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A Guide on Apex Legends Orientation Matches for Ultimate Victory

Apex Legends, a dynamic and challenging battle royale game, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide since its release. However, newcomers often need help with its complexity. 

To address this, Apex Legends offers Orientation matches, a valuable tool that aids new players in mastering the game’s mechanics. In this guide, we delve into the significance of Orientation matches and how they serve as a bridge to success in the Apex Games.

Orientation Matches: A Step Toward Real Competition

Introduced in Season 16, Orientation matches provide a stepping stone for players before venturing into competitive play. By offering a controlled environment with a majority of AI bots, these matches ease players into the game’s mechanics and flow. 

This introduction to the gameplay mechanics builds player confidence, fostering a gradual transition from offline practice to the intensity of online matches.

Understanding Apex Legends Orientation Matches

Orientation matches serve as a gentle introduction to the world of Apex Legends. These matches allow players to learn the game’s fundamentals at a controlled pace. 

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Available to new players after completing the initial training tutorial, these matches feature AI bots [1] and offer an opportunity to grasp the game’s mechanics without the pressure of competitive public lobbies. 

Moreover, newcomers can team up with more experienced players who can provide valuable guidance and tips, fostering a supportive learning environment.

How to Complete an Apex Legends Orientation Match

To complete an Orientation match, new players must either emerge victorious or secure a position within the top five squads in multiple competitions. 

Graduating from Orientation matches grants access to regular public lobbies, where players are matched against opponents of similar skill levels. It ensures a smoother transition into the competitive scene while allowing players to hone their skills in more challenging environments.

The Experience of Apex Legends Orientation Matches

Orientation matches occur on the iconic Kings Canyon map, providing newcomers with a comfortable environment to explore and learn. 

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During these matches, players are surrounded by AI bots, offering the chance to practice shooting, looting, and movement without the intensity of live combat. 

While most squads consist of AI bots, there is the exciting possibility of encountering actual players, providing a taste of the unpredictability of the Apex Games.

The Journey of a Newcomer: Navigating Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon, the original map of Apex Legends, has seen various updates, including changes introduced in Season 17. Understanding Apex Legend’s rotation map layout, hotspots, and areas of interest is crucial for newcomers to make informed decisions during matches. 

Orientation matches enable players to explore Kings Canyon, gaining familiarity with its geography and strategic locations. Mastery of the map’s nuances is critical to survival and success in the game.

Starting an Apex Legends Orientation Match

Initiating an Orientation match is straightforward. After completing the game’s tutorial, players can access the Orientation match option from the main menu. 

Apex Legends start orientation match

Like queuing up for regular matches, this process enables players to enter an environment tailored for learning. This inclusion of Orientation matches reflects the developers’ commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible experience for new players.

Completing Orientation Matches

Orientation matches are completed by securing first-place finishes or repeatedly placing within the top five squads. These achievements indicate a player’s increasing mastery of the game’s fundamentals. 

The skills acquired in Orientation matches—such as accurate shooting, efficient looting, and strategic movement—can be transferred to regular matches, giving players a strong foundation for success.

Maximizing the Benefits of Orientation Matches

New players are encouraged to embrace Orientation matches as a crucial component of their Apex Legends journey. By participating in these matches, newcomers gain confidence, sharpen their skills, and build the foundation for competitive play. 

Apex Legends orientation match

The gradual transition from Orientation matches to public lobbies prepares players for the challenges of real competition, ultimately contributing to the growth of a vibrant and thriving Apex Legends community.


Apex Legends’ Orientation matches testify to the game’s commitment to nurturing new players and ensuring their success. These matches provide a controlled and supportive learning environment that bridges the gap between novice and expert. 

With a firm grasp of game mechanics, map knowledge, and strategies, newcomers are well-equipped to step into the world of competitive Apex Legends, ready to conquer challenges and claim victory on the battlefield!

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