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Rebrand Your Identity: How to Change Your Name in Valorant

In the vast realm of gaming, Riot Games has established itself as a pioneering force, delivering a plethora of unforgettable experiences to gamers worldwide. One of its most exciting and adrenaline-pumping creations is Valorant, a captivating first-person shooter that has taken the gaming community by storm.

As players embark on epic battles and seek glory within the Valorant universe, the importance of a display name becomes apparent. If you find yourself yearning for a new display name, fret not, for Riot Games offers the option to alter your Valorant identity with ease.

Riot's Transition to "Riot Accounts"

In 2020, Riot Games underwent a transformative shift, transitioning from individual game accounts to a more unified system known as “Riot accounts.” 

This monumental change empowered players with a single global account, enabling seamless access to all Riot Games’ titles, including the ever-engaging Valorant. 

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Gone were the days of managing separate accounts for each game, as the “Riot accounts” streamlined the gaming experience and forged stronger connections within the gaming community.

The Importance of Your Display Name

Your display name in Valorant serves as more than just a label; it becomes an integral part of your gaming identity. It represents who you are in the eyes of your teammates, opponents, and the gaming community at large. 

Whether you seek a name that reflects your personality, showcases your skills, or commemorates your favorite gaming memories, changing your display name opens the door to new possibilities and experiences.

Name-Changing Process in Valorant

While the concept of altering display names remains common across Riot Games’ [1] universe, the process of doing so in Valorant is quite different. 

Unlike certain titles, which may require players to spend in-game currency or premium currency to change their names, Valorant bestows this power upon its players without any cost. 

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Changing your display name in Valorant is entirely free, and you are at liberty to modify it once every 30 days.

Your Guide to Changing Your Valorant Name

Embarking on the journey to rebrand your Valorant identity is a simple and straightforward endeavor. Follow these easy steps, and in no time, you’ll embrace your new persona:

Step 1: Close the Valorant Client

Before diving into the name-changing process, ensure that you have Valorant’s client closed. This precautionary step prevents any potential conflicts or issues during the modification process.

Step 2: Log in to Your Riot Account

To begin the process, log in to your Riot account on Riot Games’ official website. If you don’t have a Riot account yet, create one using your preferred email address and password.

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Step 3: Navigate to the Riot ID Tab

Once you’ve successfully logged in, navigate to the “Riot ID” tab located at the top left-hand side of the account page. Click on this tab to access your account details, including your current display name.

Step 4: Enter Your New Desired Name

With the “Riot ID” tab open, you’ll find an option to input your desired new display name. Take this opportunity to choose a name that resonates with your gaming persona, represents your gaming aspirations, or reflects your unique style.

Step 5: Save Changes

After entering your new display name, click on the “Save Changes” button to confirm and finalize the modification. Your display name will now be updated, and your new identity in the Valorant universe will be official.

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Free and Monthly Change Options

The beauty of Valorant’s process of changing names lies in its accessibility. Unlike some games where such alterations are limited or demand a financial commitment, Valorant permits players to revamp their display names entirely free of charge. 

With the ability to change your name once every 30 days, you possess the freedom to experiment, redefine, and embrace your gaming identity without constraint.


In the dynamic world of Valorant, the power to change your display name empowers players to redefine themselves, embrace new challenges, and forge their gaming legacy. Riot Games’ commitment to accessibility and personalization ensures that every player can make their mark on the virtual battlefield. 

So, whether you’re seeking a fresh start, a name that embodies your valor, or a persona that resonates with your gaming aspirations, seize the opportunity to rebrand yourself and unleash your true gaming potential in Valorant.

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