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Track Every Apex Legends White Raven: Your Ultimate Guide to the Bloodhound Lore Event!

Apex Legends Season 16 introduced an exciting update for Bloodhound fans, including the White Ravens, as part of their new passive ability. These elusive creatures play a crucial role in the Bloodhound lore quest, and to complete it, you’ll need to track down every White Raven scattered across World’s Edge.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through every chapter of the Bloodhound lore quest, providing detailed instructions on finding each White Raven. Prepare to embark on an epic journey through Bloodhound’s past and unravel the mysteries hidden within the Apex Legends world!

Overview of the Apex Legends White Raven

Apex Legends’ White Raven is a unique feature introduced in the game’s Bloodhound-themed lore event called “Old Ways, New Dawn.” 

It is a part of the Apex Chronicles event that focuses on Bloodhound’s past and its connection with white ravens. The White Raven is a passive ability of Bloodhound, one of the playable legends in Apex Legends.

In the event, players are tasked with finding and interacting with white ravens scattered across the World’s Edge map. Each chapter of the Bloodhound lore quest requires players to locate and interact with these ravens to progress through the storyline. 

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Finding the white ravens grants Battle Pass stars as well as rewards Bloodhound-themed Apex Packs upon completing the quest. The White Ravens are markers for tracking objectives and clues related to the quest. 

When a player approaches a white raven, it triggers Bloodhound’s passive ability, revealing the tracks of an injured prowler. These tracks guide players to the next white raven and continue the quest’s storyline.


1. 'White Raven' Prologue

To kickstart your quest, you must locate the first White Raven. Ensure you are queued for a normal and unranked Battle Royale match on World’s Edge. The White Raven can be located within the newly introduced Lava Siphon location.

Watch for a large yellow ring with a raven insignia in the middle of the Lava Siphon. Explore the area until you spot the White Raven on the ground, and interact with it in order to progress to the next stage.

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2. 'Old Ways' - Uncover the Prowler Tracks

After finding the first White Raven, you’ll delve into Apex Chronicles event Chapter 1 entitled ‘Old Ways.’ The White Raven will lead you to prowler footprints that are seen due to Bloodhound’s passive tracking ability.

Come after the trail, and it will eventually guide you to the second White Raven. Interact with it to trigger dialogue and advance the quest.

3. 'Cold Tracks' - A New Location Range

Continuing the quest, Chapter 2 takes you to find the White Raven in a different location range. This time, search between Skyhook and Landslide for the yellow raven marker through your map. 

Interact with the White Raven, and it will reveal the prowler’s tracks. Follow the tracks to discover the second White Raven, triggering more dialogue.

4. ‘Dying Embers' - The Final Stretch

In Chapter 3, you will encounter three White Ravens, leading you to various locations. The first White Raven can be found in Epicenter, adjacent to the bridge over the lava on the east side.

After interacting with it, follow the prowler to the second White Raven near a tiny campfire concealed in snow.

Follow the tracks again, which will ultimately end in a rock wall at the northeast side of World’s Edge or around Climatizer. The final White Raven awaits on the ground right in front of the wall.

5. 'New Dawn' - The Grand Finale

After locating the rock wall, which Bloodhound cannot climb, use a drop ship to position yourself for the finale, head to the Firing Range, find the aircraft pad, and utilize the green control panel to get a dropship. 

Board the ship, and it will transport you to World’s Edge for the thrilling conclusion of the quest.


With this ultimate guide, you now possess the knowledge to track down every Apex Legends White Raven in the Bloodhound lore event. As you progress through each chapter, immerse yourself in Bloodhound’s captivating backstory and uncover the secrets hidden within the ravens’ trail.

Remember to use Bloodhound’s tactical ability wisely, scanning White Ravens from a distance to trigger them and efficiently refresh your cooldowns. Good luck, legends, and may the hunt lead you to victory in the Apex Legends universe [1]!

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