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How to Mark Enemies in Halo Infinite

One of the key aspects of Halo Infinite is the ability to mark enemies, which is an essential feature for multiplayer gameplay. Marking enemies allows players to easily communicate with their teammates about the location of enemies and their movements. 

This can be particularly useful when playing with a team or when navigating complex maps. However, there are different approaches to marking enemies in Halo Infinite, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. That’s what we’ll tackle in this article.

How To Mark And Ping Enemies

By pinging weapons and item spawns, players can prevent them from falling into the enemy’s hands, while pinging areas on the map highlight their names and help with better callouts for more competitive play. Even for casual players, knowing callout spots can still improve skill levels.

Pinging an area with enemies will turn the ping from white to red and show the number of enemies in that area. This new feature makes callouts accessible for all players, even those who prefer not to use voice comms to communicate. Additionally, players are awarded points for utilizing this system, gaining 60 points for a marking assist whenever an enemy dies after being pinged.

Mark and Ping enemy location for my team mates

On the console, the default binding for pinging is on the d-pad, with each direction corresponding to a different type of ping (up for weapons, right for locations, down for enemies, and left for items). On PC, the default binding for pinging is the ‘X’ key. However, players can customize their keybindings to suit their preferences.

Marker Types

There are four types of pings that players can use with the Mark System. These pings are designed to help players communicate with their team effectively and efficiently.

Weapon Ping

This is used to mark a weapon that is on the map. This can be used to alert teammates to the location of a powerful weapon, such as a rocket launcher or sniper rifle. The Weapon Ping is activated by pressing the D-pad or the ‘X’ key on the PC [1].

Location Ping

This is used to mark a specific location on the map. This can be used to communicate to your team where you are, where you are headed, or where enemies in Halo Infinite are located. 

Enemy Ping

This is used to mark an enemy player or AI. This can be used to communicate to your team where enemies are located and their movements.

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Utility Ping

This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as marking a vehicle to coordinate an attack or marking equipment like the grappling hook or drop wall for your teammates to use.

Marking Achievements

Halo Infinite features two achievements that incentivize players to use the new pinging system effectively. The ‘One Shot, Top Mid’ achievement is earned by pinging an enemy in the Top Mid section of the map. 

The ‘Enemies Everywhere!’ achievement is earned by pinging a location on the map with three or more enemies


Mastering the art of marking enemies in Halo Infinite is a valuable skill that can help players succeed in the game. By utilizing the game’s pinging system effectively and communicating with their team, players can improve their gameplay experience and become more successful in the game’s competitive multiplayer modes.

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