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10 Most Recommended Valkyrie Skins in Apex Legends

One of the standout characters in Apex Legends is Valkyrie, a fearless pilot and skilled fighter who has quickly become a fan favorite. As with any popular game, players are always looking for ways to customize their characters, and one of the most sought-after customization options in Apex Legends is skins. 

In this discussion, we will delve into the different Valkyrie skins available in Apex Legends and explore their designs, rarity, and popularity among players. We will also look at the process of obtaining these skins and discuss some tips on how to acquire them.

How Many Valkyrie Skins Are Available Now?

Respawn has released a total of 64 Valkyrie skins in Apex Legends, currently in Season 15. Out of these skins, there are 10 Epic, 16 Legendary, 16 Common, and 20 Rare skins available for players to acquire and use on their Valkyrie character.

Omatsuri Fury being chosen

Valkyrie Skins Tier List



Best (S-Tier)

Birthright, Blue Bomber,

Slingshot, Fluorescent Tech

Good (A-Tier)

Air Orchid, Omatsuri Fury, Cloud Marauder,

Higher Learning, Azure Blessing, Golden Opportunity

Average (B-Tier)

Aerial Evolution, Ultra Legend, Military Grade,

Titan Tested, Air Show

The elite skins in Apex Legends that every Valkyrie player desires are the S-Tier Valkyrie skins, while the A-Tier skins are also rare and highly sought-after. 

On the other hand, the B-Tier skins are Legendary cosmetics but are less impressive compared to their S and A-Tier counterparts.

Peace sign from Blue Bomber

10 Best Valkyrie Skins Highlights

While opinions may differ on what makes a skin the best, certain Valkyrie skins are more valuable to some due to their rarity. Meanwhile, others appreciate skins that feature vibrant colors and intricate designs. 

Whether you prefer visually stunning skins or rare collectibles, there is a Valkyrie skin that will suit your taste.

1. Air Orchid

It is inspired by the cyberpunk genre, a futuristic world where advanced technology and human beings coexist. One of the most noticeable features of the Air Orchid skin is the intricate patterns and designs that adorn the character’s armor. 

These designs are reminiscent of circuit boards and give the character a high-tech, futuristic look. The skin also incorporates various metallic components, such as gears and bolts, which add to the overall mechanical feel of the skin.

2. Fluorescent Tech

This skin features a fluorescent color scheme and a technological design. This offers a unique take on Valkyrie’s appearance by incorporating a streetwear theme into her design. This skin features a fresh set of bangs and a distinctive LED mask that can alternate between two sets of teeth.

Flourescent Tech

The vibrant colors of this skin blend together seamlessly, creating an eye-catching ombre effect. Additionally, elegant triangular patterns adorn both Valkyrie’s baggy pants and jetpack, adding to the skin’s overall visual appeal.

3. Blue Bomber

Blue Bomber, a variation of the Birthright skin, offers more than just a change in the color scheme. The skin features a yellow and blue palette, with a camouflage pattern and Valkyrie’s name prominently displayed on the helmet. 

Additionally, Blue Bomber replaces the logo of Apex Predators from Birthright with a unique design that features Valkyrie’s real name and a designated number.

4. Birthright

A skin called Birthright was introduced as part of a launch bundle when Valkyrie was added to Apex Legends in May 2021. This skin depicts the armor that Valkyrie created by utilizing her late father’s helmet and Titan. A skin called Birthright was introduced as part of a launch bundle when Valkyrie was added to Apex Legends in May 2021. 

This skin depicts the armor that Valkyrie created by utilizing her late father’s helmet and Titan.  Birthright features Valkyrie in yellow and red plating with the Apex Predators logo prominently displayed on her chest. Notably, this is the only skin where Valkyrie wears a helmet.


5. Slingshot

Slingshot is a standout Valkyrie skin due to its distinct theme and color scheme. This Legendary skin replaces Valkyrie’s pilot attire with a pinkish prison jumpsuit adorned with numerous beige straps. 

Valkyrie also dons a pink comb-over hairstyle with a barcode tattooed on the side of her head. Additionally, the skin incorporates the standard orange color commonly found in prison uniforms, as seen on her wings and leg bracers.

6. Omatsuri Fury

This skin boasts a colorful and unique design inspired by traditional Japanese festivals. This skin features Valkyrie dressed in a vivid yellow and white floral pattern, and she is also seen wearing a traditional orange rope hachimaki on her head. 

This headband is commonly worn in Japanese culture and adds a touch of authenticity to the skin’s overall appearance. The skin incorporates a bold mix of red, black, and gold hues, with intricate patterns adorning Valkyrie’s outfit and jetpack.

7. Ultra Legend

Ultra Legend is a Valkyrie skin that differs from Military Grade in terms of color scheme and material. This skin replaces the original green palette with a chalky blue hue and features a lighter fabric.

The skin incorporates heather gray on Valkyrie’s legs and arms, while orange accents are used on her wings and armor to bring the overall design together.

8. Aerial Evolution

This skin has a futuristic design with a sleek and aerodynamic look. It depicts Valkyrie as a high-tech pilot dressed in a predominantly white and blue outfit with silver accents. The skin also includes intricate details, such as circuit-like patterns on her jetpack and helmet, giving off a technological vibe. 

One of the most notable aspects of this skin is its inspiration from dragonflies, as evident in the design of Valkyrie’s goggles, helmet, and the overall outline of the skin.

9. Cloud Marauder

This skin features a unique and striking design inspired by the fantasy genre. This skin portrays Valkyrie as a fierce warrior dressed in a blue and silver outfit with a horned helmet, spiked shoulder pads, and metallic gauntlets. 

The skin also includes intricate details such as etched runes on the armor and a flowing cape, completing the fantasy-inspired aesthetic. Cloud Marauder is a rare and highly coveted cosmetic option for Valkyrie, appealing to players who enjoy a blend of futuristic and fantasy elements.

Cloud Marauder gliding downwards

10. Azure Blessing

This is truly a visually stunning Valkyrie skin in Apex Legends. The skin features a primarily blue and white color scheme, with intricate and ornate patterns adorning Valkyrie’s armor and jetpack. 

Azure Blessing also includes silver accents that add a touch of elegance to the skin’s overall appearance. The skin’s unique design and color scheme evokes a sense of purity and grace, making it a highly sought-after cosmetic option for Valkyrie players.

Will The Old-Event Skins Make A Comeback?

Some Valkyrie skins, such as the Birthright, Blue Bomber, and Air Orchid, have gained a lot of popularity among players due to their intricate designs and impressive aesthetics. These skins could be available for purchase in the store at any time. 

Recolor and event skins, on the other hand, may make their way back into the store at a later date, giving players who missed out on previous events another chance to get their hands on those limited-time skins.

However, not all skins may be available for purchase. For instance, skins that were exclusively available through the battle pass, like Aerial Evolution, will not be available in the store. This means that players who missed out on obtaining these skins during the battle pass event will not be able to obtain them again in the future.

Are There Any Upcoming Skins?

Currently, there is no news or updates about any planned Valkyrie skins in Apex Legends. However, if there are any new developments, Respawn [1] will be sure to provide updates and highlight the new skins for Valkyrie players.

Wrapping Up

Valkyrie skins offer players a wide range of customization options, allowing them to showcase their unique style and personality. Regardless of which skins players choose, they are sure to add a new level of excitement and personality to their gameplay experience.

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