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Which is the Best Arma 3 Server Hosting in Australia? (2023)

Arma 3 is growing in popularity across Australia. The game offers a great experience for players, as well as challenging mods and compelling storylines to go along. 

However, enjoying a game like Arma 3 will require the use of impressive servers that can handle its load. Below, our gaming authorities rank the top Arma 3 servers Australia offers.

Reviews of the Top Arma 3 Server Hosting in Australia

1. GTX Gaming

Kicking off our list of the best Arma 3 server hosting in Australia offers is GTX Gaming — one of the oldest game server hosting companies available. With support for over 100 games, this server hosting service provides low latency, round-the-clock support, and a competitive pricing structure, ensuring that you get access to everything you will ever need as long as server hosting is concerned. 

GTX Gaming primarily provides pre-configured servers for over 100 titles. The servers have unique controls for each supported game, making things more convenient for you. Of course, they offer Arma 3 servers as well.



2. PingPerfect

PingPerfect might not be the most popular server hosting service available, but it has definitely done a great deal to earn a place among the best hosting providers in Australia for Arma 3. It has a lot of impressive features, and it combines these features with an accommodatable pricing structure that you can afford. 

With PingPerfect, you get the usual standard features — instant setup, sprawling customer support, DDoS protection, and feed debranding. But, it also adds a lot of other impressive features such as automatic map changes that allow you to switch between locations in a snap.



3. HostHavoc

HostHavoc is another of those server providers that just about gets everything right. It has servers all around the world, and it currently has one of the best support services for game servers. 

With HostHavoc, you get support for dedicated servers, with free DDoS protection, multiple mods, and a focus on PC platforms.  It also has a decent price, so you don’t worry about paying through pain to get what you want.

HostHavoc also offers a simple maintenance system, so you don’t have to stress over the need to use your servers and maintain them.



4. Gameservers

Last, but not least, is GameServers, a gaming service that allows its customers to handle managed hosting for games worldwide. The company’s servers provide several impressive benefits, including elastic bandwidth for scalability and growth and a set of customizable hardware options for you to enjoy greater flexibility. 

If reliability is what you’re looking for, Gameservers is the right one for you. Gameservers will provide support for over 200 games and mods, and you get the usual 99.9% uptime. With a 10 TB bandwidth and a 16 GB server RAM [1], you definitely get optimal performance from these guys.

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Buyer's Guide: Arma 3 Server Hosting in Australia

The first factor to be considered for our experts is the customer support. Any server provider worth its salt will need to have good customer support. While no one wants a situation where issues arise, you still need to be able to call someone if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Moving on, you also need to consider the security features that the server offers. Servers need to be safe and secure. There’s no question about that. So, before you select a server, make sure to look into its security infrastructure. Consider factors like DDoS protection, encryption, and much more. This way, you’re confident that hackers won’t steal your data. 

Then, performance is another important indicator for you. Performance is what dictates how the server will operate and what you get to enjoy. Before you go choosing any option, you want to ensure that it is capable of handling the load you’re going to put on it. 

A lot of the time, the performance will also depend on your computer and its ability to handle the features that the server supports. So, this is a bit of a two-way street and you need to ensure that the server and your computer are compatible. 

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Our Top Pick For an Arma 3 Server Hosting in Australia: GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming ranks top on our gamers’ list of the best Arma 3 server hosting in Australia as it provides a perfect mix of impressive features and competitive pricing. 

GTX Gaming will offer a great deal of features, including support for over 100 servers and high-end servers available. With this server, your gaming experience will be as seamless as possible.

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