 
WTFSkinsCase opening site with several functioning users 
CSGOFastOffers tons of free bonus and coins for esport betting 
GamdomAlso a case opening site for casinos and provides a free bonus 

How Do CS:GO Gambling Sites Work?

CSGO gambling sites work by making use of skin deposits in a skin trade. From here, you then get access to coins that match up with the amount of deposited skins. There are certain platforms that ensure you have a direct deposit through the purchase of coins through actual funds. 

csgo empire

Gambling sites work by allowing skins to be a form of token on their sites and through this, you can claim your winnings. The winnings can be changed from coins to skin and then finally traded for cash.

What are CS:GO Cosmetic Skins?

CSGO Skins are way to obtain virtual cosmetic elements on CS:GO and even though they do not affect the actual gameplay, they can be sold for money. As one of the extremely popular parts of gambling in the game, there are certain types of skins that are rarer than normal. Those ones are sold more expensively on the Steam market. 

Top CS:GO Gambling Site Games


Roulette works by having players place bets on black, red, and green. Green is the one players want as it gives the highest payout, but it also offers the lowest probability. However, not every Roulette site is an excellent choice for CSGO roulette. 


The game allows players to deposit skins into a community pot and how many tickets they get is reflected in the value of their skins. For instance, if you deposit $50, you will get 5000 tickets for your skins. So if you double your skins, you will end up with 10000 tickets. With 5000 tickets, you have a 33% chance of winning. The more tickets you have, the better the chance you have at winning. 

csgo jackpot

Coin Flip

The CSGO Coinflip is the most accessible type of CSGO gambling. You only need to place a bet on either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. You can double your skins if you bet on the right horse. 

Wheel of Luck

You can win all types of skins and cases by spinning the lucky CS:GO wheel. It promises new skins and a specific amount of money.


Crash gambling is a game of chance. The multiplier increases from 1x whenever you place a bet. You have the option to cash out whenever you want. Pick your cashouts wisely, as there is no telling when the multiplier will crash.

crash gambling in wtfskins

Watch out for the crash site and know when exactly you would have to cash out on your bets. Still, don’t cash out at the wrong time, as it could cost you more profit from the CSGO crash platform.

A Guide In Choosing a CS:GO Gambling Site

Design and User-Friendliness

Great case opening sites for gambling should be easy to navigate for both experienced and new gamblers. Therefore, when deciding which one to choose, look out and go for a well-designed and user-friendly betting site. The esports bets, CSGO jackpot, free bonus, and other features should be convenient for gambling.

Available Games

The games available on the site also influence your choice of a case-opening gambling site. Make sure to check more traditional casino games, crash games, jackpot games, or simply the betting markets before deciding. 


CSGO betting can be very engaging in the gaming industry especially when you have gambling sites with professional tournament matches and other exciting offers.

Customer Support

A good CSGO match betting site would offer robust customer support. Choose one that will provide a fast and helpful response to your questions, as you can never exaggerate the importance of having dependable customer support.

Secure Withdrawal Options

Go for sites that offer fast withdrawals. If the withdrawal on a site is slow or not working, it is probably a bad sign. The Counter-Strike Global Offensive gaming site’s web portal should be a very well-functioning website safe for every gamer. 

In gambling, safety is essential to ensure that your finances are not compromised on a much larger scale. So, ensure that the case opening sites have tried and tested withdrawal options.

Bonuses and Freebies

Sites that offer bonuses with free coins and free skins enable you to test them before depositing your CSGO skins. There are welcome bonuses for new users, deposit bonuses, or simply a free bonus for loyal customers, and only the best CSGO gambling sites have that.

csgo empire bonus pot

This is important as you would bet more when there are bonuses added to your own money. 

Customer Experience

Try playing on the gambling site for a while. If you think the site is rigged or lost fast, it’s a bad sign. It could be from a lack of generous free bonuses, free coins or finding it hard disabling skin withdrawals from the betting sites. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the best CS:GO match betting platform has positive feedback in the site categories contact area.

Promo Codes

Promo codes give players free coins, signup bonuses, or free credit to use on these case opening sites. Most CSGO gambling websites provide these codes or bonus codes to their players. Using promo codes is an excellent way to test out a site before you deposit in CSGO skin gambling or the menu CSGO gambling sites contain.  It is another way to make a free profit through a gaming site and earn free coins on CSGO betting sites.

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What is the best CSGO gambling site?

The best gambling site is CS:GO Empire [1]. It was made explicitly for CSGO betting sites and has been around for years. The esports betting, CSGO casino games on the other hand, are also one of the most popular gambling sites. 

Are there any legit CSGO gambling sites?

There are several legit CSGO gambling sites. These sites allow you to bet with your own skins and even win skins. Some of the skin gambling sites include WTFSkins, CSGOFast, Gamdom, etc. that offer free skins and gambling of CSGO skins.


CSGO is an exciting game that promises great rewards to users. So, you need to ensure that you take out time to choose the best CSGO sites on which to place your bets. Check for platforms that offer more games and convenience while betting. With our top-rated list, you will be able to have a great gambling experience and secure withdrawals.

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