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Apex Legends Map Rotation in Season 17: Changes and Updates

We will explore the maps currently in rotation for both regular play and ranked matches in Season 17, along with any potential map changes that players can anticipate.

What Maps Are Currently in Rotation in Apex Legends Season 17?

Apex Legends Season 17 has a diverse map pool that ensures players encounter varied terrain and unique challenges. As of the start of the season, the three maps available in regular play are Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

Each of these maps brings its distinct flavor and caters to different playstyles. Kings Canyon, the original map, features rugged terrain and close-quarter combat opportunities. World’s Edge offers a mix of open spaces and urban areas, providing opportunities for long-range engagements and intense close-quarters battles. 

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Olympus, the newest map among the three, introduces players to a futuristic cityscape with a focus on verticality and mobility.

The latter half of the season, with the Dressed to Kill update, changes this map rotation into World’s Edge, Storm Points, and Broken Moon.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)


Overflow introduces players to an industrial complex dominated by molten metal and hazardous machinery. This map provides opportunities for both long-range engagements and close-quarters skirmishes, allowing versatile legends to shine. 

Habitat 4

Habitat 4 transports players to a lush, jungle-like environment teeming with life and danger. The dense foliage and verticality of this map offer plenty of opportunities for ambushes and surprise attacks. 

Apex Legends habitat 4

Phase Runner

Phase Runner takes players to an area where advanced technology intertwines with combat. This map offers phase runners and transportation to the other side of the map, making it perfect for intense close-quarter combat and skillful positioning. 

Gun Run

Skull Town

A fan-favorite from earlier seasons, Skulltown returns with its desolate and war-torn streets. This map remains a hot spot for early-game skirmishes, offering a chaotic and thrilling start to each match. 

Legends skilled at close-range combat can thrive in this compact urban setting, but beware, as danger lurks around every corner.

Fragment East

Fragment brings players to a ruined cityscape, where towering skyscrapers create the perfect setting for intense urban combat. As the name suggests, this map is ideal for mastering various firearms and attachments, fostering a fast-paced and action-packed experience. 

Apex Legends fragment east


Estates, a sprawling mansion, and its surrounding grounds add a touch of elegance to the map rotation. The open spaces and multiple structures create opportunities for long-range battles, while the opulent interiors can become intense battlegrounds for close-quarters engagements.


Lava Siphon

Lava Siphon immerses players in an otherworldly landscape, where volcanic activity shapes the battlefield. The dynamic environment with lava flows demands constant vigilance and quick decision-making.

Olympus: Hammond Labs

Hammond Labs, situated on the futuristic cityscape of Olympus, offers a high-tech laboratory setting for intense Control matches. The verticality of this map and the presence of jump towers encourage dynamic movement and fast rotations between control points.

Caustic Treatment

Caustic Treatment places players in a hazardous facility full of toxic gas and scientific experiments gone wrong. The maze-like interior and confined spaces create a claustrophobic atmosphere, rewarding legends capable of capitalizing on the chaos. 

Apex Legends caustic treatment

Effective use of Caustic’s gas traps and other area-denial abilities can turn the tide of battles within this perilous environment.

What Maps Are in Rank Rotation?

Ranked matches in Apex Legends Season 17 follow the same map rotation as regular play. Respawn Entertainment has strategically chosen the maps to ensure balanced gameplay [1] and fair competition.

The ranked map pool currently comprises Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, excluding Olympus. Upon a new update, the map rotation will also change into World’s Edge, Storm Points, and Broken Moon.

By limiting the number of maps in ranked rotation, players can better hone their skills and develop specific strategies for each environment. This approach promotes competitive integrity and allows for a more focused gaming experience in ranked matches.

Will There Be Map Changes in Season 17?

As with every season of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment continuously strives to keep the game fresh and engaging. Season 17 introduces several map changes to World’s Edge, and game updates to the existing environments, ensuring that even veteran players will discover something new. 

Apex Legends gameplay

The development team carefully listens to player feedback and analyzes gameplay data to make informed decisions about map adjustments. These changes might include map behavior, new features, and past issues.


As the season progresses, players can look forward to map changes and updates that will keep them on their toes. With the ever-evolving landscape of Apex Legends, Season 17 promises to be a thrilling ride for all players, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

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