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7 Days to Die Mining — Your Quick Guide

Here’s a question you might not have thought about before: what is mining on 7 Days to Die? For the uninitiated, 7 Days to Die is a popular video game that involves mining for resources. 

But what does that actually entail? Is it difficult or easy to do? Let’s find out in this guide!

What is Mining on 7 Days to Die?

Mining is the extraction of earth-based and metal-based blocks in order to gain basic resources such as clay soil, small stone, iron, coal, and so on. 

Materials are collected from blocks as they are damaged or destroyed by your efforts, as in all sorts of harvesting. Mining with fists is possible, but it is time-consuming and painful, but equipping yourself with an appropriate tool will surely accelerate the mining process. 

7 Days to Die Mining

A shovel or an auger is suitable for softer terrain, such as dirt, sand, and gravel. Stone Axe can be used in the early game for hard blocks such as stone, iron ore, coal ore, potassium nitrate, lead ore, and oil shale, with iron pickaxe, steel pickaxe, and auger becoming more efficient as the game progresses. 

Clay, soil, stone, and sand are common materials that may be found in practically any place. Clay Soil is produced by normal forest terrain. 

This, along with sand, are produced in equal amounts by desert terrain, while gravel (on gravel roads) produces a combination of sand and small stone. The latter can be mined straight from surface boulders.

7 Days to Die Mining

How to Find and Extract Ores?

Ores are widely scattered underground. Surface nodes and random mining are the two methods for locating them. Mining underground gravel [1] will bring you more ore in both cases.

Surface Nodes

The simplest method for locating ore is to look for surface nodes of each ore kind and begin digging there. Each node is a whole ore block in and of itself, with 2 to 3 additional ore blocks just beneath it. 

If you continue to dig deeper and wider, you will most likely find a vast deposit of whatever ore was at the surface, possibly mixed up with different ores.

7 Days to Die Mining

Random Mining

Although surface nodes are a surefire way to find large subsurface deposits, ore may be found all over the place underneath, and you can have a lot of luck just digging around and exploring.

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