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7 Days to Die Hop Plant — Your Quick Guide

Have you ever played 7 Days to Die and wondered what a Hop Plant is? If you want to know what its benefits are, or the ways it can change your game, you’re in the right page!

In this post, we’ll share a rundown of this important game item and explore what it does. Here’s what you need to know about the Hop Plant on 7 Days to Die.

What is a Hop Plant?

A Hop Plant is a plant that has been cultivated from Hop Seed. Hop Plants are not found in nature, however, they can be found in some prefabs. Hop Plants are utilized in the production of beer.

hop plant

What is Hop Seed?

Hop Seeds are craftable seeds [1] used to produce Hop Plants in order to obtain a consistent supply of Hop Flowers. Hop Flowers and Hop Seeds must be plundered from containers or purchased from a trader because Hop Plants cannot be found in the wild.

What Are Prefabs?

Prefabs are pre-built world objects that are dispersed over the map. Some examples of prefabs are doors, buildings, and signs. 

Because they can be copied, pasted, and utilized in an unlimited number of ways, they make it simpler for users and developers to create maps.

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